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Running modded FF7 via 7H on Steam Link


Is it possible to run a fully modded FF7 via 7th heaven on Steam Link? I have tried adding 7H's exe to Steam and launching it via big picture when connecting through Steam Link, but this will simply bring me out of focus from big picture and I am unable to do anything.

i think you need a mouse plugged into the steam link to first get things launched iirc (i'm assuming you mean you are stuck on the 7h launcher or something), i have gotten this to work with every application i've ever tried, even launching browsers and other non-game programs

I am trying to run it from my main PC to my Android phone, so there is both a mouse and kb plugged into the machine while Steam goes into big picture. However as soon as I start 7th Heaven my phone can't control anything anymore (mouse doesn't move) and I am unable to launch into the game

Nevermind, tried to launch it again this morning and it worked  :-o


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