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Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.1.0)
« on: 2020-12-20 23:28:43 »
Thanks for taking the time to address all my points. I'll just put one big spoiler tag on this thing:

Spoiler: show

  Trust me, I feel your pain. If I were actually writing my own fan fiction, I may have made a Mass Effect style 'choose your own adventure', where you could pick Rinoa or Quistis. Or perhaps I would have removed Rinoa altogether. But that's not why I'm here.
  I'm looking into the CC match dialogue (which is actually another monologue, unfortunately, since Squall never says anything back), and I'll do what I can. The challenge is that you can complete it whenever you want, so I'll have to be sufficiently vague. Keep in mind that she effectively only has 3 lines to work with, and you'll have to win against her to get them. Expect something like my recent Fire Cavern change, a noticeable improvement, perhaps, but nothing monumental.
  Also, don't forget Quistis' dialogue with Squall on the Ragnarok, after they get back from space. That's meant to be the moment where she concedes that Squall will never be happy choosing her over Rinoa. It's not as emphatic as I would have liked, but that's the only manditory scene with the two of them that I can think of after disc 1.

Ha, I was a pretty big fan of the Mass Effect trilogy as well! In part, for this reason.
Yes, one of the biggest problems is the fact that Squall is just silent during the CC match scene. I took note of Quistis' dialogue on the Ragnarok, and it's well done. I think she said something along the lines of "I wish I had someone as brave as you."

  Yes. I gave their minor love triangle situation a lot of thought before finally rejecting it. While it does add another layer to the drama, it ultimately falls in the same category as the amnesia. It isn't a bad idea, but it needed far more development in order to justify its inclusion. It was simply one more thing that took precious screen time away from the core elements of the plot. Like the amnesia, it was far more advantageous to cut it out, than to develop it into something good.
  One of the main challenges to making their relationship believable is that we don't get a chance to see Seifer behaving as someone who would merit Rinoa's affection. If she liked the person we see as Seifer, it would be an indictment of either her character, or her intelligence, or both. And one of my biggest concerns with Rinoa was how to make her more sympathetic. Having her inexplicably fall for Seifer was a very bad way of achieving that goal.

I get what you're saying about Rinoa liking Seifer being an indictment of her character, but I personally wouldn't view it that way. I think people fall in love for the wrong reasons and then learn from it. I'm no therapist by any means, but just from personal experience, I'd say: One of the most important parts of building a lasting relationship is making peace with your significant other's past and who they may have loved before you. There was a part of me who thought, "Really, you dated him?" but the more time goes on and the more you fall in love, the less it matters. How much this applies to a video game script about teenage mercenaries fighting a witch from the future, I don't know lol

  I couldn't agree with you more!
  The more time I spend with this story, the more it becomes painfully clear that, during development, they had to rush disc 3 and 4 a lot in order to finish on time. (For example, I have a suspicion that the Deep Sea Research Facility was originally intended to be the place where they recovered the Lunatic Pandora from the ocean.) And when cutting, the first things to go were the Laguna flashbacks. Think of how much story Laguna has to dump on Squall at the very end of the game.
  My point is that I think they had originally wanted to develop Squall and Laguna's relationship far more. But since they didn't, there aren't even any scenes to rewrite. This is, again, one more interesting idea that has no scenes to support it. Like with Quistis, I need at least one scene where Laguna and Squall sit down alone and have a chat. When you find that scene, I promise to take a month rewriting it for you.
  Also, did you get a chance to talk to Laguna in the Ragnarok after he gives his speech? If you do, Laguna will actually tell Squall that, if Squall survives, he has something he needs to get of his chest, and that the two of them should have a long talk. This assumes that Squall still doesn't realize what Laguna is talking about.
  While I wasn't able to write the scene we wanted, I was able to allude to the fact that the two of them would eventually get that scene sometime in the future.

That's some fascinating insight... The Lunatic Pandora subplot is one of my favorite parts of the story and if they could have illustrated how it was extracted from the ocean via the Deep Sea Research Facility, that would have been cool.
I think you're right about the Laguna scenes getting cut as well. That's what made the Laguna story so puzzling for me, at least when I was playing this for the first time.
I took note of the Ragnarok Laguna/Squall dialogue. This is probably the only scene that it could have been addressed. Just like with Quistis, the problem is: Squall is completely silent.

[Re: Squall getting impaled]
  I still haven’t come up with a way of explaining this, at least, not without coming off sounding pathetically contrived. Especially because I couldn’t find an appropriate place to insert an explanation that wouldn’t be obviously out of place. So, as of now, I guess it wasn’t as bad as it looked, and Seifer just laughs it off as an inside joke for the players. (Feel free to reply if you have an idea for how, and especially WHERE I would insert such an explanation. I’m at a loss.)

I can't really think of an explanation either, aside from (1) Rinoa saving his life (2) Edea spares his life to extract information or (3) Squall is dead theory. It's a tough one. Maybe #2 is Occam's razor.

  I had always wanted to be a bit open-ended in the conclusion, but I should have realized that an effective resolution would depend on knowing EXACTLY what happened. I was hoping that Squall’s discussion with ‘Edea’ at the very end would offer sufficient exposition, but that dialogue is on a timer, and I couldn’t add nearly as much as I had originally wanted.
  It’s clear from your feedback that I should work on Odine’s monologue. Our understanding of the entire conclusion rests on his explanation of the events that are to follow. This was a big problem with the vanilla plot, and it’s obviously a struggle for me to overcome. Odine’s monologue is already very long and very dense, and I’m not super excited that I may need to make it even longer.
  I’ll work on making Odine more confident in his conclusions, and more explicit about what he knows. I think this is the only way the player will get all the necessary information.

 Regarding Ultimecia’s origin, I had always meant for it to be a bit mysterious, primarily because I didn’t really see a way for anyone to ever learn the truth. (I guess I’ll probably have to write that Odine learned that information from Adel, too). I never really decided on one interpretation over another, and I think that at a certain point, it becomes a distinction without a difference. But I had hoped that by providing a certain amount of explanation, while still leaving it open-ended, it would retain an intriguing sense of mystery.

I really tried to take my time with the Odine monologue scene and I even reset the game to re-read a couple parts to fully understand. It is very long, but for me, I really wanted to soak up that knowledge like a sponge. Your new Disc 3 Edea dialogue is well done--I wonder if Edea could offer any further details re: Ultimecia/Succession? Or is the idea that she's really in the dark about some of the in-depth details that Odine knows?

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.1.0)
« on: 2020-12-18 01:44:14 »
I just finished my playthrough. Overall, this is a tremendous accomplishment! You have a rare talent combining technical know-how with terrific writing. I know this was a huge undertaking and you have my (and many other FF8 fans) gratitude!

Spoiler: show

-I had to go back to YouTube several times to see what the original dialogue was for a lot of these changes. Over and over, I was very impressed how much depth you added compared with the original! In so many instances, there are holes in the original script that you filled in very skillfully.
-Overall narrative is a LOT more coherent. The reasons characters do things and the reason certain events are linked together is explained much better, leaving less confusion for first-timers and even those replaying FF8 after many years.
-The dialogue is brimming with juicy details. A great example: Odine's lengthly explanation about the origins of the Lunatic Pandora and the reason it's moving to Tears Point.
-Biggs says the comm dish is being used for "ocean surveyance"... to find the Lunatic Pandora. Anything that can tie the early game to the late game is an excellent idea!
-New Laguna dialogue is well done. It gives his scenes more dimension and helps the player connect the dots of his backstory. I remember being very confused when I first played FF8 as to why Laguna was constantly in these different locations and what the hell was going on.
-Squall giving the order to Norg to vacate: The antagonistic tone makes more a lot more sense given what has occurred with the Balamb Garden 'civil war'.
-Cid's dialogue and overall character is excellent. The knowlege that he imparts to Squall (especially post-Missile strike) gives a deeper dimension to their relationship.
-Squall's inner monologue is great. It gives new depth to the story instead of just being mindlessly emo.
-Rinoa's fate during the Garden battle: The party and Squall are sure Rinoa's gone, and Squall seems shaken that she is dead. In the original, he doesn't seem as fazed. Squall's speech to the Garden was great. Also, your explanation of how she was able to cling to the cliff is a welcome addition.
-I'll echo what @goat said about Squall's dialogue at the beginning of Disc 3 after defeating Edea. It's raw and real! Like so many other scenes, the original is completely underwhelming and milquetoast in comparison.
-Edea's new post-sorceress dialogue gives you more of a sense what a sorceress' progression (or downfall) is like to the individual experiencing it. It gives a more clear sense of the real danger Rinoa poses.
-I enjoyed the new mentions of Trabia City and its fate.
-Ellone's conversation on Lunar Base is excellent, illuminates *why* she wanted to change the past.
-In the outer space scene, instead of just yelling "Rinoa!!! No!!!", Squall tries to tell Rinoa to turn on the reserve oxygen in her space suit. Makes more sense!
-You did a great job with Doc Odine's expanded dialogue. It filled in a lot of gaps.
-The changes surrounding 'Succession' and the myth of Hyne are terrific

Spoiler: show

-Quistis' romantic dimension: I understand it was hard finding spots to inject new dialogue. The only real quality one-on-one time with Squall & Quisty happens in the early game [Intro, Fire Cavern, Training Center]. I was wondering if there was any more spots where Quistis could have made her feelings for Squall (and Rinoa jealousy) known, but there aren't many to choose from after the Training Center scene. I enjoyed Dr. Kadowaki's dialogue during Rinoa's B Garden tour where the Doc hinted at Quistis' feelings toward Squall. The CCGroup dialogue is good, but I might consider using that one final opportunity to have more of a heart-to-heart with Squall and let her feelings be known (and perhaps how she's accepted that she can't have him).
-It seems you've removed Rinoa's mention of a relationship with Seifer. To me, that added another interesting facet of drama to the story. I would have left it in and even expanded it. Perhaps Seifer could have taunted Squall about Rinoa, how he was "more of a man," etc. Squall might question if Rinoa still has feelings for Seifer... There's a few opportunities for some custom dialogue like when Rinoa is in the party during the G Garden showdown with Seifer/Edea.
-The game pretty much acknowledges that Squall is Laguna's son, but Squall and Laguna don't ever address the elephant in the room. This is a HUGE development just to be left hanging out there with no formal acknowledgement between the characters themselves. That just always kind of irked me. Squall's mixed feelings at meeting his father for the first time would provide a interesting new dimension in the story.

Spoiler: show

-The removal of the "Time Compression" subplot and the addition of "Succession" is well done. (Time compression is still referenced in the battle text of Ultimecia's final form, though.)
If I am understanding correctly: Succession is a collective consciousness of all past sorceresses that they can junction to in order to harness their power. As sorceresses die out, their knowledge is added to the Succession which becomes collectively more powerful and presumably more irresistable/innate in future sorceresses. Sorry if I missed this: Is Ultimecia an embodiment of the Succession herself? Or is she just the most powerful user of it?
-Did you change any dialogue in the Shumi Village sidequest? I skipped it, but if you did make any changes, I'd like to see.
-You skillfully filled almost all the major plot holes and replaced weak plot devices from the original, but there's still a couple that stick with me:
--How did Squall not die after getting impaled in Deling? Did Rinoa heal him with her Sorceress powers?
--After the final battle, Squall visits Edea from the past and witnesses Ultimecia transfer her powers to Edea, completing a Grandfather paradox loop. This time, however the cycle is broken and Succession is finally ended(?) Do we know why this particular time, it's different?
--Are Ultimecia and Rinoa the same person? I know this is a fringe theory and if you don't agree with it, no worries. If not, who is Ultimecia and how did she come to be the most powerful sorceress with control over all of the other sorceresses throughout time? (Sorry if this was explained)

Spoiler: show
I'll just preface this-- None of these typos detracted from the overall experience which was wonderful. Sorry if I come across as a grammar nazi! If you disagree with some of my corrections, that's fine. I just tried to help out by combing through as much dialogue as possible:

-"He better show up. I'll get in trouble if she doesn't come back soon." [pronouns mismatched?] (B Garden library at beginning of game, Girl near desks)
-"Effective use of GFs is as much an art as a a science, requiring practice, and hard work." (Quistis at front gate)
-"In the mean time, use the Draw technique in battle..." (Quistis at front gate)
-"At least your confident enough." (Quistis at Fire Cavern)
-"Don't forget who's side you're on" (Seifer, pre-Exam)
-"This is the reason why Balamb SeeD's have become known far and wide" (Cid, pre-Exam)
-"Just keep talking and see were it gets you" (Seifer, in car)
-"We should have tried to stopped them." (Squall, dog training scene)
-"I thought we were just suppose to guard the square?" (Zell, dog training scene)
-"I'm a litte concerned that all the agressive wildlife here could interfere with our plans." (Wedge at the comm tower)
-"And their entire peace agreement could have been jeopordized...because of you." (Cid, disciplining Seifer)
-"I know We'll be busy with a lot of SeeD stuff from now on..." [unnecessary capital letter] (Selphie, at SeeD party)
-"I can't carrying anyone's burden but my own" (Squall talking to Quistis at the Training Ctr)
-"On second thought, it doesn't matter. Just for get I said anything." (Zell, after returning from Training Ctr)
-"To push back against Galbadia and become independant again." (Zell, on train to Timber)
-"Umm...she's is still taking a nap, sir." (Watts, on train)
-"Fine. I wake up your collegue, but listen closely." (Squall, on train)
-"All of us are in the resistance because we got no where else to go." (Resistance member, train middle room)
-"All you rebelious Timber anarchists come out of the cracks like roaches." (Gerogero)
-"But I'm wont be around to see it." (Gerogero)
-"I can't believe were they able to pull such a dirty trick." (Rinoa, after Gerogero battle)
-"Cid also included an 'addendum' that he gave me to summarize contract." (Rinoa)
-"Also sir, we have a discription of that suspicious man you had asked about." (Galbadian soldier on Timber bridge)
-"And the rest of you! Canvas the city. Question everyone in the area." [verb should be spelled 'Canvass'] (Galbadian officer on bridge)
-"Lot's of guards patrolling the city now! Please be careful, sir!" (Watts, as train leaves him behind)
-"(I hope no solder's see me doing this...)" (Man on bridge in Timber)
-"Out of your entire team, you're the ONLY who can even pretend to be combat ready." (Squall, ["Tell her off" option] in front of TV station)
-"I'm sorry, but your team just isn't capable of the kind of change your looking for." (Squall, ["Be honest" option] in front of TV station)
-"And so, I will be confering with the leaders of every nation to discuss these problems." [should be 'conferring'] (Deling, TV address)
-"I'm here to stop this thing once and for all, at it's source!" (Seifer, holding Deling hostage)
-"The legend goes, in the war with Galbadia, my mother was able resist a whole battalion with nothing but her strength and beauty." (Forest Fox's daughter)
-"But I were to trust anyone in all Galbadia, it'd be Headmaster Martine!"  (Quistis, at Forest Fox's house)
-"Watch you backs" (Laguna, Centra ruins)
-"Some reconnaisance mission..." [should be 'reconnaissance'] (Kiros, Centra ruins)
-"///Quistis 'There Should be an announcement...'" (After the G Garden reception room discussion)
-"I guess we'll, see you around, Squall." [unnecessary comma] (Raijin at G Garden)
-" all cost." [should be 'costs'](Gen. Caraway says this twice)
-"You mean since our disgraceful reconaissance mission?" [should be 'reconnaissance'] (Kiros at Raine's bar)
-"Julia Heartily" [should be 'Heartilly'?] (Kiros and Raine)
-"It's a sweet song on it's own..." (Raine)
-"...that no matter who we loose, and in spite of how much we might suffer." [unnecessary period at end] (Raine)
-"He hasn't been very interested in making longterm plans for the future." (Raine, to Elle)
-"Am I any sense to you?" (Raine, to Elle)
-"She will remake Galbadia...and by extention...the whole world!" (Seifer, in torture room)
-"Edea's will not be resisted." [missing direct object?](Seifer, in torture room)
-"The price the Gardens will have to pay for your stubborness... will be great" (Seifer, in torture room)
"judgement" (Squall & Rinoa at the desert crossroads)
-The Maintenance Soldier (the one too lazy to inspect the circuit room) at the missile base is named "NewPage" in one block of text.
-"But I guess I failled..." (Selphie right before the missile base blows up)
-"SeeD's" (Raijin & Rinoa in B Garden lobby)
-"He not here any more" (SeeD in B Garden library)
-"We're trying to poise ourselves" [verb usage?] (SeeD in B Garden library)
-"I can take care of my rebelious faculty." (Cid)
-"Hmm... I guess not, as long as we're out her in the ocean..." (Rinoa, B Garden parking lot)
-I see you purposefully de-capitalized Norg and his speech. There were a few instances where Norg's name was still ALL CAPS'd though. His In-Battle text is still all caps. Not sure if I would use hyphens now that his speech has been de-capitalized.
-"If you are still here passed the deadline, or if you attempt to offer any resistance...." (Squall, to Norg)
-"Headmaster Cid had recently sent out several SeeDs on reconaissance missions." (Garden Faculty, before Norg battle)
-"I'm sorry you've had to see me in such an embarassing state." (Cid, infirmary)
-"After all, the junctioning process itself is controvercial." (Cid, infirmary)
-"Now, any knowledge or skill he possessed, is at the Sorceress's disposal." [should be apostrophe with no 'S' at the end] (Cid, infirmary)
-"(Ellone always used to tell me how bad sorceresess were.) [Squall, after Ellone leaves on white ship]
-"And don't go out of your way to offend anyone unnecessary." [should be 'unnecessarily'] (Cid, after landing in FH)
-Fishermans Horizon is spelled without the apostrophe in the original (and still is in your version), but the apostrophe was added in a handful of places.
-"Though, we haven't really have much traffic in years." (Familiar Face, FH)
-"We believe that it's more useful to settled problems with discussion." (Mayor Dobe)
-"It will chronicled the, ummm...lighter side of your missions thus far." (Cid, B Garden bridge)
-"I try to never even use my powers...I'm...I'm too afraid...that I might loss control of it..." (Rinoa, Irish Jig scenario)
-"When thing start to get rough, we're gonna need your encouragement." (Rinoa, [3 instruments Irish Jig/1 instrument Eyes on Me scenario])
-Her name says "Rinoa leans down" and "Rinoa no anim" during the Scenario with [2 instruments Eyes on Me/2 instruments from Irish Jig]
-"In the mean time, your not the only one with more responsiblility. (Quistis, on bridge after concert)
-"I never loose..." (Quistis, after defeating her at cards)
-"Come find me in the Garden cockpit, when your interested." (Quistis, after defeating her at cards)
-"I was taken to Galbadia Garden when I was stll really young." (Irvine, orphanage scene)
-"We can't let the memories of our past cloud our present judgement." (Quistis, b-ball court)
-"Some. But the guys at the front gate are still held them off somehow..." (Irvine talking to Kadowaki, during Garden battle)
-"We don't have time mourn... Not until we win!" (Squall)
-"It persisted, like a ravanous hunger, yet one that came from without, and not within..." (Edea, orphanage)
-"If she is revived, you may only have a short while before she succombs..." (Edea)
-"Not just on you, or Rinoa...but on your team, on the Garden...and on the world..." [Rinoa is hardcoded] (Cid, orphanage)
-"At first, their only purpose was to to protect Ellone from Esthar." (Cid, orphanage)
-"They were original stationed in Ellone's home town, somewhere in the mountains." (Watts, white SeeD ship)
-"Rinoa's condition is far from stable." [Rinoa is hardcoded] (Edea, Salt flats)
-"Tresspassing...I've been searching for someone, a girl who was kidnapped." (Laguna, Lunatic Pandora lab)
-"But I guess no body else has a problem with him doin' experiments on little kids..." (Laguna, Lunatic Pandora lab)
-"Your gonna wanna confront Odine." (Forced Laborer, Lunatic Pandora Lab)
-"But as for you thinking your no longer a sorceress? That's beyond my..." (Presidential Aide, Pres. Palace)
-"(Don't loose your cool, Zell.)" (Squall, Lunar gate)
-"Come, let me show you ze tragectory" (Doc Odine, Odine Lab)
-"Once you enter the atomosphere, we can guide you down." (Esthar airstation to Ragnarok)
-"If your ready for my report, Sir..." (Zell, Ragnarok)
-"Hey, Squall! We just go something!!" (Zell, orphanage field)
-"If we weren't in a state of emergence, we could chat all day" (Laguna, Pres. Palace)
-"Again, your thinking is far to simple to grasp ze extent of ze problem." (Doc Odine, Pres. Palace)
-"I wish they'd never decomissioned them. They're just so cool!" (Laguna, Pres. Palace)
-"That Pillar, can have some earie effects on people, if they're around it for too long." (Laguna, Ragnarok)
-"I've grow and changed a lot since then." (Laguna, Ragnarok)
-"...with nothing but your most based instincts to guide you in your destruction." [should be 'base instincts'] (Seifer, final showdown)
-"Things may get a little wierd from here on out!" (Laguna, after Adel battle)
-" time her has run out, and so has yours." (Edea, post-final battle)

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.1.0)
« on: 2020-11-28 17:11:48 »
Christmas came early this year :)

I would encourage you to post this on Reddit, both r/FinalFantasyVIII and r/FinalFantasy

The simplicity of the mod is notable as well. That could draw in a lot of first-time modders or those hesitant to mod.

Congrats on this big undertaking!!

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.0.5)
« on: 2020-10-27 03:38:25 »

The Laguna-Centra dialogue is great and I love the reimagining of the Hyne myth. It actually makes more sense now as a morality tale, as opposed to before with the strange, disjointed story about Hyne bestowing half of his body to the people which turned out to be just dead skin...?

Very well done! Can't wait for another playthrough.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.0.5)
« on: 2019-11-10 01:15:07 »
It was a pleasure! I'll playthrough again as soon as you have another revision.

To your points:
Spoiler: show
I have also always taken issue with Fujin and Raijin. But I was very cautious about changing speech patterns. (Including NORG’s hyphenated diction) I was concerned that I might end up destroying something unique about a character for no good reason.

I have no problem eliminating the ‘ALL CAPS’ for Fujin, but I think any changes to her speech patterns would require a fundamental change in her character. And I want to stay clear of anything like that without a very good reason.

For Raijin, I’ve thought about changing his line to something like “Right?” or “Huh?”. I’m not a Japanese speaker, but I think the real problem isn’t what he says, it’s how poorly written his dialogue is in general. His catch phrase is meant to be a cheap substitute for strong characterization, and I guess it succeeds at that. I may just tone down how many times he uses the line, and make sure that when he does use it, that it feels natural.

For Raijin, I'd agree that the issue is that his dialogue is poorly written, but you're on the right track to improving it. As for Fujin, I wouldn't recommend any wholesale change either except for the All Caps styling. In the Japanese version, Fujin is soft-spoken and speaks in one word all-Kanji sentences, so I'm not sure why this would translate into what seems like a character who screams every line of dialogue??

Either way, they're still minor characters and it's not worth overthinking I suppose.

Side note:
Did you happen to catch the dialogue from the three students in the cafeteria? I edited all of their dialogue, too. They now provide more in-depth contextual commentary at 4 different points in the game. Their conversation at the start of the game provides a bit of backstory for Raijin and Fujin.

I wasn’t sure if that dialogue would be too obscure, and if it would be missed by a lot of people. But I had hoped it might help justify some of their behavior throughout the game. Let me know what you think!

Missed that part! I didn't take my time speaking with a lot of NPCs, but I will on the next playthrough. Your attention to detail is amazing!

If I were actually writing a fanfiction, Quistis would be the love interest, or at least a contender, like Tifa/Aerith. I think that I speak for a lot of people when I say that her character had the greatest potential, and it was completely squandered. Her development was MIA for the entire game after disc 1. I have looked for every opportunity the game allows to provide her with depth. Unfortunately, there are almost no scenes where she speaks directly with Squall after the post-dance exchange. The game actively rejects the notion of any further romantic tension. All setup, no payoff…

Perhaps I could review her dialogue along with Zell’s, and see what I can do. I might be able squeeze in several flirtatious asides. They would most likely be one-way, though. It’s a far cry from what I would like, but it might be better than nothing.

Did you like her lines in the Flashback/Basketball Court scene? It’s about the best I could do to flesh her out later in the game.

I see what you're saying about Quistis. There isn't much opportunity to develop her as a character. I think the Zell/Quistis angle might be interesting, but only if Zell is modified a bit. As it stands, I'd say Zell is way to immature for Quistis and I wouldn't believe that she would go for an dimwit like him.

You handled the basketball scene very well. I'm glad you got rid of the "I thought it was love, but it was my feelings as a big sister" angle.
And, one question. Did you only play through the concert scene with the "Eyes on Me" song? Because you might be interested to know that I rewrote the scenes for both songs, and the Irish Jig scene has far more dialogue.

I only did the "Eyes on Me" version. I didn't know the game offered different dialogue! I'll try the Jig next time.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.0.5)
« on: 2019-10-28 07:20:31 »
I played through your mod until the end of Disc 2. Overall, I'm extremely impressed. This mod breathes new life into the game, and I honestly feel like it's 1999 and I'm playing the game for the first time. This is the script that should have came with the game. Thank you for your hard work, I hope more people experience it. Can't wait for the finished product. Here's my notes I took while playing:

Some of the things I liked:
Spoiler: show

-Eliminating amnesia: That was a bad plot device that I'm glad is gone
-Squall is less of a weirdo and less of a pushover. He's more confident and logical, less of a mindless overdramatic. His dialogue is vastly improved and is a more well-developed character now. His outbursts seem more justified, not just emo.
-Squall now has a raison d'être: Preventing another war that will create more orphans like himself. He’s not aimlessly drifting anymore like “a helpless puppet being manipulated in some major scheme”
-“...Whatever” is largely gone. It was a bad translation to begin with and skewed the original writers’ intention for Squall
-Irvine's hesitancy in the Deling plot is due to him recognizing Matron (he's not a chicken like in the original script)
-Seifer recognized Matron too and was driven by the instinct to protect her. Also, Seifer's intentions are political and righteous, not just wanting to be some lame "sorceress' knight."
-Edea's evilness is more poetic. Her dialogue is vastly improved!
-Rinoa's recognition of her sorceress powers all along. This gave her character a lot more depth and even filled some plot holes (like how she was able to cling to a sheer cliff for an hour as the Gardens were colliding)
-Seifer tries to turn Squall to the "dark side" and take over Balamb for the Sorceress
-I like the new direction with Cid. He's more driven and confident. His relationship/mentorship with Squall is more dynamic now.
-Injection of FF8 lore... Gardens made from Centra ruins. The more of this, the better!

Some things that I would suggest changing/improving:
Spoiler: show

-Zell could still could use a little less "Jeff Spicoli" vibe ("Yo!", "WOAH!!", "Sooo cool!", "Yeahh, baby!"). His character is so one-dimensional and if he could break out of this 90s skater mold, he might be a little more interesting character
-Fujin/Raijin were always annoying and you changed some of their dialogue for the better (filling in some of the gaps, the Sorceress telling them to look for Lunatic Pandora.) However, the way they talk is something I would consider modifying. "Ya Know" and the "ALL CAPS" thing never made any sense to me and seemed like a bad decision by the translators. (I’m not fluent in Japanese, but I know that Raijin’s “YA KNOW” is an imperfect translation of “Desu-yo,” which is not so easily translated since it implies a subtle assertion of fact. “Desu-yo” is more subtle than the obnoxious “ya know” in English. In English, it sounds completely weird and unnatural.) This could be an opportunity to change them for the better.
-I wish the Squall/Quisty romantic tension could have been developed a little more. We were getting somewhere with the post-dance exchange
-I know you didn't do anything with Laguna yet, but I hope you can improve some of his lame dialogue
-"Your breath stinks!" I was hoping you could change this lame insult Squall delivers to his torturers

Not much else!

TYPOs (in bold):
Spoiler: show

-"We anticipate a battle as soon as we disembark. Prepared yourselves." (Xu, Dollet briefing)
-"This IS the order. We can't just let reinforments go unchecked through the city" ("dog training" scene)
-"And that giant machine of their's just upset a whole nest of Anacondaurs." (Dollet soldier) no apostrophe needed
"I've been sent with a messenge for the leader of Squad B." (right after Selphie somersault)
-"Rinoa. Rinoa Heartily" (Rinoa introducing herself)
-"We we are taught many things like art, music, and dancing, along with real skills like strategy and combat." (after Rinoa intro)
-"Rinoa*! Something's wrong!" (before Gerogero battle) Rinoa's name is hardcoded and doesn't use a custom name.
-"Rinoa*, what else do you need us to do?" (Selphie, at Forest Fox's house) Rinoa's name is hardcoded
-"...isolate it's location" (convo b/w Galbadian soldiers in Timber) shouldn't be an apostrophe
-"We'll have to make a full report when we return to the Balamb" (after second Laguna dream) unnecessary "the"
-"When you decided to come with us, I told you that we couldn't garantee your safety." (right before meeting General Caraway)
-"I'm Rinoa* Caraway... Daughter of General Caraway" (confronting Edea) Rinoa is hardcoded
-"We will assend" (during Edea's Deling City speech)
-"Your a sorceress..." (Right after defeating Seifer)
-"Why-have-you-siding-with-HIM?!" (NORG)
-"At least we didn't loose Balamb" (Cheering up Selphie in the Quad after reuniting at FH)
-"You alway want to keep your skills sharp." (Quistis, at the FH concert prep)
-"If your trying to make a joke, it's not funny" (right after Rinoa tells Squall she's a sorceress)
-"And what what Raijin said is even more concerning." (Quistis, right after defeating Fujin/Raijin in Balamb)
-"///Selphie "Zell! It's good luck!" (during B-Ball court scene)
-"You still have the brazeness to fight?" (Before Edea battle)

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.0.5)
« on: 2019-09-12 06:04:19 »
Very proud, thank you for this mod. I've been waiting for a dedicated script overhaul for years and this looks wonderful so far. FF8 is a terrific game with a terrific story, but it desperately needed to rid itself of some of the annoying dialogue. I think you've solved that issue. Can't wait for the finished product. Cheers!

Troubleshooting / FF8PC-Steam - Invisible Rinoa Spacesuit!
« on: 2015-07-25 16:49:36 »

Sorry for posting this in both threads, but I'm having trouble advancing the story in FF8 on Disc 3 at the Lunar Base.
For some reason, Squall's spacesuit texture is remapped to Zell. This doesn't really present a problem, but Rinoa's spacesuit texture is completely gone!!! When Squall exits the pod to go rescue Rinoa, Rinoa is completely invisible. I can't find Rinoa to catch her and advance the story.
Furthermore, when I remove the char_textures hashmap, everybody reverts to their normal texture but Squall & Rinoa's spacesuits!!! Possibly because I saved the game with Squall's messed up texture (as seen above)?

Can anybody help? Thanks.

Found solution...
Please lock/delete thread


So, I'm having a bit of trouble proceeding. In the Lunar Base on Disc 3, Squall's spacesuit is mapped to Zell's texture as you can see in the pic above. This isn't so much of a problem, but when Squall goes out of the pod in order to save Rinoa, Rinoa is completely gone! Her model texture is completely invisible, making it impossible to catch her and proceed with the game.
When I try to remove the char_textures hashmap file, everybody in the game reverts to their normal texture, except for Squall and Rinoa's spacesuit!  >:(

Can anybody help?

NM, Found solution...

First of all, thanks for all your hard work.

Here's one glitch I noticed (but failed to screenshot, sorry.):

In Timber (Disc 1), when Squall & co. are watching Seifer take Deling hostage on the huge outdoor TV, Seifer & Selphie's textures are switched. It's only for this short scene, and they flip back once Squall enters the TV station.

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