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Introducing first of possibly few more expansions(151219)


Plight of the Ancients
Update: currently got the models for Sephiroth and Cloud in the crater.  Now just need to work on enemies which I have started and scripting.

Expanded PlotNew events and enemies await in a new cave.  The Cave that Kyte was lying in wait bred some vicious creatures and its your job to defeat the new lieutenants spawned from these beasts.  Along the way you'll encounter trapped ancients to free them of their new prison.  This help will not go unrewarded as they give you free reign to all the items in the cave.

Item RelocationsVarious new items are made for inclusion with this expansion to the plot and many existing items will be added in this zone as well.  Included but not limited to the items to forge the ultimate weapons.  Other character items to be included with Sega Chief's permission as he did those not me.  How you get those items could be rewarded in some ways to be announced or time of release.

Release Date ProjectionLate this month to early this winter.  Usually depends on how much content to add and change in here and how fast I made the new enemies.

Moderately low

Possible FAQ
Why did you decide to incorporate ancients?
I had this theory and idea for awhile that I showed when I first came out with this mod.  That was that the ancients aren't restricted with talking to their own kind.  This was actually first introduced in Advent Children when Aerith/Aeris talked to Cloud a non ancient.  This is also a what if scenario that I felt should of been explored at the time.

Why is this being called and expansion?
This has mainly to do with how major companies do with their games sometimes and online games.  Given that we upload these on a site and that new content not shown in the previous game but still apart of it are considered expansions so it kind of seemed right.

So in the titled it said first of possible a few more what are you thinking of bring more in?
Not quite sure as of yet as this is not a particularly high priority on my agenda.  Still got the Prequel to work on and that has still yet to be the main focus of my off hours.

Well that is all for now hope you like the teaser and pictures to come as the content gets made.  Stay tuned and happy modding everyone.

It doesn't go in releases until it has a release.

Yeah sorry I durped that thanks for the move figured it would happen so I didn't request it.

This will be reserved for updates.  Field models for Sephiroth in the Cavern are mostly done going to play test them soon.  Only thing left is to modify the story and the item scripts.

Short overview of changes:

New addition to the story. In your mission against Kyte you'll lead a team down to the newly opened crater.  There you'll meet new allies that promise to reward you for helping in their struggles.  Brand new monsters in the wake of Kyte's presence threaten the peace of the planet should they be released on those unlucky to survive meteor.

Item relocation.  The three items to make Sephiroth's Masamune were moved this location.  Sephiroth themed ones are also placed here and include armor and accessory as well as reworked materia.

more to be announced later.


do you mean we have to find 3 peices for sephiorth weapon again on this mod, before facing the final boss

Current builds of them do not need to no.  If you got it already then you can toss them out.  If not then these will be the ones to get.


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