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General Discussion / FFVII Snowboarding minigame questions
« on: 2015-05-16 12:22:14 »
Hey Guys.

I know there are plenty of tools for FFVII, switching models, textures etc, but it doesn't appear theres anything for this (or other) minigame.

I was wondering how to get ahold of the 3D Models for the Snowboarding minigame maps, and if possible also get ahold of the animations for the characters.

I'd like to give a shot to redoing that area in a better visual quality, but for now I'll start by looking at the models and seeing if the scenes put together in a way thats not going to cause a headache.

The current existing assets would be easy enough to make with no issues, its just the shape of the map that'd be the biggest issue, getting all the dips, bumps and edges in the right places.

If anyone knows of any way to extract these that'd be great.

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