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I resolved every battle with a summon and exhausted my MP and resources quickly, had to escape a lot and faced many bosses with sub-par levels, compensating with intense grinding sections. I played in the most unimaginative, unfun, and idiotic way

I know that from somewhere^^ Guess we had a similar first time experience:)

S-E nowadays is TERRIFIED of complexity and forgets that many of its memorable games were so good because there was complexity and depth but it wasn't mandatory;

I can still to this day remember that even in the old Squaresoft days I would play FF7 and FF8 as a kid, have a good time and have no real problem with the complexity of their gameplay and then later be shocked how negative some critics were with them. I still remember an article in a magazine attacking FF8 for its "overwhelmingly complex junction system you cannot possibly grasp on your first playthrough" while in the end this is a lot simpler than most other assign the spell that gives the highest bonus number to each slot, you even have auto optimal assignment options according to what your looking for....apparently that was too hard for some adults to understand....Not to mention you are forced to do all these Quistis tutorials every time you play(not all, but most and I really dislike that theres no option to skip this) that really explain everything thoroughly.

But the remake is a 50h game isn't it? Spending 3-4h of gameplay with Fire/Ice/Thunder/Restore/Bio in the OG is justified because the Midgar section should slowly introduce you to the gameplay, story and characters which it does. The gameplay outside of Midgar soon becomes more complex with E-Skill coming online, level 2 LBs, Summons(Chocobo Farm), Earth(Kalm), etc.

Spending 50h in Midgar with just those Materia is definitely a dumb down. If they extend this chapter, they have to extend the gameplay here too which they didn't.

It's kinda not intuitive to me that peoples first arguement when defending the remake is always that extension isn't bad, more story, more characters is good and even used the phrase "better than the OG" while on the other hand for another important aspect(the gameplay and combat system) it seems perfectly fine to them to just do nothing more than the OG although the game is approximately 15 times longer than the OG section up to that point.

I'd just like to note that the discussion between IlMomo86 and Kefka is the first and only constructive pro/con debate about the remake in this thread so far and I'm quite enjoying following it. Other ppl could learn a lot here about how to try to defend parts of the remake that differ from the original properly;) I agree with you both on certain things, maybe I'll add my own list of questionable decisions(no repetitions of what was said ofc) later.

Kefka pretty much nailed my thoughts on those scenes.

In combination with what was said in this entire thread now, there is really not much to add. If ppl still like it, go ahead. But we don't for the reasons mentioned.

What he meant is its objectively bad for ppl that have some kind of expectation and that know the old games and their standards in terms of plot devices. Just like Star Wars 7-9 the writing and plot additions are (sadly) good enough for the dumb mass which keeps square and other companies making profit and in the future lower the standards even more because who the hell cares as long as ppl buy it and the majority likes it (because they are the dumb mass).

The music from the original is a fairly limited format that removes most of the underlying feel of the trackes where remake has a damn near lossless format with a legitimate orchestra involved, you are also the only person so far that I've seen mention any issues with remakes soundtrack

You found another^^ that basically understands and supports everything that was said in this post u are refering to:)

It seems to me like to you, having better technology graphics and sound quality wise equals better graphics and music. That opinion completely ignores the feeling an environment, a sound track gives you in a specific scenario. If they give barrets weapons call of duty sounds will you also find that great cause its so flawless and real?
Same with the voice over. 7 had no voices so you cant state that its "better" in the remake. DLPB captured it quite well in his post as I did a few pages ago that in the OG you had your own interpretation of character voices, detailed looks and acting which is now stolen from you and replaced with Nomuras dbz matrix action ff7 vision

Personally, I've stopped taken professional critics seriously for, I dunno, 10 years or so. Probably longer. IGN's review of FF7r was laughable as hell. According to critique consensus SW ep 8 is a great movie. lmao... I'm kinda surprised how badly ep 9 was treated by critics though. Imo it's worse than 8, but not that much. They are both terrible movies. Maybe FF7R-2 will have a similar fate?

I felt just the same....There is so many flaws in both movies not only from a standpoint that they do not add up with the original movies but just are extremely poor, obvious, crappy movie making in general. There's around 10k youtube clips about that already. So it's kinda like after TLJ they realized that faking the rotten tomatoes/metacritics scores up to 90% is too obvious so they tuned it down a bit to make it seem more realistic(yet still WAY too much for such crap).

Vayne gets hate?

I wouldn't call it a "terrible" opinion but I also disagree. Since the debate between the combat systems would probably be endless as they are just entirely different I'll focus on the story alone. FFX had still a good main story and a really good twist in the end that made everything that happened have sense(smth that FF games after that never had). Yes Tidus is not a cool protagonist, he's often annoying and lost but I think that is also normal and believable for a 17 year old whose entire world he knew was crushed and he was thrown into this "other" world...but the way he narrates the story while you play it was very good and really made you "feel" you're in this game, this universe now. FFXs characters had a good reason for what they were doing at all points in time as did their villains have(Seymour especially but also Sin, Jecht and Yevon in general).

That is the complete opposite in FFXII: The characters have little to no reason for being in this story at all(with the exception of Bash and maybe Ashe). But especially Vaan is so useless and plays absolutely no role for the story, it really dissappointed me hard the first time I played through. Same for Penelo, Balthier and Fran. They are just not relevant for the war, the Nethecites or have any real....reason to fight against Vayne other than "We don't like evil....we have to stop it". Hell even Gabranth has a deeper personality and story than all the previously mentioned ones.  Balthiers only story relevant sentence ever is "oh yeah Cids my father" not even when you kill Cid is there any deeper interaction, just...nothing.

Vayne on the other hand was what I would call a fantastic villain. Similar to Darth Sidious he plays political games to ascend to the top, manipulates and eventually gets rid of all obstacles while still keeping the public behind him. To me, he was who carried the story all by himself. But in the end, that is not enough for me to label the story of a game that involves all characters "good". Through Vayne it rose to mediocre though.

The protagonists(and really all of them) just lacked depth...background....childhood memories, what they did in their life before the game starts, etc. You could sum up each of their story arcs before and what they do during the game in 1-2 sentences. You cannot do that with FFVII-FFX characters, they always had complex and well thought through storylines and they often also "evolved" during the games.

Did they promise a 1:1 remake, though? I know I personally didn't expect one, from the first trailer it was pretty apparent that they will take many liberties in terms of the story and combat, so that's what I was expecting from them for last couple of years.

Combat yes. When was it ever "apparent" in the slightest that they would take "many liberties in terms of the story"? As in the main story arc? They may do that and may have hinted it on unnecessary things like Tseng not appearing with a helicopter to show the captured Aerith but it being shown on a screen, ok, fine.

But letting characters survive that die, let Shinra blow up their reactors which are their income along with probably hundreds of security robots, hard- and software in there (which is again far different from blowing up sector 7 where there is nothing but junk that doesnt even belong to Shinra (and in addition they knew the Avanalanche hideout was somewhere in sector 7 at that time which makes blowing it up perfectly logical)), give everybody DBZ matrix abilities like flying, telekinesis (and oh don't forget Cloud slicing the Shinra main building in half with his freaking sword), implement time travel and Watchers of fate implying that all that happened in the original was fate anyway and at no point where you in the slightest danger because everything had to be like just utter crap. It shows that the current devs either have never paid attention to the originals story at any point in time or not even played it or just don't care because this new stuff sells.

FF7R is a blatant marked-research game with some crazy, over the top kingdom hearts crap thrown in.

Sums it up pretty perfectly.

Nice article that shows my agony with FFV^^

Its a port with some extras (which are admittedly good extras!) :P

Now make a graphics overhaul and it is the perfect remake like FF7R should have been:)

They did multiple great remakes of FF4 (excluding the DS remake and it's ports, which are strawberries, much for the same reasons as this; changing things that didn't need to be changed, although at least there they had an excuse), a great remake of FF5 and a great remake of FF6.

I would like to say smth about the Gameboy advance versions here:

I really appreciated the additional content especially in FFV Advance because:

a) it has NO effect on the main story
b) it's completely optional to do
c) it's additional content on the gameplay side, new class, new skills, great
d) the new superboss was already mentioned to be the greatest threat of all times a thousand years ago and while it may storywise seem a bit lackluster that there's just an underwater temple containing an entrance to the void where you meet him it is also a pleasure that they did not choose some random thing as a superboss but tried to really implement somebody worthy of rivaling the main villain in coolness and strength(thus making him worthy of the Neo-Exdeath theme). All in all content-wise an extremely good job and I play the Advance versions to this day.

However I also have to note a thing I made thread about a decade ago already. Some new additions, which is not new content but was rather meant as a nice visual addition completely makes me nod my head. The avatars shown when characters talk just do not resemble their sprites IN THE SLIGHTEST....especially ppl like Galuf are just entirely different and there is really no reason why. Newer remakes carried on this trend and it makes me a bit angry, I always have to either ignore that or mod it.....

Not to mention the name changes in the translations.....she will always be Cara or Kururu.....


FF6 is the ultimate proof that graphics should take a back seat to script, gameplay, music, etc

games on the SNES stand the test of time

Yes, good thing that in the original you have to just spam the ok button.

Not in my personal version which was modded for years I guarantee you that:) This also wasn't about the difficulty of the game per se, rather that this mechanic is not appealing to me because it limits the freedom in an action based fight.

Distance management isn't an issue in the game with a few exceptions. Each melee character has a basic attack that closes the distance when you're far away, and targeting flying enemies changes your standard attacks into an aerial combo

For example just a thing like this(automatic z-targeting and gap closing auto attacks) are things that I do not find attractive in a game (its like being held by the hand and extremely limits the freedom too much for my taste), therefore am I entitled now to dislike the combat system in general and not just because its a change on the original? It being a change to the original is already enough for me to not buy the game because I know it's just not smth I seek in a Final Fantasy.

Absolutely agree.

No because I never said "hey user xyz your are silly cuz things are like this and that weh weh weh". I merely stated my opinion about the stupidity of ideas implemented in a game. The thing about jerking off to GoT was a respond to insults from Ric before that. So no, I feel completely calm and righteous:)

Yes cuz unlike you I dont feel the need of forcing my opinion on others while insulting them(good strategy btw)

I could... respond in detail to this absolutely ridiculous post again but why would all started with this "Ric" flaming Kefka who pointed out an obvious RIDICULOUS plot twist that not even a 10 year old would write. And when ppl come around so condescending and insulting it is natural to receive that back in their face.

My post is understood by those who do and not by those who don't. Period. No further point in argueing with ppl that just cannot face reality.

Btw your post again is full of personal insults while mine was written with a "one could argue" style of writing that doesn't head on attack ppl.

your reading comprehension has failed you

you're being silly

pants-on-head retarded.

Are you implying that I'm only here to insult someone?

So yes, you are solely flaming and insulting right now, that is also a fact. Now stfu pls.

The people running this hate campaign for the remake in here haven't even played the game themselves and are basing their opinions on seeing a few minutes worth of footage of a 40+ hour game and are desperately searching for confirmation bias that supports their views, something befitting a 12 year old, not grown men who consider themselves to be intellectuals. It doesn't have to be one extreme or the other. Let's not act like children.

So first you say only respect your own opinion and then you go on shitting on everybody who hates this game calling them 12 year olds? ::)

Why would we have to spend tons of money for smth we know we don't like? And as far as I remember none of us tried to even expertly criticize detailed things we would only know after playing the game. We criticize first and foremost that its not a Remake, its a shit on the originals story and every major plot event and that is fact, or would you argue one has to play it to know that when its all right there in the cutscenes? Certainly not. And that is not what we expected or wanted. So why on earth is criticism not justified in that regard?

Also it is well known that the combat system is action based, not ATB like in the original. This is known for years now. If ppl (like us) don't like these things in general or at least not in a Final Fantasy, considering this was not like this in the original, then again criticism is justified.

Btw with about the same validity could we say that the ppl spending 60+ bucks on this game and like that shit are 12 year olds, not grown men who expect a game to have actual thought through design, balance, story-telling, character development, etc.

That you like this game is good for you but stop acting so high and mighty and condescending towards ppl that don't. Their opinion is just as valid as yours and is not based on things they do not know as all aspects that were criticized are directly there in the game, not made up or exaggerated. There is time travel, there is characters that don't die but should have, there is matrix like drama scenes that are just over the top you can watch them on youtube, there is major flaws in that new story that just doesn't make any kind of sense with the original. It's all there and wasn't made up by us. It was made up by Nomura.

If any, this is the forum of highest quality reviews and opinions of Final Fantasy games and RPGs in general. These are ppl that spent their life modding these games, playing them hundreds of times over and over again, discovering new stuff, and just thinking about these games and its characters, their reason to be and say smth, their behaviour in certain occasions more than anybody else in the world. And certainly more than the devs.

Todays game design consists mostly of graphics and I can tell you because this eats most of the programming work as it is BY FAR the most complex and tedious part when programming a game(as smbd with a degree in just that department of computer science you can take my word). The maths and work behind Ray tracing, multiple reflections, real time animations is OUTRAGEOUS. That's why the companies need most and their best ppl to work on that. And then it's natural that there is just not much personel left for actual story-writing and thinking these things through. Also at some point when you spent months/years until the animations look so real HD like in FF7R then your investors wanna see results and finally publish smth and make money. And what can you impress them most with at a press conference? Right, it's GRAPHICS because that's what every fat business idiot can see and judge wether it's good or not. That's what makes money and keeps companies alive. Sadly. This explains the strictly monotonous downward curve of stories and the strictly monotonous upward curve of graphics in games in the last 20 years. Ppl growing up with that or the ones that just weren't touched so emotionally by the RPGs of the 90s and early 2000s might not care and get used to the new era of gaming but others, like many in here, cannot.

And if after all these years a company promises an HD remake of the most iconic game in video game history that has touched us more than any other game, and the outcome is tons of stuff completely made up, probably made up on the spot because it just looks cool in a scene, altered story scripts and what not then yes, then we do not like this game and want to talk to others about this that feel the same. That is why we post here and we're entitled to. If you think the majority here are 12 year olds that just hate because they like hating...then why would you wanna post here? You don't seem attached to the forum in any way so why care? It seemed to be so important to just insult a lot of ppl here that you needed to do it......Do you see any of us going to forums/reviews of ppl where the majority likes the game and shitting on it? I for myself do not do that.

Objectively poor? That is just not true now is it champ? Writing is some of the best Square has done in years and the voice acting is stellar, now that is my opinion so you can disagree but it is by no means objectively poor.

Its not hard to do since all they have done since FFX sucked hard which is 18 years now^^

You always seem to want to moan about something though. Got it a week early and just completed it. Fantastic game. I knew you fools would be moaning though. Stick with the mods, your attachment to the original curbs any meaningful critique.

Oh we will. We are older than the Game of thrones generation that just swallows everything flashy that has no real depth beyond its surface and that has "genius" plot twists in there like a company blowing themselves up just for the sake to have plot twists. And if a remake is announced it is natural to expect just that and not complete new story, characters that dont die but died in the original, mindless time traveling scenes that lack any logic, etc.

As for you, why do you post here if you "knew we would be moaning"? Seems irrational to me, you're trying to defend smth that on this forum will never be accepted by the majority of regular posters after all the changes they made (and also never truly announced, up to 2 weeks ago they still said it would be the same main story which was just a bold faced lie).

So go jerk off to AC, GoT or whatever and stop fighting a lost war here.

As expected. It's not just not FF7 or a bad FF7, it's a dull action game with a character evolve system containing nothing but useless grinding for flat damage upgades, bad camera movement and AI but lots of flashyness....

Graphics, graphics, drama, matrix scenes, dbz scenes, effects, flashes are what 90% of the programming work went into.

Balance, itemization, strategy, story-telling, character development (gameplay and story wise), logical decisions of characters/companies, reasoning for ppl to be and say smth in a specific situation...all that what is really making any game good seems to be missing.

Good job

Rofl Shinra could blow up sector 7 and blame it on avalanche because everything existing there was JUNK!
The reactors are their income so no way in hell would they blow that up to fight "vermin" like avalanche, they would rather extinct all their possible hideouts, interrogate every slum citizen, etc.
Anything else would be unreasonable. God what a stupid world do we live in if ppl honestly swallow that shit and think it's a believable story twist. Reminds me of Kathleen Kennedy explaining the return of the Emperor because quote "GEORGE LUCAS NEVER GAVE US A BODY!" Whats next? Sephiroth is really a girl?! And that was hinted in the original game, long hair, female looks....jup I buy it. Same level of stupidity.... ::)

And the original soundtrack, no KH/AC shit.....Just the FMV graphics or the anime graphics of the original manual/menu avatars and we could embrace it.....

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