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Graphical / MO005 FFVII.exe translated into Spanish
« on: 2012-03-27 02:06:34 »
Hi everyone! I have been testing a bit a hex editor and I have discovered how to translate some texts of the game without changing the file structure of the english version. If DLPB and Kranmer are agree, I would like to release this file to the Spanish members of qhimm.  :)
I'm doing this because I haven't gotten it to work the 1.03 FFVII.exe with this version of the menu overhaul. :/

The translation is still very incomplete. With some time I would like to have it ready. When? I don't know. Whenever I get some time...

Here you have some pictures:

Archive / The links are broken. I need help please
« on: 2009-05-24 17:06:44 »
I'm very interested in this topic... but the links of those videoes don't work. Can someone put them again? Please!

Hello, does anyone know that file contains the texts that appear on the menu of the game? I'm trying pass it on to Spanish.

 I already have the mode of battle and with respect to the main menu i have had to do it this way... is quite simple but is well.  :-D

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