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FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Aeris 1.2 Background Tool for FF7
« on: 2021-07-01 20:15:29 »
Thank you for this great job :)

I appreciate your words, I want you to play it when it's ready, that's one of the final goals of this project hahaha.

This makes me think, maybe you did not see the message, I will probably need something to be able to translate FF7OR to English, first because my flevel has a problem with it (it does not work with touphscript, the same to generate flvel chunks, I can send it to you, but I think there is no solution), then I will need to be able to import the texts into the fields.

Could you get an option in Makou Reactor that only imports the texts (without code)?

If I have the texts translated and I can import then I can work on the code, but if I do not only can work with two different flevels, it doesn't seem viable to me, I don't know if there is any other solution, but I'm afraid I may depend on whether you can add this feature in the future.

Thanks again!

General Discussion / Re: FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2021-06-28 15:45:04 »
I have precisely told Satsuki that, but we would need a better resolution image to be able to make a true HD, otherwise I think I could assume it.

Thanks for comment!

This is a demonstration of what you can do with Makou Reactor.

Thank you for maintaining this big utility Mystare!

Pd: I dedicate this work to you :)

General Discussion / Re: FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2021-06-28 08:17:42 »
It's obvious, this is a real "Honey Bee Inn" entry, and Sega Chief knows about it, maybe in the future ... in any case this project will start on my FF7OR, if I can have support for the English conversion, also I will work in this coming soon.

Thanks for comment!

General Discussion / FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2021-06-27 19:08:47 »
Hello everybody!

After many problems I have been able to finalize the base of the unused field of "Honey Bee Inn", which consists of three field IDs, the main entrance was undoubtedly the most problematic (onna_1), in the other two I had to do some " fixes ", but they work really well and it's almost a miracle that we can enjoy this on the pc version.

Fix list:

-Layers that were broken by the import of PS1 format, they have worked enough to do this, it is clean, the layers that were broken in onna_1 were fixed by [email protected] (thanks friend!)
-Walkmesh, steps on the sides did not exist, they made the field very orthopedic to move
-Errors of animation, text, windows, scripts, etc.
-Map jumps
-I changed an npc because it was repeated
-Code link so that all events are ready, and more inconsistencies
-Some minor memory changes

Below you have the videos, it is in the original version, also with the graphics in hd (links below) I am sorry that it is only in Spanish but a friend will translate it into good English and I will show it to you here

True Honey Bee Inn "Original"

True Honey Bee Inn "HD"


I want to share the honors with [email protected], he solved the problem of the layers that prevented me from working with everything else, also with Satsuki who was in charge of converting those backgrounds into HD, Tsunamods by the FFNx (without forgetting TrueOdin!), Either I forget about Mystare, well you already know that this is my kitchen: P

Mystare (Makou Reactor)

Chibi models (NinoStyle)

Satsuki (Backgrounds HD)

Tsunamods (FFNx)

Finally, I am thinking that we should be able to play this all, my intention was to add it to my FF7OR project, normally I would not want them to use content before finalizing the project, but this deserves to be added also in the original game.

What do you think?

I'll upload these fields soon, but maybe it would be nice to be able to do it as something more of a "catalog" with the mods for example.

If someone wants to translate the texts n good English of the other two fields I will take care of preparing it for the community :)

Greetings and thanks!

Releases / Re: FF7 create new fields
« on: 2021-06-02 23:51:12 »
Always great job, congrats!!! :)

I read the comment about unused, the icicle field map is really great, if you are able to take on the challenge I think I would try to create a completely new Walkmesh, I have never made a complete walkmesh but I have added new walkable areas, and regarding the camera I think which is also hard, but I can help with those works.

No, it really can, but I think there are huge differences between Makou Reactor 1.6.X and 1.8.X (you will know better than me), and for that reason I am afraid to import the 800 or so fields again, I can't know if errors are generated on some sites, it is impossible.

The other reason is because I would like to be useful, if it is possible to maintain direct contact with you, by discord for example, I can report all the errors that I find.

I don't want you to waste time on the old version, spend your time only on the new of course! But please, contact me directly, as it is more comfortable for you (discord, telegram, etc.), and I will provide you with all the problems that I find in detail, I use your program practically daily and I think that one could show the way.

I am the first that I want your program to work perfectly, not only because of my game, I want to see what people are capable of doing in the future, I also believe that by working well someone will dare to do something better that me, the heart of the game is here, without problems I am sure that more people will want to use it because the control of characteristics that this supposes is totally great.

I plan to continue with 1.8.4, I will take special care, I hope that with more time and information, it may be possible that this works in real good conditions.

Sorry for stealing you more time, we will be in contact in the future if you want ^^

I'm just saying that you could have prioritized the features, I'm not the only person who didn't use your program beyond 1.6.X, I don't think I'm being selfish.

I hope I know about that code to help you, but it is not possible and you know that what I do is practically infinite, I have thanked you on many occasions because you deserve it, you have done an excellent job, but you should prioritize problems that I have repeated many times.

Now I can't change the fields back to 1.6.X because they are 1.8.X, this will cause more errors, so I feel trapped, I feel bad for not being able to help you fix it and I also feel bad because there is no way to finish my project, what should I do then? I do not say anything?

I understand that this problem is important, it does not have to be anything simple to fix, I understand that, I also understand that you do not have much time, actually what bothers me the most is that you had not had a "more direct" contact with me, because we are together in this, although I am not directly involved in your program, I would have loved to have more deal with you to tell you this, but also to thank you as you deserve, your tool is what I have used the most for the ff7 edition.

I'm sorry if something has bothered you, you know that I admire you for working with Makou Reactor, this utility together with ProudClod and WallMarket is undoubtedly the core of FF7 moding, but with your utility I have been able to express many more things than with the others programs.

The errors continue when copying or moving lines of code, it seems that it is indifferent that they are 100 lines or 1, the program crasehara directly.

I understand that you like to put new features, it is attractive to comment on these things, but I think it is more important to buy food to survive than to buy a ps5 when you know that you do not have money for both things.

I wish I had money to pay you and that you fix something as basic as that, but unfortunately I don't even have a pc in conditions to work, in any case (I don't want to offend) the biggest problem to finish the game is your program ironically, although always I try to save the changes, there are countless hours of work lost because of this, I have been telling you the same problems for five years or even more and you keep putting new features instead of fixing huge stability problems, and I think I have enough authority to talk about This, I am the person who uses your program the most and you know it.

My mistake was to save the changes from 1.6.2 to 1.8.X to try to help you with the compatibility of the program, but instead of helping me as a thank you I have not received anything, you know that together your program would be better, but at no time have you decided to listen to me directly to have "serious" reports on the operation of Makou Reactor.

It is obvious that I am angry, I started this in 2012 and if you had treated me as I deserve, this would already be finished, but everything is correct, you can continue like this, I will not comment on this again, but I do not understand that a genius like you does not attend to the needs of the most enormous FF7 modification project, you should be proud of this, but I don't have the feeling that this is the case, what it seems is that on many occasions each one seeks his own glory, it is not my case.

Greetings and good luck with your utility.

I was referring to the first, I think, the spaces make the number values ​​look non-uniform, it seems that depending on the value the space is different, making lists loading the value VARDEC / VARDECR / VARHEX can be obnoxious, I will try, but my problem I think it depends more on the numbering of the spaces, do you plan to add something for this?

It would also be good to edit "{SPACED CHARACTERS}", it is not used due to the huge separation, in another it would almost always be used.

For {PAUSE005} or another type of numbering (timer) it would be interesting to eliminate the space so that it works, that or automatically add the space in that case, because otherwise the game will never continue, when you use it everywhere it is when you will easily leave errors, that can be avoided.

Another thing, in reference to errors, I just restarted the makou and only "cut" code, then it has exploded, I think that the ability to break also depends on the amount of code (in that case it is a place where I put much more than I had).

First congratulations for continue this big utility, now I am going to leave you my impressions, I should take into account especially because I am the one who uses your program the longest:

Improvements that I have seen in 1.8.4:

- Add new slot field works correctly
- Some number operations already work fine
- Add npc seems to be more stable than before
- As in other versions, some functions are comfortable, such as replacing texts, it works really well

Errors that persist and I appreciate after a long time in 1.8.4:

- Copying code can break the program
- Moving code can break the program
- Deleting code in several fields can cause immediate break
- Editing functions like set to bit or operators can cause immediate break
- The longer you edit without saving, the easier it will break
- This version and others can more easily produce layer breakage in fields, maybe randomly
- Be careful when you edit a lot, if then you access walkmesh it can break immediately
- Sometimes when saving, without knowing specific reasons, in 99% process, makou breaks

Pd: What does it mean "Fix text autosize for VARDEC / VARDECR / VARHEX and MEMORY commands"

Now using this do the numerical values ​​line up correctly? (this non-alignment problem is very annoying)

Honestly glad for the down links, this mod uses my demo without permission and is the reason why I have not uploaded anything else.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Battle shadows replacer mod
« on: 2021-03-16 22:12:16 »

You have started well with the forum, this is great !!

I do not know if you know my project but since 2012 I have been preparing my own vision of "remake" under the original engine, and I would be happy to add your shadows as optional material (it could be activated "in game")

I just wanted to put an option to eliminate shadows, but yours is even better, obviously if you give me authorization you will be included in the credits as it is due.

Good luck with your studies, I hope everything goes well!  :)

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-03-12 16:09:01 »
Hello man!

I'm sorry I'm not familiar with opcodes, but with this explanation I understand everything better, thank you for offering me the time to do it! I will try to do all of them without bothering you again (haha), but doing it correctly will cost me more time, I am willing to try it, you know that I have a huge job with the project, but at some point I hope to be able to do it.

Even if you don't need them, I will contact you privately with all this (if I am able to finish it without errors), and once I have finished the project I will make available to the community additional features that I have added in my game.

Thanks for staying here, master.

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-03-10 02:43:02 »
I imagine that you are only talking about changes in offset 00000270, for some reason the hex values ​​are reversed (the ones you comment on), I don't know if it has the same relationship as the mega drive roms where the header is normally reverse, so I don't have to change anything in offset 00000380?

I have tried changes in 00000270 as you said, but I do not understand well for the above reasons, and because I usually get very confused by hex (and xD opcodes), I made these changes:

1A 00 1A D1 B0 04 00 00 04 F0 1B F7 01 1E 1C FA
1A 00 1A D1 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 "FA" FA
(Here you say that is where I have to cheat, but if not I run "FA" so that it returns when it will then?)

I made changes from BD to the 29 such with C9 (null) as you said, and then 1C for FA (I suppose the latter is wrong)

I think I did something wrong because it does not work, (it does not go back as before) I suppose that what worked for me (in offset 00000380) can create an error in the game and your solution is correct, but I am not doing this well, excuse me.

how do i add field model in this application?

Open flevel first --> tools --> map model --> "+" -> and XXXX.hrc -> "+" animations (if not registred anywhere, game crash)

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-03-09 04:49:19 »
In the second attempt I have located at least the part involved in cut x3, after applying the hext the only problem was that the character at the end (after 3 strokes) stayed still without coming back, I thought a bit and then looked on the page you mentioned, I found something that is what I need to search, I speak of opcode FA (Return actor to previous position).

So I started looking for the FA of the rtab, I sensed that they would be below, so I did several tests and I believe that the code applies FA after cutx4 at the end of offset 00000380:

03 24 9E 00 E5 BD B0 04 00 00 F0 F7 03 29 1C FA (assumed place where it ends).

Try optimizing it, until you do with the following changes:


I have not tried too much, but the x3 animation seems to be done correctly, and the combat continues normally, surely if you test you will say that there are some instructions left over, but this is the shortest solution I have tried, I imagine that it "swallows" the script x4 and instead executes FA at some point, returning it to the starting position.

I'm not sure this is final, but maybe with your help I'll know if I should continue, the AB animation files of the other playable characters are localized, right? I guess changing those would suffice.

This is all I can say, your link was useful to be able to locate it.

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-03-06 11:06:37 »
I have been able to investigate but without success, the AB files that you comment, I'm not sure what they are, if I look at animations in kimera I get the .char ones, and in battle, cloud for example, supposedly the file that contains animations is "rtda" , but there I have not found anything.

The command for "cutx4" is 27 (1B), its animation 32 (20), but I have not been able to find hexadecimal strings with 1B and 20, I have not followed a long time because I do not know if it is the correct file.

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-02-26 13:11:18 »
You say 0x5C9F54 (real addy: 0x1C9354) is the address I need to apply x3 cut, also edit in AB so that it only executes 3 times.

I'm working on a huge feature and can't look at it right now, but sure I will soon, I will look for the corresponding animation in kimera and try edition.

If you have the offset address applied by x2 then in that same attempt I will try to change both, I will tell you the results again.

Thanks!  :)

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-02-26 10:39:09 »
The AB files are part of the information that includes the parts of the "model", correct?

I imagine this can be a good job, it really hurts me to change, how about cutting x3 and x5? possible?

Nearby in AB files there will also be the cut x2 I suppose, if you tell me the respective memory of x2 I will try to prepare both, although x5 would be secret.

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-02-25 16:20:46 »
Oh, i didn't think it was virtual memory.

I congratulate you, this works! and being only such a singular value it will not be conflictive, now I only have to change x4 to cut x3 (I think this is much more difficult), but the rest works really well.

NTFC1 I'm going to give you credits not only for this, but for all the documentation and clarifications from years ago, obviously also for your applications, thanks again.

Troubleshooting / Re: Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-02-25 01:18:31 »
Are you talking about ff7.exe? (98 1.02)

I use it, but am I doing something wrong? I can't find it, the value is out of range, the last offset of exe is 0059C3F0.    :?

Thanks in advance!

Troubleshooting / Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-02-23 20:40:48 »
Hi guys

Does anyone know the access memory to the multiplier Quadramagic"?

I consider it to be cheat, I would like change the multiplier to x3 or x2  ::)

Troubleshooting / Re: How to remove critical "flash"
« on: 2021-02-14 03:40:53 »
Oh, thanks man!!!!!  :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

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