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Hello everyone! It has been a long time. I hope all is well with everyone. I have recently been back to modding and I am having a huge issue. I am just going to start simple. I have narrowed it down to the fact of Barret, Vincent and Yuffie having multiple battle models and the weapons that go to those specific models. Can anyone break down for me why there are multiple battle models for these 3 characters and which weapons should be attached to those models. Whenever a battle starts my game freezes. I feel it has something to do with weapons or animations and how they correspond to the duplicates of the battle models.

The reason they have multiple models is because they have different basic attacking animations. Barret has normal, heavy, upsidedown, and melee. Because the "attack" function is shared between all characters it always pulls animation ID "X" so characters with different attack styles have multiple models.

It's actually only Barrett and Vincent  (and Cloud ) who have different models for the different weapon types. Yuffie has one real battle model and the other are enemy models. But there could be your problem. You should just delete the **da files of these models and see if it fixes your problem.

Thank you both for responding. I am going to focus on Barrett first. UpRisen and Kal, the models are SBAA, SCAA, SDAA and SEAA.
1. Do you know which model goes to which attack type?
2. Does each model need only be equipped with the type of weapon he uses for that attack type?
3. Are you telling me to delete SCDA, SDDA and SEDA?
4. Does SBDA carry all animations for all attack types and the other DA files are unnecessary?

It seems to be a texture issue. Our battle LGP seems to be too big


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