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Troubleshooting / FF8PC-Steam - Invisible Rinoa Spacesuit!
« on: 2015-07-25 16:49:36 »

Sorry for posting this in both threads, but I'm having trouble advancing the story in FF8 on Disc 3 at the Lunar Base.
For some reason, Squall's spacesuit texture is remapped to Zell. This doesn't really present a problem, but Rinoa's spacesuit texture is completely gone!!! When Squall exits the pod to go rescue Rinoa, Rinoa is completely invisible. I can't find Rinoa to catch her and advance the story.
Furthermore, when I remove the char_textures hashmap, everybody reverts to their normal texture but Squall & Rinoa's spacesuits!!! Possibly because I saved the game with Squall's messed up texture (as seen above)?

Can anybody help? Thanks.

Found solution...
Please lock/delete thread

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