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Srethron Askvelhtnod:
Does anyone know which of Qhimm's projects are done?
I know he has said that Griever may not see another release because he's fed up with FF8's inner mechanics.
I also know that Jenova may eventually have one final release for bugfixes before being closed, and that Garden is done as far as he is concerned.
What about the rest?

No. I was just going to leave it at just being no.. i just felt sorry for your lonely post out here.. i think the main person to ask would be Qhimm himself.

Srethron Askvelhtnod:
Hey, I'm sure Qhimm knows about this thread. Why do you think it's in Feedback? Thank you for replying. At least *someone* cares.

See thats what i am talkin' about on this forum.. Its just all the love.. ROFL   :)

The Skillster:
hey, i care, but from experience i know oushing someone (verbely/mentally) ends up with a project being dumped/killed.
so qhimm just needs time and support to make his comeback  :D
lets hope him a speedy recovery  :wink:
any ways, better still whats ficedula upto? and how about Dag sverre?


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