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How do you edit FF8 psx with Griever?  I have FF8 PC on my computer right now, but I am trying to edit a FF8 psx game for a friend and cannot get it to load up on Griever.

WOW! How DID you convert a psx save game file into the PC?
 Tell me..please..

Well...I think you can't edit that psx save game file because Qhimm created the Griver to edit PC save game files..

I did not change FF8 psx saved game to FF8 PC.
I have FF8 PC on my computer that I play. A friend gave me a saved game from his playstation FF8, and I am trying to edit that file. The FF8 psx save is on my computer now using a dexdrive.

Try drag-dropping the PSX save file onto Griever's main window.


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