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Releases / new threat 2.0+ exploit found.
« on: 2020-12-11 15:59:02 »
during the flashback in kalm i was able to unequip stuff from cloud and sephiroth then keep that stuff to use after the flashback making it so that i have some power stuff to use like max 4x cut, normally you cant unequip during the flashback.

even if i turn off all mods in the mod loader and after doing the random part then swapping the scene/kernel with the ones the mod loader uses nothing gets random as if im not swapping with the true scene/kernel files, the random works with the base game but not with the loader, in the past i had to swap with the scene/kernel that the gameplay mod uses e.g. new threat but i dont know where that is.

You can't combine NT and Beacause, they both write to the same chunk of the fields (script + text). Jessie mod can be used with NT but the jessie mod overwrites the encounter table when it doesn't need to; import and use this adjusted one instead through the library tab:

But NT and Beacause won't go together.

that's what I thought so since I wasn't using them mods I manage to get through the first bombing mission, thanks Cheif.

Yeah should work, the IROs don't change. Just make sure 7h is pointing at it.

i followed your instructions and its still not working, i did need to update 7th heaven from 1.54 to 1.56, i think the problem is i was using Jessie mod? but probably because i was using the because mod (that might also modify the game data just like NT does) but only for the menu option and thats because if i dont then FF7 menu and battle UI would be messed up but with 7th heaven 1.56 it doesnt seem to be messed up now unless NT fixes that, im gonna try again without Jessie and because mod.

Yeah, usually when this happens it's the 7h install that's off because it isn't changing the kernel correctly. Only real sure way is to start again.

Steps are:
Wipe out the game; keep any save folders you need though. Delete the game files/uninstall etc. There is a recommendation for cleaning the registry but I typically don't do this.

Install the game (Steam preferably, but 1998 max install from Disc should work too); install it to a non-protected folder that isn't Program Folders. Steam tends to install games to this folder by default which can cause security read/write problems with 3rd party tools like 7h.

When installed, run the Game Converter from the 7h tutorial thread. If you've ran GC in the past, it'll give uninstall as an option (confirm this by pressing U, then run the tool again). It'll ask for your FF7 directory if it doesn't auto-detect it, so type it in manually with the "" included.

You can install the game converted version to the same directory that your current FF7 sits in; this tends to be cleaner than having two separate directories as you can still run 1998/Steam independently of 7h; they don't interfere with each other.

The GC step must be completed in order for 7h to function properly. After it's done, make sure that 7h itself is pointing at the correct files/.exes (should be ff7.exe, and not ff7_en.exe which is the Steam exe).

Now you should test 7h before downloading any heavy-duty mods. Best way is to download a gameplay mod like NT and run the game. Typically, it's the Kernel that won't be patched if the install process didn't work properly. Drop a save file into your save folder (can be from vanilla, doesn't matter) and check the Bronze Bangle. If it has 3 Materia slots, then the Kernel patched successfully (or can check other equipment, if it's different from vanilla then it's patched).


If all else fails, NT can be played without 7h by using the regular installer it has. This patches over the game files. Problem with this is that other mods can't be combined into it as easily.

ok thanks ill give this a try :)
could i reuse the mod folder after all this works so i dont have to download anything?

It'll be 7th heaven not set up properly.

do you mean the installation of 7th heaven like i have to use a new 7th heaven folder and use the registry remove tool and redownload mods?

I encounter enemies that do 4k damage at the start, I been told to re-sync the scene.bin and kernel.bin in the data folder using ProudClodFinal and that didn't work.

I unpacked the New Threat Mod and the scene and kernel did need syncing then I packed it up then added it to 7th heaven but then the very first fight caused the enemy to kill me with 1 hit without any damage or clouds death animation to show.

I did a clean installation using a new FF7 game folder the scene and kernel.bin didn't need syncing but the random encounter still being bosses is still happening, is there something wrong with New Threat?

This is a scene mismatch issue with the kernel. to fix this put the scene.bin and kernel.bin in your Data folder and run the tool proud clod to open the scene.bin. then just save the scene and it will ask to check the kernel, itll tell you that they are mismatched and correct the issue for you.
is that what i need? because when i open that up it doesnt have an EXE or an App to run just files, how do i use the tool without some sorta program?

also isnt it the  scene and kernel inside of the New Threat and not the ones in the data folder that is the problem?

everything seems to work but at the start of the game i always seem to run into a boss that belongs much later in the game, like first time i tried to play i ran into Tifas master boss fight and i got a game over, tried again the same thing happened, try again i ran into an air buster boss and game over. other normal encounters do work too.

i believe that the encounter list is not working correctly?

just to point out im not using a randomizer.

maybe besides graphics and improvement mods im using NT since that adds new stuff i bet that counts.
any way to modify new treat to use randomizer?

mods do work but the randomizer only works without 7th heaven, it says that if I'm using 7th heaven then after i modify the scene.bin and kernel.bin then i need to copy and paste them back into FF7\data\battle folder and kernel folder but when i do that nothing gets randomized still, someone said that maybe i need to turn the scene.bin and kernel.bin into a useable IRO and maybe 7th heaven would use that, how can i do that?

7th Heaven / is a 7thheaven update being worked on?
« on: 2017-08-04 07:09:52 »
hi  i cant update my 7th heaven saying (file in use:waiting x4 then says update incomplete could not update all files)
and because of that i cant download mods either
so is there a update getting worked on and if so how close is it to being completed?

oooh new stuff getting added thats cool :D so  my problem will be solved in 1.56? ok no problem

got any ideas whats this new mods do? i would like to see a mod that shuffles the enemies around in the game  but also changes the level of the enemies so you dont end up fighting a lvl 30 as soon as you start the game and also a materia shuffler

7th Heaven / trying to update 7th heaven to v1.55 is it?
« on: 2017-02-26 19:05:22 »
everything is in order except for the updater to update from 1.54 when it tries it runs into this error "Update incomplete could not update all files"
says something about some file in use and thats why it cant update

when i try to download mods it always keeps  saying calculating this must be to do with it not updating?

7th Heaven / Re: mod issues
« on: 2016-01-18 00:32:23 »
i dont know what mods are causing this

7th Heaven / mod issues
« on: 2016-01-18 00:25:37 »
new update for 7h and mods after that main character models  are misformed and do not show correctly
when i start a new game because of the new threat mod i chooce easy mode but the very first battle i always do 0 damage and some reason i lost some health if i chooce hard mode its too hard and i die in 2 hits in the very first battle
also in battle the hub is messed up

7th Heaven / Re: game stopped working
« on: 2016-01-16 22:32:52 »
i guess theres no need to use updater.exe in the 1.52 but it has the same problem as before i also tried the copy new files from 1.52 to 1.49 then after my game still has the same problem, i also just tried to use 1.52 version and nothing changes

7th Heaven / game stopped working
« on: 2016-01-16 17:01:59 »
when 7th heaven opens ff7 game it just closes straight after with no error the game was working before and i played for likes 2hrs+
now theres some mod updates and 7th heaven update but it wont update just says it failed the mods updated tho is this causing the game not to work?

whats the answer to 7th heaven not updating? and i dont wanna have to download all the mods again for like the 5th time+

7th Heaven / Re: game wont run please help me
« on: 2016-01-08 18:04:12 »
well without mods its the same and how would i check my gpu?, all of  this was working earlier today

7th Heaven / Re: game wont run please help me
« on: 2016-01-08 17:46:31 »
well with what you said the sound option didnt have anything selected so that was something but it didnt fix my problem, the game itself still closes after being opened from the 7th heaven

7th Heaven / Re: game wont run please help me
« on: 2016-01-08 17:19:47 »
ok but do you know why my game closes straight away after i open it? even with just 1 mod active? this happened after i downloaded all mods and enabled all, even if some mods stop others from working but if all mods being active then there shouldnt be a problem right?

7th Heaven / game wont run please help me
« on: 2016-01-08 14:14:38 »
after all the mods have been downloaded and stuff when i click to play in 7th heaven the ff7 game opens then closes with nothing
i have the mods in the right order
the game works with a few mods before but not now
im running C:\Games\FINAL FANTASY VII\ff7_bc.exe (i think im using  The Reunion - Beacause: root\ff7_bc.exe)
but im using Sephiroth Story Mod where or how do i know if its the Safer selected and do i run root\ff7_ss_safer.exe instead?

also now with just 1 mod the game doesnt work.


7th Heaven / Re: need help with 7th heaven setup
« on: 2016-01-07 15:51:17 »
No, I'm worried about the part in your FF7_GC.log where it didn't recognize the movies folder. You then appeared to have typed in the wrong location for the data\movies folder, so it tried creating one for you and it's in the wrong location.

If you have the Steam version, I'd use that. It has been what I've run most my tests on. I can install the original discs sometime later and problem solve this stuff myself. At this point, we're running in circles when we could move forward with the Steam version.

hi sorry to bother you, everything was going well but im abit lost now...
i keep getting this popup Mod The Reunion - Because and Menu Overhaul, setting because - no compatible option.... and so on, what do i do here?
also when i mess with the sephiroth story mod it makes 7th heaven crash
also i cant play until that popup goes away

7th Heaven / Re: need help with 7th heaven setup
« on: 2016-01-07 11:56:20 »
maybe i Cloud will defeat your dad before you do haha no final limit break for you!(i think)

7th Heaven / Re: need help with 7th heaven setup
« on: 2016-01-07 11:34:41 »
I have an issue myself now, I can not figure this out sorry.

hey give me back my materia you :P

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