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Just a quick question:

Was playing nightmare mode (loving it though it ends pretty much fully after you leave Midgar) but still...

When I got to the world map, the song playing in the background... WHAT IS IT?  It sounds super produced professionally, very orchestral and has like choir like singing throughout, really awesome song.  I've tried everything to figure it out and cannot seem to find it (used a song look up app on my iphone, tried looking through the files directly specifically this song which is titled ta.mp3 under the custom music part, obviously scoured through anything online and this site qhimm forums)  It's specifically from the Nightmare OST which is AMAZING but it's bugging me about the first overworld map song cuz I'm sure that I've heard it somewhere else before but cannot figure it out for the life of me...

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


TA is SHI-KI from the Shiki anime OST, track 22

No matter what the remake ends up being, I personally will win.
If it's a fantastic remake, I'll definitely enjoy playing that in 2025 when I can afford a PS4.
If it's a good remake, I might play it and enjoy that.
If it's a bad remake, I will certainly enjoy pouring metric tons of salt into people's wounds.
If it's a horrible remake, see above but for an unlimited amount of time.

But most of all, I have zero investment and expectations because having them is one sure way to be disappointed no matter what.

You could always mute the game entirely and put on the OST via CDs
Otherwise, you're out of luck, final fantasy games generally don't let you mute voice acting.
Also, unskippable cutscenes that are now 5x as long as before because textboxes are gone and it's all spoken dialogue.

Lifestream sequence? A 2 hour movie.

The worst part won't be however they remake the game but the fanatics that will surge in number.  You think "this is the best FF" elitism is bad now? Hah. It'll be opinion and troll apocalypse when it's out.

I expect mostly DLC stuff to make an apperance. Yuffie and Vincent get cut and implemented as DLC, there'll maybe be a bestiary, more achievements, maybe a new special mode in the arena (Bare bones, lots of DLC battles), optional side characters that just show up in battle (DLC) some 1-2 new super bosses (DLC) and maybe even a new dungeon (DLC)

Because no matter how hard they muck this up, how hard they milk it with DLC, the fanatics will buy it all up. Even if each new character (battle only) costs 14,99$ (lets assume 19,99$ for vincent and another 19,99$ for yuffie) and the other stuff also ranges around 10$ each (new dungeon obviously 19,99$) they will gobble it up. All up. With a big spoon. Cramming it down their own throat until they can't even breathe anymore.

The game itself I just expect a lot of 'modernized' changes. Voice acting, 'updated' personalities, (Removal of Barret and Yuffie date scenes), A teleport function of some kind, (Removal of the old or made from scratch 'new' minigames in the gold saucer), Removal / Made From Scratch Condor minigame, Removal of cross-dressing scenes, Combat alterations to make it more 'modern' such as giving it a FF10-2 combat system, and a few other things.

Talk to everyone on floor 66 several times
You have to talk to NPC A, then B, then C then D and so forth to get the option

The clues are different and it's been so long since I last looked at the safe thing, I originally planned to change the clue locations too, that I don't remember the combination anymore. It's fairly easy to check what it is in makou reactor though.

Gameplay / Re: FF7 minigames run really fast!
« on: 2015-01-11 19:34:29 »
There are .exe patches for this (Or minigame fixes directly applied to the LGP? I forgot.)
I had to try a couple of 'solutions' until I found one that properly capped the frame rate
I think I used YAMP

You need to have Aali's latest driver installed (which in turn breaks the .exe for some people)
I forgot what exactly it was but you also need to make an entry in your ff7_opengl.cfg file about the music plugin or something

Yes, that's intentional

Work on the mod is basically abandoned

No comments on Part 5
Part 6:
I see no way to fix the bookroom so I'm going to disable the gateway into that room and remove the hidden items

Floor 63 minigame should work just fine. I see no reason in the code why it wouldn't work. There are even 12 hidden items there. I even went and tested this by playing up all the way from before you storm shinra HQ.

Floor 66: I did not reference Dirge of Cerberus. Never played it and don't consider it canon.

Midgar Zolom: Stealing doesn't work because it has nothing to steal. I don't know why you think it has a Mega Lixir.

Floor 69: The vending machines are a minigame, try them out a little more, you can get a set of rewards for finishing this minigame. You know it's finished when the whole set of vending machines start to blink like Las Vegas.

Dying: There should be a save point after Rufus is defeated. Did I not upload that flevel? I changed this a while back when Sega first checked the Midgar bosses out

Part 7: No real comments, you could mention that the Junon Forest fights are among the best spot to level up early in the game

Thanks, I'll check that out

WinMerge only compares text files. .exe files in hex aren't text files so that's not gonna work out.

If only I had actually kept track of what version of MO I used. Sigh.

Anyone know if there's a program for this?
I need to document all the changes I made to my .exe so I can apply them again to a clean one since the old one is kinda irreversibly trashed since Aali dropped support for the old Menu Overhaul with his latest driver.
On that note, does anyone still have the old Menu Overhaul mod? I need an .exe with just that to compare a clean and MO-only .exe so I can ignore those changes for my documentation of my own changes to the .exe

As I mentioned above, both rooms crash on occasion. Sometimes one works and the other doesn't.
I have VGMstream running with Aali's latest driver but I'm pretty sure I did have this problem before, like 6 months ago, and I wasn't using the new driver then. I ignored the issue back then because I saw no solution.

As for 6:13, that shouldn't be it considering the rooms still crash if I replace them entirely with a vanilla version.
blin62_2's main script just lacks a "display X text in menu" that clearly labels the main script as main script.

I recommend actually testing my notes because my notes are really just notes. I might remember a detail wrong and it's always better to test the stuff you missed for yourself just in case. I can upload a bunch of saves where I made a new save at every possible savepoint if needed for testing this.

1) It still says the text in the pharmacy is bugged. It's not.
2) Overhauled the section where Aerith gave items to use a meaningful variable. This is now based on love points. She starts with 50 and will reward you depending on your performance. 51 or more = restore. 46-50 = sources (2 magic+, 2 mind+), less than 46 = moon sugar, spider web, high potion and ether. Love points are affected by how well you do in the soldier-chasing-Aerith pseudo minigame. **Note on 2) I did not remember this existed.
3)  The guy in front of the church that steals 1000 gil, fixed him up. He will steal 1000 gil, if you have 1000 gil otherwise he will steal nothing, up to 25 times. After the 25th time, you receive 2 Mako Potion and 2 Mako Ether. Fixed a bug where dialogue with him wouldn't trigger right afterward.
4) The Spread Materia in sector 5 has been properly disabled. Something was setting Var 15:32 Bit 2 on and I couldn't find it in the flevel.
5) There is an event in the north wall market. I'll leave you to figure this one out. Search (and by that I mean, mash OK) around the trash near the weapon shop. This can give you a Thief materia early (Aps does not have something to steal but this will give you a second Thief materia in the sewers for maximum stealing power)
6) Still says one of two items in the item in the sewers part. It's one of 7, actually.

Yes, the mod has so much stuff in Midgar that it's hard to remember all of it, for me too.
I'll upload the changed flevel when I get the chance.

@VGR I replaced the entire field with the vanilla version and the crash persisted so it's not the script/code itself.
The only changes I actually made to the fields are adding two groups to each and the fields still crash without that (A hidden item, per group. Cloud himself is a group, Tifa is a group, etc, just so you know what I mean.)

I skip importing the backgrounds and the error persisted.
I tested a vanilla save without hidden items or other mod stuff and the error popped up after I entered the room, left and returned. Unless it's actually possible to debug what is happening by hooking something on top of ff7, I've no idea what to do.

Kuugen notes: I am not doing these directly to the gith so I actually have some kind of documentation of what I've said

You missed a special event in the playground, first visit. You can do some additional stuff by sliding down the elephant slide (by crawling in) and then letting Aerith do the same by talking to her.
If you crawl into the elephant slide and slide down with Aerith, you get 3 extra materia (Nuclear, Analyse and Spirit+)

The text in the pharmacy is not bugged, the clerk is literally stoned to heaven and messes up your order. The kid just outside the pharmacy even tells you about this. If you experiment with the choices you'll see which one gives you what, it's always the same.

The music for Aps isn't called Birth of a God (Unless you are not using the custom OST which will result in problems further down the road) but is actually the Final Fantasy 6 boss theme remixed by SSH.

The Highpotion-or-fury-fragment item is actually only 2 out of 7 possible items you get based on your second timer of the game time. Phoenix down, high potion, tranquilizer, rockmelt, moon sugar, voice enhancer and over 6 seconds is fury fragment

You missed the two additional materia that /eventually/ come floating down in the sewers after you pick up steal.  The second is Steal+ (add steal to combined) and the third is Speed+ (functions like Luck+ or Spirit+ and increases dex)

We've come across a ridiculous CTD in the game that leaves me puzzled as to what could be happening.

The situation is basically as follows:
The book rooms in shinra HQ F62 cause crashes. Sometimes. Randomly.
Yes, it really is that. I exported fields from the vanilla flevel and imported them (tried all variants each time with a new flevel) and the error persists. Then I copy the flevel and replace the flevel with the copy I just made and I can enter the room. Once or twice. After that it crashes. And crashes again non-stop when I restart the game.
It works with a complete vanilla flevel so it's not the .exe or the driver. At least I don't believe so. But then the crashes make no sense, considering I did replace both book rooms.
I did get to the point where I replaced both book rooms with the uncompressed exported field and could enter one of them but then the other crashed, whichever I imported first worked.
I can supply the flevel and the actual fields but I am at a loss as to what is actually happening since all the app.log tells me is that there's an unhandled exception.
The crash is instant upon entering the room before the screen loads but after the music (if placed) loads

I do agree with VGR for once

Everyone go outside to see the pigs flying

Has my endorsement. I look over it as he puts it on and point out any mistakes but I doubt there'll be more than a handful in the entire thing.

I have an item like that in my mod, too. It's a developer only item and instant kills anything upon use. If you look at the text it's called a "PFUI" and the description says "You ain't supposed to have these. CHEATER." I suspect it's the same here.

If you go to my profile (literally theres my profile text on the left side. The following text:

Platonic Sadist, Author, Menace to those who enjoy SHIT, Writing Yuri Fanfic of many Fandoms. Nightmare 7 flevel:

(Of course I can't post the full tinyurl link here, just go to twitter. The tinyurl link takes you to google drive)

The beginning of disc 2 is overhauled but after that it's regular hardcore mod gameplay.

Sorry, but no, it's not complete yet.

You need to quit being a dick.  Though, judging by your previous warning record I'm apparently asking a lot of you.  Acting immature will get you nowhere, ever, but if you just have to spread your teenage angst somewhere I'd suggest 

User was warned.  P.S.  whatever happened to moderation status?

I'm a dick to certainpeople. I'm sure you know what kind I'm refering to.
And please, teenage angst? God, I nearly broke something laughing.

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