Author Topic: [FF8] Steam - Mods Video Tutorial for Tonberry  (Read 7274 times)


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[FF8] Steam - Mods Video Tutorial for Tonberry
« on: 2014-07-16 23:08:34 »
Hello everyone! 

I have created a Tutorial video on Omzy's Tonberry, the 4x upscale Mod Tool for FF8 on Steam. Enjoy!

::Tonberry Video Tutorial::

The first half of the video shows the Tonberry installation step-by-step.
Find Tonberry HERE.

The second half of the video shows how to install the current mods:

Tripod by MCINDUS
Triple Triad Card Game Overhaul/Remaster

SeeD Reborn by MCINDUS
Text, Icon, Avatar, and Menu Overhaul/Remaster
(1999 PC version by sl1982 located HERE)

Project Eden by Omzy
Full Background Overhaul (Upscale and Re-texture)

You can also find directions in the readme files in both Tripod and SeeD Reborn
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