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Custom graphics driver for FF7/FF8 [v0.8.1b]

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Covarr edit: 0.8.1b Download. To be removed if Aali's server ever comes back up.

1. Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder
2a. Run FF7Config.exe to configure sound settings (the graphics configuration you can do at this point is irrelevant)
3a. Apply the registry information in ff7_opengl.reg
4a. Change your settings in ff7_opengl.cfg
2b. Make sure EAX is properly installed (run EAXUnified.exe to install it if unsure)
3b. Change your settings in ff8_opengl.cfg
5. Play!


* Fixed erroneous shader version that caused the shaders to require OpenGL 2.1 for no good reason
* Hopefully fixed transparency issues where some objects would turn opaque
* Changed default FPS for snowboard and coaster minigames to 60 and incorporated DLPB's fix for the coaster aimer
* Fixed derp that could make FF8 crash on startup
* Possible fix for the "couldn't lock sound buffer" error
* Fixed missing fade-outs when using the vgmstream plugin
* Popups are less obnoxious and should generally never repeat the same message twice
* Removed the "zero count" message, it was quite possibly the least helpful error message of all time
* Fixed z-sort issues in battle when using DLPB's menu overhaul (KOTR should work fine now)
* Fixed texture cache issue that could cause menu and dialog textures to be unloaded

If you find any issues, please post screenshots, relevant information from app.log and if possible, a savegame.
If you get a crash, provide a copy of crash.dmp and app.log (preferably in a zip archive, this will make it 10x smaller)

Nice work Aali, gonna start testing it now quickly, works great on my laptop now as well :) thank you, Controller still not working in FF8.


--- Quote from: Kranmer on 2014-01-11 15:27:03 ---Nice work Aali, gonna start testing it now quickly, works great on my laptop now as well :) thank you, Controller still not working in FF8.

--- End quote ---

Map the controller with keyboard keys.  :-P


--- Quote from: Kaldarasha on 2014-01-11 15:36:38 ---Map the controller with keyboard keys.  :-P

--- End quote ---
I am currently having to do that using a old version of Xpadder (from when it was still freeware) but i really hate having to do so (i prefer native controller support)

Working well here on my radeon 7900 with Catalyst 13.12.  Thanks for the update.

(Nevermind, see edit) Quick dumb question: I'm using Xpadder to remap my 360 wireless controller dpad to keyboard numpad keys so I can use both the dpad and the stick. Out of game the key mapping works, but in game the dpad input doesn't do anything.  Any advice?

Edit: Whups, figured it out. Xpadder has to be run as administrator.
Wow.  On an unrelated note, mapping numpad keys 9 and 3 to the right joystick makes running around the worldmap feel like a modern game! Now I can drive around using the two gamepad sticks.


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