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Cosmos Lighting is a FFNx mod that adds real-time lighting and shadows to the PC version of FFVII.

  • Real-time physically-based lighting
  • Real-time shadows through shadow maps
  • Field character shadows

Current limitations
  • Single directional light
  • Constant ambient lighting
  • Global material parameters
  • Field Shadows only apply to floor surfaces (walkmesh)
  • No lighting or shadows in world map mode

Known issues
  • Field shadows are broken during movies
  • Field shadow may look weird when the walkmesh surface diverges from the background geometry
  • Some field shadow occlusion artifacts with certain 2D tiles


The first version of this mod has been integrated into FFNx. You can try it with the latest FFNx canary build.

Please enable lighting in the FFNx.toml settings file. Enable the FFNx DevTools if you want to play with parameters such as light direction and color.


Thanks to everyone involved into making FFNx, specially its main contributors Aali and TrueOdin.
This mod would not be possible without their awesome work!


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