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Troubleshooting / Two probs with FF7 on Win7 x64..
« on: 2010-10-11 00:36:32 »
Firstly, my PC randomly turns off while playing at times. Not a shutdown, but just an instant off. Now, I'm not sure if this is actually related to FF7 in any way, but it doesn't happen any other time... :/ I also couldn't find any reports of related hardware faults for this specific model, although there are some for the brand in general. <EDIT: Forgot to mention before. This only ever happens during battles.>

Secondly, the frame rate limiter in the motorbike minigame isn't working. (I'm using the custom graphics driver, and the framerate limiter option is on). Everything else seems to be working fine. (Obviously, I'm not yet far enough to try the other minigames.)

I'm on Win7 Ultimate x64, using FF7 1.02 with the custom graphics driver, the only mods I've installed is gjoerulv's hard mod and FF7music (which also has a minor but tolerable issue; the music doesn't loop properly whether using PSF or the looping OGGs, they just fade out then start again after a while, also, music doesn't stop as it's meant to).

Well, I haven't managed much yet, but, those of you who've played probably know of Shinryu and his deadly Eraser attack (Petrifies and shatters one character (thus removing them from the battle), completely ignoring immunity to Petrify). Well, I managed to modify AI to disable it. Or rather, in cases where he'd normally use it, use his physical attack instead. (I see this as perfectly valid, as his attacks are entirely random except for not using Eraser when you only have one character left, thus there's a chance he'll never use it anyway.)

The change, which can be done either in the ISO or a save state, is:
F640D80B70B0 ---> F040D80B70B0
The adress of this data is 38D35A48 in the PAL English ISO (no idea for others), there's no set location in a save state as it's different every time you fight him.

And NSG players will probably want this one too:
AEF2FFAEBF40 ---> 9F0100AEF040 (PAL English ISO: 38D35A10)

This one gets rid of Shining. Leaving the BF40 as is will make him still use Shining, but all the hits of it will land on the same character (it seems that with random-target attacks, if the enemy is only targetting one person, all the hits land on that person). On the other hand, changing the BF40 to F040 but leaving the rest the same will make him use his physical attack instead of Shining, but it'll hit everyone!


Requires you to extract the save file with PS2 Save Builder first, I might look at directly editing cheat device files at a later stage but it's not high on my to do list.

So far, it can edit:
-Character stats, overdrive, kill count, sphere level, total sphere level
-Aeon stats, overdrive, kill count, (Yojimbo only) compatibility
-Monster Arena captures and unlocked creations
-Items (not yet equipment though, but that's on my to do list and probably the next thing I'll do)
-Gil, play time, and current location
-New: You can set which Dark Aeons (and Penance) have or haven't been defeated. Useful if you Zanmato'd one that was in your way before you were strong enough to beat it, and now want to come back and fight it properly.

Also, if you have a save file with an incorrect checksum, you can load it in DB then save it (without modifying anything) and it *should* work again.

I can confirm from many reports that it works fine with the PAL English version, it *should* also work with all other versions except the original Japanese (International Japanese should be fine).

Can someone please explain, in basic terms, how a CRC16 calculation works, or point out what I'm doing wrong?

I need to know how to do it with any given polynomial and "initial value" (Hex Workshop has a setting for this and I don't understand how it even factors into a calculation)...

I understand some technical related stuff (XOR, bits, bytes, endianness), but I can't seem to get a calculation to work correctly.

Using 0x8005 (yes, I know technically this means 0x18005, I haven't forgotten this) as a polynomial on the string "123456789" (without quotes, and as the characters, not the number), working by hand I get DFD8 and by my program I get 580C, when it should be (both from a website I found and Hex Workshop's calculation) BB3D. Obviously I'm doing something wrong along the line... here's how I'm doing it:

By hand:
1) Convert the entire string to binary (I am 100% sure I'm doing this correctly), I've tried both without and with adding two empty bytes to the end (without them, I got DAA6)
2) Line the polynomial (also converted in binary, and remembering to add the extra x^16 bit) up with the first 1 in the string
3) XOR it with the bits above it in the string (it's possible I made a mistake here but I'm fairly sure I didn't)
4) The bits that were not lined with the polynomial, just carry them down (eg: if string was 1110001101, and polynomial only covered first four bits, would carry the 001101 down and append it to the result)
5) Repeat until the string is shorter than the polynomial

By program (I'm using a form of BASIC, so if there's terms here with different meanings in different languages, assume the BASIC meaning)
1) Convert the string and polynomial to binary, in arrays with one array element per byte (eg: if the first character was 3C in hex, which is 00111100 in binary, the first 8 elements of the array would be 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0) - yes, I did treat the polynomial as a number and not a string, and once again, I remembered to add the x^16 bit, I also added the two empty bytes to the end of the string, I know this part is done right
2) Look through the string's array for the first 1, then from this point, XOR each element with the polynomial's value in the same position
3) Repeat step 2 until the 17th to last element is 0
4) Convert back to decimal/hex (I know this is done right)

Any advice would be great, thanks.

I used the Search feature and found an old topic on this, but no real answer.
So, did anyone ever work out how the CRC/checksum/whatever is calculated for the saves?

If it helps, I'm using the raw save (copied via uLaunchELF) rather than any fancy format, and I don't have any cheat device to use for a bypass code.

General Discussion / FF7, Raaps
« on: 2008-05-12 09:06:17 »
Can anyone tell me if he has an attack pattern or not?
Specifically, I'm wanting to know if there's /any/ chance of not seeing him use Aero3 during a battle.

Archive / Disable FMVs?
« on: 2008-04-28 12:54:36 »
Is there any patch to disable FMVs (at least the long ones, don't mind the short ones like in the elevator in Junon) altogether?
They get annoying when replaying to do challenges. >_>

Skipping cutscenes would be good too but I can live without it.

General Discussion / Ultima Edition...
« on: 2008-04-20 15:13:00 »
I'm kind of curious, after hearing about it all the time... what exactly is the difference between the Ultima Edition and a regular version of FF7? Or did the people distributing it just slap that title on for the hell of it?

How possible would that be?

So that, to break the limits requires certain materia equipped?

Edit: Also nice for custom enemies, would be making certain attacks only able to break the limit, while other attacks can't. And indeed, being able to give characters attacks that can always break the limit, and others that never can. (perhaps Bahamut Zero, Shadow Flare and Pandora's Box... KOTR + BDL would be overkill, so it should never be able to... things like that. Maybe Ultima for BDL as well, whereas Comet2 should maybe be another restricted one)

Troubleshooting / Snowboard Minigame
« on: 2008-04-02 02:01:28 »
Okay, I've seen this posted before but don't remember the solution...

I'm on Windows XP if that matters.

Chocobo race, no problems. Motorbike game goes fast but doesn't crash or anything. I have the crash on music change VERY occasionally. But the snowboard minigame crashes. :(
What's the fix for this?

Archive / Sense (FF7)
« on: 2008-03-22 23:25:48 »
What exactly determines whether or not a monster can be sensed?

I read somewhere it was to do with how much HP they have, but then I found that a bit of customization even with under 30k HP made them unsensable, and I'm sure I've seen monsters in the original game with over 30k that are sensable. (Maybe I'm just remembering wrong...)

Archive / Custom monsters...
« on: 2008-03-20 06:31:22 »
Rather than go through the forums searching through every post and taking forever... I was wondering if someone knew it there was an existing tutorial, or at least compilation of relevant links, available to assist with monster customization?

(Don't worry about going out of your way to explain, I was just wondering if a list of links or a tutorial already existed... I'm already aware there isn't a complete program...)

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