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Yes, I have both options active. And no, I am using Cloud the first time they leave Midgar.

Edit: I updated 7th Heaven again and this time I was able to update ffnx from the program and it finally works perfectly. Thanks for everything, it looks awesome...

Hi! Let me tell you that your mod looks really awesome! I have a problem with it, I don't know if this is just me or not. The footstep sound on the world map are not heard no matter what I do. I've tried disabling all the other mods I have and nothing. I have the latest version of 7th heaven and FFnx (canary). Is there anything else I can do? Everything else works perfectly: ambient sound, footsteps sound in the field, battle voices...

Thanks a lot!

Releases / Re: [FF7PC]Revival - A FFVII Enhanced Mod
« on: 2022-03-01 21:06:17 »
@Urbanhack86 a parte de mirar el mensaje de arriba de una opción para dejar la iu de los diálogos por defecto, podrías revisar las texturas nuevas para el mundo? el juego se ve entero negro en el minimapa, gracias por tu trabajo y tu mod.

Yo he conseguido solucionar ese problema con las texturas negras del mapamundi. Extraje el contenido del mod y busqué una carpeta llamada "world2". Dentro de esta, convertí todos los archivos png a formato dds. Creo que la herramienta que utilicé está en qhimm. Además, copié dicha carpeta y la pegué en la carpeta "todo" llamándola "world". Volví a compilar el mod y todo va bien por ahora. No sé cual de estas dos cosas que hice fue la que dio con la solución pero ya sabes cómo hacerlo. Un saludo

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2020-09-15 09:14:03 »
man, thank you so much for such an incredible work!

ok, no problem. Let's take a look :)

You need to apply black color RGB 0 0 0 to those parts of the bmp texture. Then use img2tex and set the option 0 as transparent and save the file as a tex. That's all I do :)

Graphical / Re: change model and color of the chocobo??
« on: 2013-10-07 21:09:05 »
Besides white texture, you need to apply shadows to the model with kimera. With that way you can see the other colors.

It's something like that:

Graphical / Re: [REL/WIP] Felix Leonhart's Enhancements
« on: 2013-09-28 23:54:44 »
I have the same problem here with the temple of the ancients. It's weird... a long ago the texture was fine. Any help please? There's something I can do? I've tried everything with the texture and the cache. I have the old one version of the game.

By the way, Im looking for some textures to reemplace the old elm01_00.png and elm02_00.png and some roofs of the worldmap. What do you think? (I made some fixes)

I know, it's not perfect but I like it. If anyone he like the result, here is the link: (New)

Greetings!  :)

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.5
« on: 2012-06-20 10:28:20 »
I've seen all the new enemies you've done with kimera. wooh! You've created more enemies than I expected. Great job! Are you going to include some more? If your answer is affirmative, are you accept any suggestions? If your answer is the same, I had thought of a final boss like Ozma (FFIX) or Gilgamesh (he would be interested in the cloud's buster sword) Maybe some human enemy too? (with the same bones and animations that cloud or sephiroth) on that basis could include a character in crisis core (Angeal, Genesis ...) Well, are just some ideas.  :P I'm sorry for my bad english and again, great job with your mod. :)

Thank you very much luksy.  :)

hi there everyone! I know this topic has not been posted in for a long time but I think its better to reply here than to create a new topic. If I wrong I sorry.

According to my log.txt file, I have a gzip decompression error with my scene.bin file. It's been patched with Gjoerulv's hardcore mode 1.05. I haven't got this problem with the untouched version of the file. So, is there any way that I can dump and encode this file?

Thanks :)

Graphical / Re: MO005 FFVII.exe translated into Spanish
« on: 2012-03-27 02:21:50 »
Woow I had no idea about the existence of this program.  ;D I have to try it. Thank you very much DLPB! :)

Graphical / MO005 FFVII.exe translated into Spanish
« on: 2012-03-27 02:06:34 »
Hi everyone! I have been testing a bit a hex editor and I have discovered how to translate some texts of the game without changing the file structure of the english version. If DLPB and Kranmer are agree, I would like to release this file to the Spanish members of qhimm.  :)
I'm doing this because I haven't gotten it to work the 1.03 FFVII.exe with this version of the menu overhaul. :/

The translation is still very incomplete. With some time I would like to have it ready. When? I don't know. Whenever I get some time...

Here you have some pictures:

No, the true graphic artists are Timu and Millenia. The work of Kyo13 with this AM Canon is great too of course. I've only done a few simple fixes to the model with the help of 3ds max and kimera.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2012-03-09 08:55:39 »
I've been waiting for this new version. Thank you very much for your work DLPB. :)

AlbusJC you know I said that everybody can do whatever he want with this model.

I looked your ameliorations, and found it pretty good ! It's what I expected, more people working on the same model to reach a better result ! And I think that's what you are doing !

So, I don't know if you have finished it yet, but I think I will use it too !

Thanks for your work on it !

yes, that is my intention :) You did a good job with the model. Here is my little contribution. sorry for taking so long but here you have the final version. if the author agrees I can release it if you like.

Releases / Re: Grimmy's Models
« on: 2012-02-21 18:35:55 »
woow I like it!  :-) thanks Grimmy

Releases / Re: Upscaled Magic Textures
« on: 2012-02-21 18:31:35 »
Have you tried deleting all the cache first?  :-\

Thank you very much UGerstl :)

I like the version of Timu and Millenia but needed some adjustments. I'm in the same situation as Kyo13. I'm not a modder after all. If I can do this is through the hard work of others in these forums.  :)

I have not changed the head, seriously. I have respected the original size of the model.

Your first mod is very good. I am adding some details to this model and correcting some things with Kimera and 3ds max. What do you think? I still need to include a belt...

Thank you very much for your job.  :)

Thanks AlbusJC :) But I didn't really understand what you mean when you tell you are waiting for the complete model of Barret for doing the conversion to field ?! The model is complete.... For the weapon I will share with pleasure, like the field model !
I meant the author is planning to do some modifications with this model.
Wow this model is better than the old one. keep up your great job =)

Hey good job with the model. I would like to have the AM Canon  :). Great job with this too. I can do the rest of the model like you but I prefer to wait the complete model of Barret for doing the conversion to field.
1st, his legs are much too short, you'll need to lengthen the bones for them.  2nd, what's going on around his neck area?  It seems to be a different color like a necklace or something.
3rd, post a vid of it in game please.
Yes, I want to see a vid with this model in action too. =)

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