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Final fantasy X - Punishment mod (ps2)

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The mod was hosted on insanedifficulty.com, which seems to be down, permanently  :-[ ... that really sucks big time...

I just learned through google there was a Final fantasy X International Punishment Mod, it was at version 1.5, well if some awesome person has this and could upload it on here that would be awesome because I would love to try it.  The file name is FFXintPv1.5.7z

I am using International Japanese Voice, I hope it will work for that

I have the Final Fantasy X (USA)(non-international) punishment mod v1.7 and I will upload it to this thread soon.  I'd use that, but I can't stand the english voices in the game.


Final Fantasy X (PS2) - International - Punishment v1.5

Is this the final version of the Mod? I mean, Is the mod project dead ?

Yes, final version. By the way, a lot of the people who were on insanedifficulty have moved on to this site : http://ngplus.net/

I didnt want to necro bump, but I didnt feel this warranted a new topic. Does anyone know if there is anyway to tell if the Mod successfully patched?

Is there anything in game I can reference to see if the patch worked, IE stats or grid stuff?


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