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Effective immediately all my mods currently being on indefinite hiatus with links being no longer active. After this last week learning that Square Enix took Mcindus's FF8 mods and put it in the Remaster that released back in December i can no longer support Sqaure Enix's Squaresoft devs until they decided to remove Mcindus's work from the FF8 Remaster. I took over a week to think about this whether or not to continue mod support for FF7 for the fans while fellow modders like Mcindus get screwed over or do i put my foot down and say enough is enough. At the end i choose to put my foot down. I'm sorry to those who like and used my mods on here or on Tsnuamix's Echo-S Discord, but i can't in my own good conscience continue down this path. My mods are archived in my MEGA cloud storage just in case Square Enix decide to do what is right and remove Mcindus's work. But until then links to my mods are dead until further notice.


Mcindus is the one who broke the info months back when he was streaming on his Twitch channel. When he said that Square Enix use old versions of his mods i thought he was joking and like you thought there was no way they do that. So one week ago as was i trying to play catch up in the one chats in Tsunamix's discord and i saw a link to this article At first glance this is where i thought the inspiration for the new FF7OpenGL Driver in 7thHeaven 2.0 came from. In the article they noted that the FF7 Steam driver used Aali source code that mentions a direct folder two times that shouldn't even be in there. Then i recalled Tsunamix's statement in one his past streams on his Twitch channel when he said that Square Enix relies on Aali's source code. So then it hit me that this wasn't the first time that they used someone else's work and profited off it hence the ports to xbox/ps4/switch. Then i recalled Mcindus's statement months ago that they used older versions of his mods, 3.2 of his SeeDReborn UI, Lunar Cry 1.5, and Project Hellfire 1.2. So what i did is look the texture files of those mods that i backed up to my onedrive, then got a hold of FF8 Remaster files from a friend who owns the game from steam. I extract the textures just like Mcindus did in his stream. To my own disbelief he was right. The dark truth and claims about Square Enix were verified. I took my time thinking about it the situation. Then yesterday i deleted all final fantasy games/mods/tools on my pc and did the same with my Onedrive as i did with my Google Drive yesterday minus the MEGA backups just in case Squaresoft Devs at Square Enix decides to restore my faith in them and made my post as seen above your post.

They aren’t the first company that did this nonsense and they won’t be the last. There’s some weird legal issues that prevent them from making the modifications themselves and allow them to take 3rd party mods if they credit them appropriately. If they did not credit the author, that author CAN sue them. However, there is probably some weird line in the EULA that allows them to do this clearly exploitative and otherwise illegal action. It sickens me that game companies will make these awful decisions and don’t regularly get punished for them.


--- Quote from: DLPB on 2020-04-13 23:16:53 ---
They did do it.

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actually, they didnt

the studio that made the remaster, Dotemu, did

its very very possible that square-enix didn't even know  (not that i'm defending SE, they stink)


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