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General Discussion / Limited Maps (Ghost Hotel and Pilar)
« on: 2021-08-09 20:11:05 »
Hi! Some maps , in this game, still have many content that i think still was not explored at 100%
For example in the Pilar map its perfectly posible to expand the map  without problems with the background, and in the case of the Ghost Hotel ,the second floor has a walkmesh and the doors have animations to use it  :O

WIP / [WIP]Mod Des-Enlace (Un-Link)
« on: 2021-05-01 19:29:59 »

Hi people,
Six months back , i started to work in a new gameplay mod.
Its a good point to share what is the content, but im still have some months of work.
The mod is in Spanish , but,  because the english comunity allows me to do this kind of things with all of his amazing tools, when the mod is finished ,  i will share some things from the mod.

Edit: I publish some new things for the mod in my YT channel:
Images :)
*This is the Special Credits Map*

List of changes:
1-New Location: West Corel
2-Mogured System (Postman xD)
3-Collectionable Image Gallery System(with comments /information)
4-System to combine and create some items(Elixir, Megalixir,etc.)
5-Dynamic  Switch Custom Models Ingame(from Saint Fantasy Mod)
6-Dynamic Switch Music Ingame
7-New Avatars(From Before Crisis)
8-Stats changed: Weapons,Armours ,Enemies, Materia and characters (i think im not gonna change the level curve)
9-Rebeerth Mod(Japanese Honeey bee inn): With more fixes
10-New chocobo minigame in Gold Saucer
11- Special Credits Map
(a little detail to recognize the work of the creators of the tools that i used in this mod )
12-Trivial minigame (questions about the compilation FF7)
13-Source System
14-Unused content from original game
15-3 types of challenges in Gold Saucer
16- New Spanish Retranslation from 0
17-New Dungeon: Volcan Gaia (5 maps)
18- Reused original maps from the game to expand the world, and many new maps
19-New custom events + Bosses
20- *Posible postgame, after the final fight, (Some stories from :On the way to Smile ) *
22-*Posible Day/night system (for now i dont like the transition,its too fast :( )*
23-New Character + new story

This project applies all what i learned from this forum since i started with the translation of New Threat mod .

I want to give thanks to this guys O_o

Makou Reactor := myst6re  "Your tool its awesome, you made an impressive work, thank you very much :) "
Kimera := Borde "Thanks for this model editor, i found, in the creation of models, a good entertainment,  in all of my mods O_o
Deiling := myst6re "Thanks again xD with Deiling i could create many new maps based in FF8"
Palmer := Aali "Thanks Aali, with your program ,prepare the background of the maps its really easy(even to me :/ )
Proud Clod  & Wall Market:= NFITC1 "Wow...just wow, thank you so much,your tools and the Makou Reactor, i think are the Triforce of FF7 modding O_o)"
Fix Loop := Dlpb "Thanks DLPB , your programm to add loops to the music its very good  ;)"
Ulgp := luksy/Aali "Thanks to both of you, this program its really great, i think i pass hours checked the extracted files from the game O_o"
Materia Keeper := Sega Chief "Thanks Chief , for this tool,change the Materia stats with this its really easy. Also, thanks for let me translate your mod ,thanks to you i found a good hobby with all of this . Anything you need, tell me.

Releases / [FF7] Recreation: WhiteBG2
« on: 2021-04-02 20:49:46 »
Hi, recently  i recreated the sequence of the map whiteBG2 from the Japanese version of the game.
If anyone want to use it , i put a link with the resources :) (I think there is no need to use 7th Heaven , it could work in  the FF7 Steam version also)

Here a video of the map sequence working :

Same as this map, i shared my recreation of the "trap" map,if anyone is interested

Tools:Kimera(Borde) for the animations and models , MakouReactor(myst6re ) for the flevel  changes.

EDIT : Maybe in the future i will make a little change to the models, i think i can make it better O_o

Releases / [FF7 PC]Menu Avatar: Before Crisis
« on: 2021-03-25 10:39:12 »
Hi people  ;D
Im working in a mod and i created this simple set of avatars,  from Before Crisis, to include in that mod. But i was thinking that it could be good to share it  as an independent mod also . So here is:

Here i have created a program that let the user install some model personalizations into his Final Fantasy 7(No need 7th Heaven).The program use the lgp tool of Aali to compress the files(Great tool thanks for share it :)) .
Also the program lets anyone to prepare his own personalizations(i will prepare a guide ).


Personalize your characters, check that the FF7 folder is correct  ,and launch the menu button : "Procesos" ->" Cargar Seleccion" should work xD
There are also a compatibility options for New Threat mod :)

7th Heaven / Conditional Format
« on: 2020-08-22 12:39:39 »
Hi  ;D , one question about the 7th heaven  xml format.
Im triying to load a mod folder with this conditions:
  <ModFolder Folder="Ojos\ojosCloud\Cloud"  >
      <Option>CloudOjos = 0</Option>
      <Option>gameplay = 1</Option>
      <Option>Byte:0xDC091B = 1</Option>

But it seems that dont work for the variable  Byte:0xDC091B, (i tried with a 7th heaven variable and it work  and i know that Byte:0xDC091B has the correct value when i test it) i can make this conditions in other way?

Releases / [FF7 PC]Saint Fantasy : Selection Model Mod
« on: 2020-08-02 17:24:32 »

Hi, here i share this mod that can change the battle and char models from all main characters(5 sets of models for every character).Also ,you can change the eyes textures ,weapons and head, for some models.

This mod lets change the models Ingame or by 7th Heaven config.Also ,for the Ingame changes, the mod has some Integration configs with NT Mod .

[ Version 1.6 - 02102020]
Im gonna update the new changes here :

To know  how it works:

Thanks to Borde, for the Kimera tool, a very useful and complete Tool :)
Thanks to myst6re, for the Makou Reactor Tool, the Holy Grail o_O
Thanks to SeiferAlmasyFF8 for the FF7 Tex Image Tool, allowed me to easily convert all textures :D
Of course...thanks also to Aali for the lgp/unlgp tool :)

General Discussion / [FF7] Recreation : Trap
« on: 2020-06-06 15:57:12 »
My version of the map  Trap.(Field and flevel files).

Its based on the map hyou5_4  and i used this tools : Palmer(Aali)  and Makou Reactor(myst6re)

7th Heaven / 7th Heaven :Translate ff7.exe text?
« on: 2020-04-22 13:37:33 »
My question its if is posible, in some way, translate the texts of the .exe in the 7th heaven with a mod? . I tried with hex edit(i dont really know so much about this but i tested it in many ways :/ ) but i dont get any change :(, the only thing that i can do its translate the ff7.exe ,rename it and change the .exe setting in 7H.... but that only provoque other problems O_o

Thanks  ;D

edit: i think i see the problem...not as easy as i thinking(and not expected it was easy thing :/ )

Releases / [FF7 PC] Next Fantasy I Mod
« on: 2020-03-15 00:43:24 »

-In many maps, some areas "hides" the character or the character hides the background: *For now i dont know how to fix this...
-Some maps have a black screen section  : *For now i dont know how to fix this...


After a half year....i can release this mod :D

Its  a mod that change the original content of FF7 to create new fields,based on FF8(Dollet Mission), new history( also from FF8 but with some changes....),enemies,change music, backgrounds for the new fields, models, movies...
The idea its to play it in the disc/part 3,like a postgame challenge.Dont work with mods that change the gameplay, but the original game should be playable without problems.

To start with the new content, just go to Gold Saucer,in disc 3 ,and talk with the guy from Mog Minigame
Spoiler: show

First ,i want to thank to Sega Chief for give me permisson to use some things from his mod NT(Cameos :/)
And finally i want to thank the next users , because without his useful tools i cant do nothing xD :)

Makou Reactor := myst6re
Deiling := myst6re
Wall Market := NFITC1
Proud Clod := NFITC1
Loveless := Squall78
Fix Loop := Dlpb
TouphScript := luksy
Ulgp := luksy
Palmer := Aali
Kimera := Borde

All of you and the rest who share his modding tools, are the best ;)

Note* Originally,the mod is in spanish but I translated the dialogs, of the spanish version, to english with a program(im tired ,sorry :/ ). If someone want to help me with the translations to English(someone with english as native language),it'll be wonderful.

[New Version: 30 de Mayo 2020][7TH Heaven 2.0]
IRO Spanish:
IRO English:

I disabled all other mods, an reinstall my mod ,but the .ogg files dont load, only sound the original music(with option vgmstream) and my mod movie files are muted, in the last version all of this works.
Also , i unninstal the 7thheaven 2.0 to use again the previous version but i cant remove  the "games" folder ,some procces is using it.

Making mods for 7th heaven, i have had the incovenients that everytime i change something and i need to check the results i must: unninstal the mod, create the chunks of the flevel(7 chunks in my case  :( ),create the iro, install the mod and activate it. ¿its any other way to do this process faster?

Thanks  :)

WIP / [FF7PC IN DEV]PostGame Mod : Next Fantasy
« on: 2019-07-30 17:19:42 »
update 08/09/2019
Hi, I'm working on a new mod :D
The idea is to create the Dollet FF8 Mission in FF7. I want to do this mission as a post game challenge (for now I will see if I can create all the  maps :/ )
For now I can not give more details, I am working on the maps. I leave some screenshots and a test I did for the first map, I will update with the progress O_o:
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

First 3 maps structure created at 100% (Only Walkmesh :/)
For now i have Mini Cloud in the maps, i think i can fix it ,and the layers in the map sometimes hide the player in wrong place, i think i can fix it to not hide the player,but it would be difficult   to made that it hide the player in the correct place of the map.....

2 maps more worried about the problem with the background layers :(

Im still working,but the problem with the background  i only can solve it recreating the walkmesh in other map....thats for the V2.0 XD.This is more work than I expected but I don't give up. Other image O_o

Releases / [FF7 PC]Remade Honey Bee Inn : Rebeerth Mod
« on: 2019-06-18 20:32:24 »
Hi   ;D
I want to share this mod with all of you. Its a recreation of 3 of the unused maps of the Honey Bee Inn.
The 3 maps are interconected with the actual Honey Bee Inn and they are totally playable in the FF7 (IRO Version)
I have some limitations, for example i cant recreate the background animations :(

[Update 24/05/2020]
English and Spanish version:

The mod its compatible with the New Threat Mod(in theory, should be compatible with any gameplay mod), for now in the Dark Cave, the maps are not accesible.

If you want to incorporate it into your mod, ask me first for permission and indicate that the creator of that content is me.
Enjoy it ;)

Quiero agradecer en mi idioma :)(asi puedo expresar lo que realmente quiero decir) a los creadores de las herramientas que me han permitido montar este mod:
myst6re : Gracias por el MakouReactor,la verdad es que es una de las herramientas mas potentes que he visto en el foro :)
Aali: Gracias por el editor Palmer,encontrar esta herramienta fue como encontrar un oasis en mitad del desierto,muchas gracias.
Sega Chief: Traducir tu mod me permitio adquirir la capacidad para poder lograr mi primer mod :)
Y muchas gracias al creador y a todos los que colaboran en el desarrollo y mantenimiento del 7Th Heaven ,sois Dios  O_O

Gameplay / [FF7PC] (Spanish) New Threat Mod(V1.5)
« on: 2019-05-26 19:16:13 »

Thanks to Sega Chief for the help and his support for let this mod can be translated in spanish also (a lot of spanish people now can enjoy at 100% of this mod :)).
Also, thanks to all the users that shared in this forum his Edit-Tools for this game, without them I could not do anything :/

Last .IRO Version :

Link al foro original de la traduccion en español.

Quiero agradecer a los creadores de las siguientes herramientas que me han permitido traducir y mantener esta version del Mod de Sega Chief :)  :

Makou Reactor := myst6re
Wall Market := NFITC1
Proud Clod := NFITC1
Loveless := Squall78
TouphScript := luksy
Ulgp := luksy
Hext Tools: DLPB
Seguro que he usado mas,pero ha sido un proyecto largo donde he tocado de todo ,sin saber (ya que mi conocimiento al ponerme con esto fue de 0 y fui aprendiendo e investigando segun la necesidad de cada aspecto de la traducción), y seguro que algo se me pasa......en cualquier caso todas las herramientas del foro merecen en mi opinion la misma gratitud :)

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