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Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-05-23 04:36:24 »
Does this work with "The Reunion - Beacause and Menu Overhaul? if so what order?  I am testing right now and not getting the new game notice that explains clouds unique stuff but the menu is better. going to swap and see but wanted to put this out here

Also useing Remako 1.0 which just came out, not sure where those will fall too

Releases / Re: FF7 - XBox 360 Controller Fix [2.1]
« on: 2014-01-12 00:19:41 »
Can you provide just the files that need to be replaced? It wont let me install it because its not seeing my steam version, prolly cuz its on a separate hard drive location

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