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I have started a project that aims at making the characters of the Shinra the main characters. If anyone has a complete Rufus version with all his files i would very much want that model. It's hard to get his extra .P-files on his character.

I have already made one unique character playable. He/she may not be new in the field but is new in battle!

Yes, i converted a field model into a battle model! And it wasn't the blocky field models but the better ones.

I would really appreciate it if i could get some Shinra characters that looks exactly like the enemies you face. Without lost files. I managed to make one with all his or hers files.

I am very happy to tell you all that the battle model is just perfect without bad animation and it's beautifully implemented into the game! It looks way better when in battle than in the field!

I am now making changes to my field model because there were some problems with it in the game. And i also had a problem with modifying younger versions of characters, as their young counterparts weren't changed.

I just need to finish all models of the character and then create a new Avatar for him/her. After that i will release the character here :).

I am also going to replace the enemies with old heroes so there won't be two versions of the same character running around.

I have some pictures to show you of my "soon to be released" character. The field model is 100% done as for replacing Aeriths normal model, and her dress model at Don Corneo's Mansion is also 100% complete. Aerith five and ten years old are left to replace after i am done with my battle model - which i had done but wanted to remake a little because i created a new better ass for the field model that i wanted to give the battle model also.

I have replaced Aerith with: SCARLET of the Shinra - KYAHAHA!

I thought at first that i would replace Tifa with Scarlet and vice versa so that she could beat Tifa in the buttercupslap-fight in Junon.. But she seemed more fit to replace Aerith as a character and i think Rufus will be sad when she dies if i manage to replace Cloud with him later!

Pictures of my work  for the field model replacing Aerith in the field:

Earliest 2007 version (never released because Kimera83 stoped working):

Aerith converted into Scarlet of the Shinra first version (never released but made 2007, using Kimera 83).

Aerith Gainsborough original Battle model. I wanted to change Aerith into Scarlet of the Shinra, and this is what Scarlet's original field model looked like that i wanted to recreate for Aerith:

Scarlet original Model for her unplayable character in the GAME, i wanted to make Aerith look like this. Unfortunately Aerith didnt have the same bone-structure so it was impossible to get it exactly like this using Kimera. I had to do the best i could without as many bones to the skeleton (green lines).

Aerith converted into Scarlet of the Shinra second version (made 2015 the bygone week, had the wrong placements of bodyparts and didn't work as intended because of the bodyparts not FOLLOWING the skeleton, the green lines, i had to rework it).

Aerith converted into Scarlet of the Shinra third version (made 2015 the bygone week, had the wrong placements of bodyparts and didn't work as intended because of the bodyparts not FOLLOWING the skeleton, the green lines, i had to rework it. Also, the ass had strings attached to it in the wrong way and that made the model look ugly when in it's correct stance.. I had to remake that bodypart!).

In the third version of the model she was also too high up from the ground and it did cause graphical errors..

Messed up fourth version:

Fourth version: I did try to lower the third model to the ground before realizing i had to start all over to get it just right.. This version was never tried in GAME.


The fifth and final version f Scarlet in the field. I did remake her ass-part to make it look alot better. And this time i did make the model FOLLOW the skeleton (green lines). It is complete now, but i am still to finish her other models. Almost done with the battle model, and i am done with dress-Scarlet. After the battle model is finished i need to replace five year old Aerith and ten year old Aerith with Scarlet. And then ultimately create the Scarlet Avatar!

Aerith DRESS (at Don Corneo's Mansion) replaced with Scarlet:

Second and final version:

Scarlet at Don Corneo's Mansion, replacing Aerith.

What's done:

1. Aerith Normal Field model coverted into Scarlet normal Field model.

2. Aerith Dress at Don Corneo's Mansion converted into Scarlet in Dress at Don Corneo's mansion.

What's almost done:

1. Aerith battle model replaced with Scarlet as a Battle model, i was done but decided i wanted the new ass for the battle-model as well.

What's left to do after that:

1. Converting Aerith five and ten years old into Scarlet five and ten years old.

2. Coverting Aerith with flowers into Scarlet with Flowers.

3. MAKING an avatar for Scarlet, as you don't want her to have Aerith's picture.

Good day!!

I have finished the following today:

Scarlet 10 years old, Scarlet 5 years old, Scarlet with flowers & Ifalna with blonde hair.


The battle model needs to be completed (soon done) and then we have the Avatar.

Pictures of todays work:

Scarlet five years old:

Scarlet ten years old:

Aeriths mom Ifalna is now Scarlets mom in the story so i changed her hair into blonde:

Scarlet with flowers:


1. The soon to be completed battle model of Scarlet.

2. Scarlet's Avatar.

Anyone know of a guide to create your own avatar?


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