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Hard Mode and Add-on's Launcher
Difficulty Mod and other Add-on's for FF8 on STEAM
Now All Languages Supported!
Mod Updated with easier process!

These mods use HextLaunch from DLPB's Tools
And they will until he finishes his new version of ddraw.dll for FF8 :)

I compiled some old mods for those of you using the STEAM version of FF8

Hard.dll: Makes the game generally more difficult:
-   Decreases the player's melee damage by a factor of 1.5
-   Increases the level of enemies by a factor of 1.1
-   Increases the melee damage of enemies by a factor of 1.1
    (this does not effect magic damage)
-   Max damage increased to 65k instead of 9999; affects your group and opponents too.
-   Max hp cap increased to 32k from 9999
-   You won't lose magic from your inventory when you cast it in battle.
    (Negates Double and Triple effects. I don't use this one.)
-   Removes the Square Enix splash logo on Startup

DOWNLOADS: Only pick one!
Hard Launcher (English)
Hard Launcher (Spanish)
Hard Launcher (French)
Hard Launcher (German)
Hard Launcher (Italian)



1.   Move "HL_Files" and "FF8_Hard_Launcher" into your parent FF8 directory.
     (steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII)
2.   Launch the game from the new "Hard" Launcher
3.   The command window will let you know if .dll injection was done correctly
     (there is also a HextLaunch.txt log file)

*If you're using RaW, you can move the RaW.dll into /HL_Files/DLL_in as well to resolve possible issues
**If you use any Tonberry mods, do not move any of the Tonberry .dll's into this location - it will render Tonberry useless.

If you choose, you may remove the Magic.dll and Publish.dll Add-On's with no glitches

Original thread for 2000 PC version:
Go HERE to use these Add-ons with Aali's Driver.

Thanks to JeMaCheHi for trying so hard to get the mod to work and helping me figure out where I went wrong!

Thanks to DLPB for his Hext Tools!  Go HERE to support him!


So modifying the code of FF7/FF8 is done by a memory injection? There is nothing that points to specific variables in the code?

--- Quote from: Mcindus on 2014-07-12 00:11:44 ---Hard.dll - Makes the game generally more difficult:
(Decreases the player's melee damage by a factor of 1.5, increase the level of enemies by a factor of 1.1, and increase the melee damage of enemies by a factor of 1.1; this does not effect magic damage)

--- End quote ---

I guess this would take a lot of time, but you could provide a short explanation on how this was done or where to look for it. Not how to install the DLL, but how you found out which variables to change. Wondering if the following change is possible:

--- Quote from: Pendrokar on 2014-05-29 20:38:21 ---I tried making all characters 100 LVL at the start of the game, which while did heavily increase the difficulty, it was all for nothing when I ran into the first boss, Ifirit, who's maximum level was limited to 10-20 something. So I am also wondering if manually increasing a bosses level beyond their maximum will automatically increase its stats?

--- End quote ---

Hello!  I actually have no idea how the mods were created.  If you go to the original post where I linked to the download you may be able to track down the programmer,  But it's been years since he's posted.   I just found a way to resurrect the old add on mods they used to use in the FF8_Launcher.  I do know someone who is editing the difficulty of the game.  He posted about vit 0 immunity in the tools section.  Maybe he has some insight?

I wouldn't know how to decompile the .dll to see what it's doing.  Anyone out there have any ideas?

you said the hextlauncher can work with RaW too but I put the Raw.dll into the DLL_in folder and the game said it has error and RaW.dll failed to load. Perhaps I did something wrong?

I use hextlauncher and raw.dll with no issues so far...


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