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Title: Newbie Question
Post by: z1d on 2010-08-29 06:49:00
Hi there,

I am relatively new to the forums but have spent a good 7-8 hours going through all the various mods and updates to improve the overall quality of the game.

The question that I need to be clarified with is 'am I able to run the Team Avalanche Beta 9 graphical upgrade with the phoenix rejuevination project as well as the APZ cloud battle models?

I have updated my version of FF7 to 1.02 and i have applied the opengl drivers.

I am just confused as (from what i learnt) in order to use the PRP models you have to run the PRP-client, because of this, does it make it impossible to run such other mods as the APZ cloud models? or the team avalanche update for that matter?

If this is possible could someone please fill me in on how to do this...

At the moment i can either run the PRP version (and get upside down FMV's)
or i can just run the normal version with the team avalanche graphical update but the models seem to all be the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Many thanks, z1d

Also when i enter the first fight of the game it goes to black screen and i can still hear the music although no image is display.

I realise this is most likely to do with the APZ cloud model file that i have applied to the battle folder, although i installed the mod flawlessly so there must be some other factor which is causing this to happen..?

Again if anyone could please help me out on this i would be incredibly grateful!

Dying to play this game with the improvements
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: Shankifer on 2010-08-29 07:47:52
Your best bet to get the highest quality out of your experience. Is to run two different installs. Run PRP on one, and use TA with the other. This avoids Compatibility issues. It also gets you the best experience without any of the errors from overlapping.

Also, you won't get much help with Apz Cloud here due to the fact that his models were kind of banned from these threads with the whole ripping ordeal. Sorry.

As for TA's models. The Models are still being made and you are only using a BETA, the first release is yet to be announced and is still in progress. It's looking promising for the near future though.

If you search the forums you can find a fix for the FMV's being upside down, I promise :D

One last thing, try to refrain from double-posting, there is a "modify" button at the top right of your box, it works, and it will keep you from getting warned  ;)
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: z1d on 2010-08-29 08:16:45
Firstly i'd just like to say a personal thank you for the swift and informative reply and i apologize for the double post and i will refrain from doing so in the future! :)

So pretty much what you are suggesting is that i run two separate installs of final fantasy 7 and for one install i run TA and for the other i run PRP? So would this mean i would need to play two different games in order to experience both mods?

What would you suggest i go with in order to enjoy the highest quality of gaming? I'm still a bit clouded in your explanation of getting the highest quality.

I'm still a little unsure as to what TA actually does for the game in terms of straight-forward noticeable aspects.
Does it change field models at all? or is this still in the works? (i must say it is quite exciting to see what their official release will be like)
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: Shankifer on 2010-08-29 09:16:52
As for the Highest quality of gaming, I think you'd be experiencing the best of FF7 with TA's overhaul when they complete it. PRP and other projects are compilations of other mods thrown into one mod with all the compatibility issuse *kind of* fixed lol

TA is basically starting with nothing but the Original FF7 and improving it from scratch, on the install I believe the only Model in the current patch is Barret. I know the hardest part is waiting, but if you spend some time in Team Avalanche's Forum, you can get a general idea of what the improvements are looking like.

TA is a graphical overhaul. Not just of the models, but the menu's, text, battlegrounds, feilds, and so on. Like I said, checking out their forum really helps to see what kind of effort is going into this project.

TA's goal is also to stick to the original as much as possible, which means instead of an Advent Children FF7 experience, You are guaranteed to have the same feel of the entire FF7, with higher quality graphics.

I really hope you head over to TA's forum to look around and see what's in the works.

Their next release will be when they complete the bombing mission (up to the reactor explosion)
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: sl1982 on 2010-08-29 11:23:03
There should be no reason why you cannot use the prp and the TA overhaul at the same time. There are guides out there to install the prp manually.
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: nikfrozty on 2010-08-29 12:49:19
First use the patch.. And then find the ffprp folder in your main dir. Copy the 00.lgp and rename it to char.lgp in the field folder in the main dir too and replace it. Do the same for 01.lgp just replace it with world_us.lgp and rename it. After doing so delete the ffprp folder in your main dir and also delete the two new icons in the desktop as it is now useless. Install TA Patch and then run the game normally using ff7music or the exe itself and it should work. :)
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: Senti on 2010-08-30 18:54:47
I'm actually using all of those myself. I first installed the PRP mod (copy the LGP files over like nikfrozty says), followed by APZ cloud (with Millenia's custom models), and finally did the TA mod. Works great except the main menu background doesn't load for me, been trying to figure out why, along with tweaking it to run best for me.
Title: Re: Newbie Question
Post by: z1d on 2010-08-31 02:13:52
yeah thanks for all the tips guys!

i found a few useful youtube videos that literally took you through the whole process step by step and now i'm running the prp and ta clients together. Will look at fixing the music next as those midi sounds really do play on the nerves haha... :D