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Sad Jari:
You know, that is a pretty nice idea.

One problem, though; the rather distinctive writing styles of some mods are even worse problem when you do it this way. Now they have to (well, they don't have to, but they are likely to) write lot more on their "secret" account. Thus making it that that much more easier to spot them.

Even though you have to ID the "secret" account out of all users, instead of having to ID the said account of rather small number of users, suspected or known to be mods.

Also, the people who register soon after the change and post a lot... are likely to be the mods. It's kinda obvious. Perhaps they could use some old, unused accounts?

I still think that when it comes to Problem G, it would be better with anonymous mods and normal user accounts.

Oh, as for that problem F: I don't think that moderator's personal opinions on totally unrelated matters (politics, for example) should represent the forum officially, but that's not really the point.

I'm not sure... but I suspect that at least some people would like to keep their username for regular discussion, instead of modding. But like I said, that's just a guess.


--- Quote from: Monkey on your back ---I'm not sure... but I suspect that at least some people would like to keep their username for regular discussion, instead of modding. But like I said, that's just a guess.
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I suppose this as well, and people are not going to be willing to start a new "normal" account and start from scratch at earning people's respect, and they wouldn't want to dedicate their entire original identity to moderating. Heck, we're not the Men in Black. :P

Probably all the problems can't be simultaneously solved, but personally I'm leaning towards the whole "make moderation non-personal" idea. Don't reveal who the moderators are, and don't reveal who moderates what. Keep moderation posts "anonymous", and instead provide a common communication channel to the more abstract concept of "the administrative staff" whenever such talk is needed. Keep moderating as simple as possible, not as a huge task that needs public recognition (this can be done with ranks instead). I'll try to do a quick run-through of Spiro's problem list with this idea:[*]Problem B is completely solved by making the process automatic, separating moderation posts and user posts in the interface.
[*]Problems A, C, E, F and G are only problematic because long-time users already know who the moderators are. However, users who have become long-time regulars don't cause problems.
[*]Problem D isn't a big problem, because even if one moderator's identity should be revealed, you still don't know what work he/she is doing. Worst case scenario is still no worse than current day moderation systems.
[*]Problems E and H will be no worse than the current system, but the reason for being careful is a better one; fear of breaking the rules, instead of fear of pissing of a moderator personally.[/list:u]That's my five cents (inflation).


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--- Quote from: Caddberry ---It's not about a title for me at all. To prove that I'd take back my other title it wouldnt matter to me.
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Isn't there a contradiction there? :P Think of it this way; if the moderator title would not be visible on your regular account, you could have your custom title back - since it wouldn't be blocking your moderator title anymore.
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Damn.. You are right.. That is a glaring contradiction.. LoL .. Well.. Ok.. Titles on forums do mean something to me.. "Druggie Chess Master" meant something to me.. I wont lie, but everyone that I care about on this forum knows me regardless of title. And if they dont know me regardless of title chances are that I wont care about them until they do.. So.. Really, a title wouldnt matter to me, but I wont lie and say it's meaningless.

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--- Quote from: Caddberry ---I don't like the idea of having to log out of my account to moderate. If you see an issue you fix it on the spot. Having to log out would be a pain. It would seriously get old fast.
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It's a good point, in theory. But I don't see it as a serious problem, unless there's a great deal of moderation to be done.
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True.. Switching wouldnt be difficult unless there was a lot of crap to mod.. But would we still be able to retain post flags? When switching?

If it can be made into an easy system then I guess I wouldnt mind, but if we lose post flags or it becomes any bit of complicated I'd rather not.

Ultimately I'm lazy. Truly .. I know this may be hard for some of you to believe.. *Caddberry looks around and sees shock on everyone's face*

I like to make moderation as easy as possible.


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