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Hi   ;D
I want to share this mod with all of you. Its a recreation of 3 of the unused maps of the Honey Bee Inn.
The 3 maps are interconected with the actual Honey Bee Inn and they are totally playable in the FF7 (IRO Version)
I have some limitations, for example i cant recreate the background animations :(

[Update 04/12/2021]
English and Spanish version:
Catalogo de mods del 7th heaven:

The mod its compatible with the New Threat 1.5 Mod(in theory, should be compatible with any gameplay mod)

Enjoy it ;)

Quiero agradecer en mi idioma :)(asi puedo expresar lo que realmente quiero decir) a los creadores de las herramientas que me han permitido montar este mod:
myst6re : Gracias por el MakouReactor,la verdad es que es una de las herramientas mas potentes que he visto en el foro :)
Aali: Gracias por el editor Palmer,encontrar esta herramienta fue como encontrar un oasis en mitad del desierto,muchas gracias.
Sega Chief: Traducir tu mod me permitio adquirir la capacidad para poder lograr mi primer mod :)
Y muchas gracias al creador y a todos los que colaboran en el desarrollo y mantenimiento del 7Th Heaven ,sois Dios  O_O

Sega Chief:

How did you manage this sorcery?

These are deleted scenes from the original. Final Mix has these in it too actually.
It's cool


--- Quote from: Sega Chief on 2019-06-18 21:35:10 ---o:

How did you manage this sorcery?

--- End quote ---
O_O With 3 Sacred Magics: Makoureactor,palmer and 7thheaven
 i  created this maps in the Debug Mode maps (blackbg6,blackbg7,blackbg8) ,In every map i copied the same walkmesh,models(searching...the models ....1 by 1....T_T),script (touching things that didnt work how i expected) ,etc. And with palmer i was able to use the same backgrouds of the 3 unused maps( with better resolution :D) and export them to run with every debug map (the export process of the 3 maps are based in the blackbg8,the other 2 didnt work ,but luckely ,this 3 maps has the same background structure).

And thats all, the only diffycult was to locate the original Japanese Version  :/

--- Quote from: Tsunamix on 2019-06-18 23:28:22 ---These are deleted scenes from the original. Final Mix has these in it too actually.
It's cool

--- End quote ---
So im not the first one that made this?.... :(   $%&#@
Well, at least i learned a lot doing this  O_o

Hi, i just uploaded the English and Spanish Versions of the mod.
I hope all works fine +_+

English Version :
Spanish Version:


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