Author Topic: 7th Heaven causing Corel Prison issue  (Read 382 times)


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7th Heaven causing Corel Prison issue
« on: 2022-01-23 19:33:21 »

Not sure what's going here. But in 7th Heaven, I have an issue whilst doing playthrough. I've gotten to Gold Saucer and been thrown down the Gate to Heaven. However, once the gang realise Barret's there, Cloud will run towards him. There are a couple of objects on the way to Barret where Cloud gets stuck though. This wil happen with or without any mods. I've turned analogue control on and off in the FFNx file and tried combinations of character model swaps - all have failed to get Cloud through to talk to Barret.

Any ideas? I've tried searching and couldn't see any similar issues but hopefully someone has an ieda on how top sort otherwise I may have to abandon my lovely 60fps run.

Many thanks for the incredible work to all that have helped put this all together. There is no replaceing OG FFVII and with the improvements these mods makes, this old chap gets to relive his childhood the way he remembers it. :)