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New Users Can't Register

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I'm getting several reports on YT that when people try to register here, they are getting errors and it doesn't allow them. I don't know anymore specifics than this, but perhaps it has to do with the new filtering system from all the bot names we did a week or two ago? Let me know if anything can be done about this, and I'll relay the message to those trying to register.

Most likely their email or username has been flagged by the spam monitors we use. I would need more information about these users and what types of email addresses they are using to determine if I can do anything about it.

Ok, thanks. I'll inform them and PM the emails to you once I hear back.

I heard back from them. The emails used were and addresses. Those are rather unorthodox, but they definitely aren't bots judging from the conversations we've held. Let me know what you think.

Yeah I cannot see any reason why they are being blocked. Have them try again and let me know what the error is, if anything.


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