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Yes I'm back, I know what your thinking what about climhazzard? Truth is Climhazzard was only what I wanted to have in FFVII. So I thought to myself why not ask what the community want from this patch. Well I thought if I ask people who they would like to see as added Bosses and what attacks and kinda script they Want the Enemy to have as well as Hp and stats etc. To Qualify you need to have contributed ONE thing to this forum im not having the people who just post for the hell of it or request stuff over and over again beneift and Credit for all Ideas will be given If wanted. I will start with 10 requests and edit them accordingly. Heres an Example.

--- Code: ---[b]KING BOMB  [/b]         [b] LVL 23 [/b]    [i]Disc 1  On the bridge to corel[/i]
HP 14000                                Bodyblow
MP 1500                                 Fireball
ST 50                                      Fire 2
MA 44                                     Bomb Blast
AT 50                                      Stop
DEF 40                                    Paralysis
MAG D 30                               Confusion                              
SPD 65                                    Flame Dance

--- End code ---

1. King Bomb (Done)
2. Jumbo Cactuar
3. Culex, Earth Crystal, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal


--- Code: ---JUMBO CACTUAR  LV 66  Disc 3  Cactuar Island
HP 110000                                -Stomp
MP 11000                                 -Mighty Guard
ST 120                                   -White Wind
MA 80                                    -Quaga
AT 120                                   -Break
DEF 70                                   -9999 Needles
MAG D 60
SPD 180

--- End code ---

What are the criteria? Do they have to already have models in the game? I know my request is a bit (WAY) far reaching, so I won't mind if it's not feasible. This boss is in five pieces, and hideously overpowered.

Culex - Lv99 - Round Island cave
HP     409600            Attacks
MP        100             -Shredder
ST        150             -Meteor Blast
MA        100             -Flame Stone
AT        250             -Dark Star
DEF       100
MAG D      80

Earth Crystal - Lv50
HP     320000            Attacks
MP        100             -Blast
ST         60             -Boulder
MA         80             -Sand Storm
AT          0             -Storm
DEF        70             -Water Blast
MAG D      33

Fire Crystal - Lv50
HP     250000            Attacks
MP        100             -Corona
ST         60             -Drain
MA        130             -Flame Wall
AT          0             -Flame
DEF       100             -Mega Drain
MAG D      60

Water Crystal - Lv50
HP     180000            Attacks
MP        100             -Blizzard
ST         60             -Crystal
MA        120             -Diamond Saw
AT          0             -Ice Rock
DEF       130             -Solidify
MAG D      50

Wind Crystal - Lv50
HP      80000            Attacks
MP        100             -Bolt
ST         60             -Electroshock
MA         60             -Light Beam
AT          0             -Lightning Orb
DEF       200             -Petal Blast
MAG D      88             -Static E!

(Attacks come from Super Mario RPG, and are explained in more detail at Mario Wiki. Attacks with similar relative strength, element, and effects may be substituted, due to the obvious difficulty of adding all these attacks.)

This boss is to be fought upon attempting to leave the cave on Round Island, after obtaining Knights of the Round. On defeat, this boss drops 50000 EXP, 50000 AP, 0 GIL, and no items. I hope it's fairly obvious that this boss is supposed to be at a similar difficulty to Emerald Weapon.

I can do both of these, that Crystal one will be a great challenge. I could make it so you fight them one at a time and one you defeat one you fight the next (like hojo) or all at once. Oh and because its the PSX version the models will have to already be in the game. If you tell me which one to use would help.

Well, Culex is a boss originally from Super Mario RPG. All pieces are fought at once, ideally with Culex in the back row and the crystals in the front.

This is what he originally was like. The goal here is to recreate him as closely as possible.

Unfortunately, there are no enemies in FF7 whose models match Culex very well, but if it's possible to use an existing model with different colors (mostly purple) applied to it, Magnade will probably suffice, or Ifrit if it's possible to use a Summon model as an enemy.

As for the crystals, they can be extremely basic, but I haven't been able to find an enemy with a model even close; icicle is the best match I could find, again needing a different color for each crystal.


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