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Arsirus UK:
Anyone having a crack at getting into the NSP to insert Graphical mods?

Someone replaced already some files with moded ones. He wants to make a tutorial for it if we can bring the battle textures to work with. It seems there is a size limit.

I've been batch processing images since yesterday in preparation. Normally we'd use 2k textures but since the Switch doesnt display anything higher than 1080, I'm resizing them to half that size. Should look great regardless, provided it doesnt mind the larger image sizes with LayeredFS. One thing I feel the need to ask is: If we're required to convert the exe for use with mods using FF7 Game Converter, does that not mean we'd have to make the same edits of the Switch files in order to enable alternate file loading?

You can see a file list from the extracted game here:
I've never used mods for FF before so I've no idea how compatible they are.

Arsirus UK:
If you want to send me any info or keep me in the loop, I could give you a hand.
I`ve not done anything major for FFVII for 10 years, so i`m a little rusty.
But won`t take me long to get back on it.

Thats very interesting Kiroshu.
They all seem to be the same file names and types as the PC version.
Can you get the unzipped files over to me, or point me to where I can unzip my NSP.

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