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[FF8 PC - Steam] Nightmare mod 0.1a - VERY hard difficulty (Disc1)

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Do you feel like you know everything there is to know about Final Fantasy VIII?
Do you feel like the game is just TOO EASY?
Do you know many game-breaking tricks that make the game boring?
Do you enjoy dying over and over, trying different strategies, failing and crying?
Then this is a mod for you!

The goal of this mod:
- Significantly increase the difficulty of the game, where knowing these game-breaking tricks is no longer game-breaking, but necessary to progress!
- Force the player to know the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy and play accordingly
- No changes to how the enemies work, their resistances or weaknesses. Original game mechanics kept intact
- Require the player to think more, use various strategies, junction properly to stats, use various magic a lot more
- Make enemies much harder, better, faster, stronger
- Require absolute mastery of the game, min-maxing of stats and magic

- Significantly upscaled all enemies and bosses base and scaling stats (Like seriously, this is harder than the hardest mod's Omega Extreme)
- Downscaled player stats
- Decreased the effectiveness of strength
- Increased the effectiveness of magic (to encourage more magic use)
- Increased the effectiveness of Vit/Spr (to encourage more strategic junctioning to defense)
- Removed the ability to escape from ANY battles (to force EXP gain and enemy scaling)
- Removed the Enc-Half and Enc-None abilities
- Removed the Card ability (To prevent EXP avoidance by carding - Card mod is still in the game and its use is strongly encouraged!)

- Do NOT underestimate enemies
- Enemies scale very hard with levels, farming is not going to go very well
- Save on multiple slots! Sometimes you might go past your chance of drawing / refining a strong spell or gaining too much EXP making enemies too strong to handle and you won't be able to go back if you overwrite your save file!

Download and Installation:
Download link:
Ver: 0.1.1a

Extract these files into your ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\lang-en

So far this mod only works with the english version of the game.
Compatibility with other mods has not been tested, I suggest you play without any other mods.

Final words:
I've had a lot of fun making this mod. Only Disc1 is finished so far and I am continuing on working on this mod and will finish the rest of the game too! I just wanted to post the mod to get some playtesting and feedback from you guys! I would LOVE to hear from you. If you happen to record or stream your playthrough of the mod, just pop me a message and I will definitely stop by to watch you struggle! (nyehhehehe)

Well I was looking forward to a stream of your mod tonight, but I am unable to get it to load. I figured okay well since I use the steam folders maybe there is something that can be done. My trials went as follows;

1. Game would not load past intro screen (No Squaresoft or onto the music opener) So I reset game. (Worth noting that it freezes the game to the point that I need to task manager end it.)

2. I figured well maybe a corrupted game download. So I verified files, it changes two of the 3 patched files and loads the game fine. Upon re-patch it fails again.

3. Okay maybe the other mod I had interferes with it. So then I uninstalled, deleted game folder, cleared cache + reg keys, and reset pc. Then I re-downloaded game, re-patched, and it still failed.

I'm out of ideas here, windows 7 OS. Thanks for taking the time to make this mod! I just wish I could test it for you!

I did some testing and I see what the issue is, it was also doing it for me on a fresh installation of the game. Long story short, I goofed it. I did some fixing and tested it out, it seems to be working now. I'm uploading the updated mod which should fix the issue but I'm on mobile internets and it's taking quite a while!

Thank you for taking the time to report it though. I really appreciate it :)

Okay the link has now been updated with the (hopefully) fixed mod. Let me know if it works for you now!

glad to see anyone starting a new mod for this game, hope this project gets fleshed out more, from the reads it seems like a good start.


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