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Hey there,

it's been a while- and I have a question for you:
Yesterday I installed FF7 from scratch on a new Win7 x64 system (Home Premium). In addition I installed the latest Custom Driver, FiceMusic- and that's it.

Now the thing is- whenever I load a game the following occurs:
If the savegame is on the worldmap, it loads- but you can't open the menu. If you enter a battle, you can't hit on anything, 'cause the "Attack, Magic", etc. ... buttons aren't there. Just hitting Enter on the numpad won't work. If you're going into a city the menu pops out! If you press "cancel"- the menu pops out immediately again!

If you load a savegame, where you're in a city or something (just not on the worldmap-mode) for example you saved in Fort Condor- the menu pops out! Again, hitting cancel doesn't do anything- screen goes black and the menu pops out immediately again!

I never ever heard/saw this problem. What did just go wrong? Does anybody know?

EDIT: Maybe I should tell you, that I'm using the 1.02 German version of the game. I also tried out Team Avalanche's GUI v2.0.8. The Patch was applied succesfully and everything looks great now- but the bug goes on. I uninstalled and reinstalled FF7, including Custom Driver and Ficemusic, but this time without the GUI mod. Still the same problem

Final Fantasy VIII Custom Driver now for german game version?

Well the title says it- I sent Aali a long time ago the files he said that he will need to make the Custom Driver compatible with the german version of FF8.

So, is the the newest version 0.7.9b compatible or not?

And here's my next question :)

I want to install FF7 on my Linux laptop- I want to change my OS completely and Linux Ubuntu 9.10 is so fucking awesome, so I'm no longer working with Windows!
So, I'm working for 3 months now with Linux Ubuntu and I want to install and run FF7 on it, so I can kick Windows from my laptop :D

And here I come:
How should I install it? I have Wine v1.1.35 installed. And- how can I add Aali's Custom Driver registry-key to the Wine-registry? And does FiceMusic work with it?

Need some tips :D

Thank ya,

- Deniz

Troubleshooting / Extracting the sounds?
« on: 2010-01-07 18:44:47 »
Hey there!

I wanted to ask something:
Is it possible to extract all ingame sounds from Final Fantasy VII? I know that I can change those with WallMarket (not tried it yet), but how can I extract them into a usable file like .wav .mp3 or whatever?

Any suggestions?

- Deniz

FF7Voice / Final Fantasy VII- "The Cry Of The Planet"
« on: 2009-09-14 12:27:46 »
Hey there :)

Ok, I dunno, but I think it's the right place for this :)

In Germany, we have a nice Final Fantasy VII Fanclub which has the SAME IDEA- but we've already done it xD"
Ok, not ingame like yours, but it's made like a movie- the first 3 Episodes are already done, here's the Trailer for Episode IV:

And the first Episode:

And- what do you think? xD

Hey there!

Yesterday was a great Concert 'bout Final Fantasy in Köln, Germany.
I wish I could be there :cry:


Here I uploaded the Final of the concert:

What do you think of this?

Troubleshooting / 2 people- 2 problems
« on: 2009-09-08 18:23:46 »
Ok, 2 people are having 2 problems:

First one:
Can't control chocobo's in chocobo races- he can't switch from 'automatic' to 'manual' ( I hope that's the right expression in english). He tried out every key on his keyboard- nothing switches that! And he *OMG* applied the XP-Patch.

Second one:
A very weird problem:
This person can't control anything- the cursor jumps from one button to the other one all the time- it never stops and so it makes the game unplayable.

Thanks for any help,


Archive / Final Fantasy VII- The Continuing
« on: 2009-05-28 21:20:11 »
Final Fantasy VII: The Continuing

I want to thank the world's greatest game with this Project- no, with this Tribute...
Yeah, something like that...
It will cost me and my programming team one year I think, for a beta version of this game.
You are asking yourself what the hell I am talking about? So, we are programming a new 3D FF7 Game- a nice Continuing. In English and German language.
Gameplay will be like Dynasty Warriors- I hope it will be ;)

Programming with DarkBASIC Professional 7.3, Modeling 3DS Max 2009 Pro, Graphic's with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and don't forget the Dark GDK (Games-Development-Kit)...

Completely in 3D. We can't say that it will have the graphics of CRYSIS or something like that, but I think we will create a creat game, with an awesome story, German/English Fandub and really nice graphics.
We HAVE a story Idea and we're working on it...

Minimum Requirement:
Intel/AMD Singlecore mind. 2 Ghz
512 MB RAM
Geforce 7XXX up 128 MB RAM

Recommended Requirement:
Intel/AMD DualCore mind. 2*1,7 Ghz
1024 MB RAM
Geforce 8XXX up 256 MB RAM

Of COURSE NO MONEY! It's a Fanmade product ;)

The Team:

d33eniz [Deniz Cetin]
Kazuya [Süleyman Zorba]
Keckman [Dennis Keck]

d33eniz [Deniz Cetin]
carboxyl [Nikita Filatov]

d33eniz [Deniz Cetin]
carboxyl [Nikita Filatov]

d33eniz [Deniz Cetin]

d33eniz [Deniz Cetin]

d33eniz [Deniz Cetin]
Kazuya [Süleyman Zorba]
cetra1 <- gone

I made some Drafts and something like that- we have 7 Modules:

M1: Menu
M2: Worldmode
M3: Citymode
M4: Actions & Speek
M5: Battlemode
M6: Minigame
M7: Music & Sounds

One sketch:

I will draw more of them soon ;)

If someone wants to donate us, send me a e-mail :D

I will tell you, when there's something new :D

If you want to ask me something, ask me here :D

End-Graphics Preview:

Gameplay Inspiration:

See ya,



Actual Status[Text-Log]:

12.05.09 13:00 Project Begin
12.05.09 17:15 DarkBASIC Professional buyed
14.05.09 20:00 Programming helpers Zorba and Keck
17.05.09 17:00 Menu-Draft Online
17.05.09 21:15 YouTube Main Menu Test Upload
22.05.09 22:00 Main Menu optimized
22.05.09 22:10 YouTube WORKING Menu Upload
22.05.09 22:15 Searching for Graphic-Designer
28.05.09 22:45 Again another YouTube Preview Online
28.05.09 22:45 Waiting for character Designers (3DS)
03.06.09 00:00 carboxyl added as Graphic-Designer

Alpha-Drafts [Game-Log]:
DOWNLOAD v0.1 [Coming Soon]

Alpha-Draft-Videos [Video-Log]:
17.05.09 21:15
[FF7-TC] Draft1: Main Menu

22.05.09 22:10
Working Main-Menu:
[FF7-TC] Draft 1.1: WORKING Main Menu + 1st Ingame

28.05.09 23:00
Finished Menu-Draft & 1st real Ingame:
[FF7-TC] Draft 1.2: New Main Menu + 2nd Ingame

Archive / Fucking Background Errorrrrrrrrrr *grrr*
« on: 2009-03-02 17:34:24 »
Yo Digga's wassup :D

One of my customer has a problem with FF7^^

She sent me these 2 Pics:

Does someone know an answer for it?

Oh, this is a screenshoot of the FF7 Config-

She's using a Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT and the German Version of Final Fantasy VII...

I tried to help her- but nothing works^^

CRYING for help :D


Archive / How To Play Final Fantasy VII On Win Vista/XP
« on: 2008-08-29 01:19:34 »
Hey everyone!

I know, I am a big Newbie here- but I could be very useful 4 you :D

I figured out HOW to RUN FINAL FANTASY VII on Windows VISTA or XP with NO Problems! Ok, there are the famous Cosmo Canyon bug and other one's- but with my guide you can play FF7 very well!

Just look @ my YouTube Video:

So, sorry for my bad English  :-o

I hope I can help anyone here ;)

See ya,


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