Author Topic: Is it possible to translate Final Fantasy VIII Remastered?  (Read 1929 times)


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Hi all!

I want to ask that, is it possible to translate the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered?
I looked through the whole ff8 forums in here, but everyone is just talking about the old versions of the game. (5 cd-s version, steam)
These descriptions are very good, I just see that this way the remastered version cannot be translated.
Or am I wrong? :-\
I have find the zzzDeArchive program, and i have extact main.zzz and other.zzz files, but it is all.
I tried to follow this forum topic:

...But I think this method does not work in this case.

And I tried this too:

It looks like an awesome program, but i dont find with this the subtitle files too :-(

Is there a solution to this at the moment?
Is it possible to translate this version of the game at all at the moment?

Thanks in advance for the reply!