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I'm going to try and restore each forum to be used only for its original intention!   In most of the forums you shouldn't notice much difference, however, the really big change is going to be in Game Tweaking and Programming Feedback.

Programming Feedback is supposed to be for
--- Quote ---Suggestions, bug reports, requests, etc. for released programs.
--- End quote ---
But we've been using Game Tweaking for this when it is only for
--- Quote ---Patches, mods and other tweaks for your FF game.
--- End quote ---
  SO, what's going to happen is I'm going to run through all programs that have had recent activity, and split all the questions and bug reports into a new thread in Programming Feedback.   Any updates the author has posted will also be kept in tact, so only their posts will be in their program's thread.

This may create what is commonly known as a clusterf***, but if you give it a week or two, I think this will make programs and their updates much easier to find.   In turn this should also make it much easier to reference any bugs for the newbies who haven't searched.   Suggestions will also be put in Programming Feedback.  COOL EDIT The program troubleshooting thread will also keep updated whenever the program is updated.  Meaning, once a new version of a program is released, a new thread will be created for its discussion/bugs.  Basically, Programming Feedback is for program discussion.   Game Tweaking is for updates/releases only.  On top of this, try not to crowd threads.  If someone posts a solution to someone else's problem, don't reply saying "Yes, member is correct!  Do what he said".  Your post is pointless and only makes future searching even more difficult.

Splitting Game Tweaking into two sub forums "Programs" and "Mods" also seems like a very good idea once this is implemented.  Since all programs will rarely, if ever, be bumped back to the first page, this means all the avatar and switching characters mods will completely drown them out; forcing them to page 3,4, and etc.  This is currently outside of the scope of what I can do, but I'll work on it.

Posts by new members ::less than 5 posts:: that are in the wrong place will be moved or merged without notice.   Question posts by members that have been here long enough to know they need to search, and know where threads should go, will be removed without notice as well.  If you want to avoid this, PROVE THAT YOU HAVE SEARCHED.  Link to threads you looked at and show us what you have found using google.  This type of post is helpful and will get you a correct answer much quicker than "ZOMG HALP PLX!"

COOL EDITJust a slight clarification, if you have a mod you are trying to do... let's say switching Cloud's head with Sephiroth's, and you don't know what program or anything to use, your question goes in GENERAL.   If you're question involves you and others exploring the inner workings of the game, your question goes in Tech Related.   If your question is related to a program or mod you are having trouble using... Programming Feedback.  And finally, if your question involves getting your game working... Tech Support/EDIT

Now then, sit back and try to enjoy the change.  Embrace it.  Love it.  And don't complain about it   >:(

Unless it's really bad, then please do complain.  :)

You've probably already addressed this, but don't forget to inform Halkun when you move application threads. Only he has access (AFAIK) to the wiki pages, including those linking to project / program threads.

i have wiki access , if you have info that needs to go there , just send me a pm and i will put it up .


--- Quote from: Bosola on 2010-06-08 11:11:45 ---You've probably already addressed this, but don't forget to inform Halkun when you move application threads. Only he has access (AFAIK) to the wiki pages, including those linking to project / program threads.

--- End quote ---
Actually, I've discovered that each thread has it's own individual address.  So no matter where it gets moved, any links to it will always work.   The Custom Driver is a good example; it was in Tech Related, but is now in Game Tweaking.

So far so good.  I like we finally have a captain steering this ship and you were one of those I said should be a mod. :)


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