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when will FF9 viewer release ???
will qhimm release a beta ????

Srethron Askvelhtnod:
It will be released whenever it's ready. Qhimm has released betas in the past, so he probably will with FF9 Viewer.

can u send me the beta released by Qhimm ???

Srethron Askvelhtnod:
What do you mean? I can't make it much clearer than this. Qhimm *hasn't* released a beta for FF9 Viewer. For his other programs, he's always released betas, so whenever it's ready, he'll probably release a FF9 Viewer beta. Until then, you're out of luck.

Qhimm,Are you making a FF9 editor and if you are will it be able to work on ePSXe ff9 save games?Thanks.


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