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Tsunamods ED Music FF VII Soundtrack (Not Working)


I have 7th Heaven 2.0 downloaded and I downloaded from within the program, the EDMusic FF VII Mod. It's also set to active. I can click on it, sample the pieces that are installed. Sounds Beautiful. But when i start the game (from within 7th Heaven program) It still has the vanilla soundtrack. Bombing Mission..battle music...I've saved at the first save point. Am I missing a step?

1 - Extract the Zip file - Place the IRO file inside FF7/Mods/7th Heaven.
3 - Open 7th Heaven.
4 - If auto import is on, it will now be in your Active Mods Tab.
     If not, it will be in your Library Tab, click Activate.
5 - Configure the mod in your Active Mods tab.
6 - Play.

He said he downloaded ED from within 7H and can configure the mod... Importing the mod again manually is going to change anything.

Cooley, did you by chance download 7th Heaven 2.3 or update FFnx?

Edit: Jesus, I could have sworn the date on this thread was new lol. I must have been looking at the date of the thread above it.

Hi there !
I've got the same kind of problem, I downloaded from within 7th heaven the Tsunamods Arranged Soundtrack, the Symphonic Remasters, the EDM one ... None of them worked. I've tweaked eveything, I've set VGMStream in the advanced tab, activated the mod separately, removed the mods, then reinstalled it ... When I launch the game, only the general midi soundtrack is played. All the other graphic/textures mods seem to work.
I've tried different version of 7th heaven (the one and the, it does not change anything.
Any advice ?


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