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update 08/09/2019
Hi, I'm working on a new mod :D
The idea is to create the Dollet FF8 Mission in FF7. I want to do this mission as a post game challenge (for now I will see if I can create all the  maps :/ )
For now I can not give more details, I am working on the maps. I leave some screenshots and a test I did for the first map, I will update with the progress O_o:
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
First 3 maps structure created at 100% (Only Walkmesh :/)
For now i have Mini Cloud in the maps, i think i can fix it ,and the layers in the map sometimes hide the player in wrong place, i think i can fix it to not hide the player,but it would be difficult   to made that it hide the player in the correct place of the map.....

2 maps more worried about the problem with the background layers :(

Im still working,but the problem with the background  i only can solve it recreating the walkmesh in other map....thats for the V2.0 XD.This is more work than I expected but I don't give up. Other image O_o

Sega Chief:
Having a sojourn into the next game would be pretty fun; nice one, man.

The walkmesh between games looks to be, if not the same, then at least very similar (at least going by how Makou and Deling output their respective field files). Do you think they can be recreated on the FF7 field using the FF8 field as a reference? I've not done any walkmesh editing (and I've heard it's fiddly) but the two games share an engine to an extent so hopefully they're similar enough with how they handle walkmesh + camera ranges to make it a close 1:1 transfer.

Hmmm I think you can recreate the map structure ( with some trickys,but i think that there its posible),the backgrounds labels are the only 1 problem.
I dont know so much about the walkmesh edit(im learning  with the errors xD) but for now i see 1 limitation,i cant made that the map camera zoom in or zoom out the background image,only the walkmesh....but if you modify 1 map of ff7 with similar background resolution  and similar background zoom as ff8, it could be very close as the original ,thats the way how i  made the first 2 maps for now.
To explain this technical things in english its difficult to me ,sorry o_O

I have all the maps that i need,except 2 from some i can start with the scripts from the dialogs and animations,some maps still has problems that i will try to fix it .
My last test  8)

Soon,this month, the mod will be released  :) (for now in spanish :/ )


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