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Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long, but I had to find an untouched version of Tonberry Enhanced v2.04 on my old backup HDD.
Here's the gdrive link:

-NOTE TO MODERATORS- You can add this link to the main post as a mirror, since JeMa and Mav have been MIA since 2017 or so. Enjoy!

WIP / Re: [FF8 R - Steam] Project Ruby HD Battlefields
« on: 2021-09-04 01:26:53 »
These are great!
One day maybe we should combine forces, as I've been slowly working on replacing each bg slowly as I release different iterations of my mod. Doing a big release tonight with fixed sky seams, fixed trims, etc. - but I notice a lot of what you've overhauled is stuff I haven't really done much with. Really nice stuff :)

Hey there, just wondering if Angelwing Ultima is still in Alpha phase. I have been following this project for ages, I hop on here like once a week to check the board - you guys do incredible work. Any chance we'll see a full release here in the near future?

Yes, but it will very soon go public. Just squashing the last of the bugs and making sure I have everything ready for my Lunatic Pandora Ultima Pack as well. When I drop LPU for Patrons/VIPs/Donors, the AW:U mod will go public for anyone to download and install themselves :)

Will the upscaled FMV also be included in the Lunatic Pandora: Remaster mod package?

That is not currently the plan due to the many different FMV mods being offered as it would make the mod HUGE. In the future, I will be doing my best to work with Darziak, Fated Courage, and Klitlika to create the best FMV pack possible that I will THEN include in an addendum/update/separate installer to the main LP pack.

Hello everyone! Posted new versions of this mod! Original mod Upscaled 2x with small improvements made.

There are two versions - the main release (v2.0) with the larger Upscales are to be used with RebirthFlame (V) and (SR) versions (Install DEMASTER and RebirthFlame first!)
The other release, (v2.0z) is for combining using a zzz archiving tool or simply doing a 1:1 texture swap with DEMASTER. The "z" version is only compatible with RebirthFlame "SRL" or the original RebirthFlame v1.1 versions

Added several new versions of this Mod! Updated my Squall and Rinoa textures (let me know if you find glitches!) and added full 2x Upscales of the original Remastered battle character textures!

Pick the version that best suits your needs, but if you pick the 'SR' version (not SRL), make sure you install the FieldModelTextures Mod first!

Updated a few mods!

I dont see the issue with releasing the gigapixel version, since its already released for the old version by fated. I used makis tool to make a remastered version but there was no point going through the game if the bug fixes have already been done. If you already had a release why hasn't a link been posted months ago in fateds thread?

Actually I was a dummy and thought it might have been some other version or some cross with Ultima or something, so I derped.

I never posted the other version because you did, and my work became consumed with AW:Ultima.
That version of GP still has the jaggies on the alpha cuts, and our original plan was just to use that Alpha version as a base to redo all of the alpha cuts for the next release of GP (beta/full) -- Instead of that happening, as we got consumed with the alpha cuts, I also got consumed with what I could do to the BGs with ESRGAN and Photoshop and AW:Ultima Happened.

Im not dsitrubuting it. what i posted is not project ultima.  the alpha version was posted By yagami months ago . on his thread. I did the liberty of providing some fixes through it so it is usable .

Yeah - I've always been happy with your fixes - I was thinking it was ultima or something else, so my mistake :P sorry

Hope you're doing well!

the alpha version of angelwing is actually out . here is the link for the alpha version

Angelwing becomes Project Ultima in patreon of Mcindus.

Hey bud, you're not authorized to redistribute these. Don't mind the bug-fix, but the other file is owned by FatedCourage and I'm not sure he's alright with people redistributing it.

Is this the gigapixel version? Because I already have a release with bug-fixes of that older one.

Ultima was just released last night, so let's not confuse people with different versions floating around.

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] SeeDRemastered-UI v1.0
« on: 2021-05-04 20:34:39 »
Mod download now available for DEMASTER version
Includes the UI/icons and the font as well.

Some Before/After Previews of 'Angelwing: Ultima' and my current baked NPC replacements!
Thanks to Patfeerick and Kaspar for their help in extracting the NPCs so that I could re-pose and render them!
HUGE thanks to Manakaiser for their work on the main bghall_1 field background re-creation!
Other work seen is upscale comps and touch-ups by me.

Click the links for before/after sliders!!

Congrats on this mod, it really improves the old UI, thanks a lot. I have a question though. If I wanted to modify some of the icons, how can I do it ? I would like to replace the basic parameter icons for smthng more understandable , such as "HP" , "RES" , "SPD", "ACC" , "LUCK", etc (but in spanish xD). Which one of the "iconflmaster_xx" should I modify? (from 13 to 28). If only I knew, since I was able to modify the FF8 controller mod to match my crappy USB Ps4-like controller. The buttons were all mixed around but I managed to swap them all in the correct order, so I edited the file on the Paint 3D app, since normal Paint app leaves a white background on the icons and it looks pretty bad. I hope some1 can guide me on this 1, cuz i would like to do it myself.

Though, if any1 had this kind of file already made, it would be a huge help too.

Alright, so this version has the icons, but the previous 3.5 version has the text in spanish that you're talking about. In order to copy/paste them to the new mod, you simply go into /textures/ic/iconflmaster/ and /textures/ic/iconfl02 and /textures/ic/iconfl03 and look for the icons and the text from the previous 3.5 mod and swap them out.
You'll need to do so for all of the files in the folders wherever those textures are to make sure you don't miss anything. Some aren't 100% needed, but I'm not sure which - it's been a very long time.

We were going to finish making the alpha cutouts better and then release that for the Remastered, but we got sidetracked with overhauling the entire mod by combining it/comping it with many various ESRGAN AI models as well - and calling the mod "Project Angelwing: Ultima".  This mod is superior to GUM and the current GP AI project, so I'm really excited about bringing it to the 2013 AND Remastered versions of the game.

For a massive amount of image previews, etc., you can join my Discord through the link on my twitch homepage at

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] FieldModelTextures v1.0.1
« on: 2020-07-31 18:41:37 »
but it seems to me for a moment you told me to work on an upscale npc mod for the 2013 version ?

There is, but it's using the original 2013 textures and upscaling them for use. It's going to be a different mod, with different contents (mostly NPCs) and will be unique to 2013.

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] FieldModelTextures v1.0.1
« on: 2020-07-31 17:47:42 »
this mod will be ported for the 2013 version ?

Sorry, no - not for this mod, anyway -- the models and textures are not the same, and it wouldn't be legal to do so anyway. It would be back-porting from one game to another, which SE doesn't like AT ALL and would do everything it could to shut down -- and I still like making mods.

oooh interesting before an after screenshots please, so much cool stuff out for the 'remaster' now, will this be available for the 2013 release in the future?. I may have to get the 'remaster'..hmmm

There are benefits and drawbacks to both versions... at least right now.  In the future, FFNx might make some more modding available to us... ;)

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] FieldModelTextures v1.0.1
« on: 2020-07-30 20:12:30 »
I made 2 comparisons -
Awesome! These look great! For those of you who want an easy link to the other one in his post:

Can I put versions of these on the release post?

Releases / [FF8:Remastered] FieldModelTextures v1.0.1
« on: 2020-07-30 18:26:20 »
FieldModel Textures v1.0.1 for FF8 Remastered by MCINDUS

This mod replaces ALL field textures currently replaceable by the REMASTER with 2x Upscales (6x originals)!
Also includes ALL enemy Field Model Textures! (Fixes Lunar Cry Issues!)

Mod contains: ALL Character Field Model Textures, NPC textures, Enemy Field Textures, misc. objects (books, newspapers, etc) and more!
In the near future, this mod will have optional color fixes for Squall and team, and will also be compatible with the Lionheart Weapon Texture Mod and Rebirth Flame Mod (character texture mod)!

Once DDS Files can be read by the DEMASTER mod tool for Field files, I will release a 4x (16x original game) texture pack!

Before --> After

Requires Maki's DEMASTER Modding Tool found here:

DEMASTER Instructions:
** 1. Download the DEMASTER release on github from the release above
** 2. Install the DEMASTER into your .../FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered/ folder
** 3. Open 'ffviii_demaster_manager' and run the 'unpack' feature, which will create the DEMASTER_EXP folder

Install Instructions:
Merge the mods 'textures' folder with the 'textures' folder in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered/DEMASTER_EXP/

FieldModelTextures v1.0.1 Remastered

Happy modding!

My Patreon:

v1.0.a - Early Test Release
v1.0.1 - Public Release

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] BattleFieldPack v2.0 [NEW]
« on: 2020-07-28 01:18:53 »
Hello! Sorry it took me a while to update the main thread, but that's because I was getting a new release ready!

I am happy to announce the release of BattlefieldPack v3.1! It contains ALL NEW BATTLEFIELDS! They are a combination of ESRGAN AI upscales and Custom Textures!  These fields are the same as the BattlefieldPack: Remastered mod, just formatted for the 2013 version.
Check the Original Post for the updated link!

Please post any glitches you experience!

Going to be releasing the FieldModelPack this weekend! This will come with Lunar Cry files that will overwrite the ones from this mod, and will eliminate the strange texture replacement glitches!

Hello, I wanted to play this mod with your fabulous batle hd mod, but it looks like if I use Demaster patch, patch the main.zzz don't worth, is there any way to play with thoose 2 mods together?
Or better, do you have files that can be use with demaster patch for this mod?
Thx for your answer, and your nicely work.

These files work great with demaster - you will have to unpack the ZZZ file and then drop the textures into /DEMASTER_EXP/textures from the main.fs folder that you unpack for the mod.

Hey, I seem to get a memory leak when I play Triple Triad using this mod for too long on the REMASTER version.

If I play for too long, I get the following error message:

A program error has occured.
error: 3004232570:461
could not load file textures\cards\back_0.png

That file exists and is in the directory structure though. Do you know what I might be able to do in order to fix this issue?

That is really weird.... Does it just crash on you when that happens?  And it only happens after a certain point?  The resolution of the backgrounds might need to be dropped.... Is your game on an SSD?

Also, are you using the DEMASTER mod pack or just the zzz files?  If you use DEMASTER, it should resolve this issue.

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] SeeDRemastered-UI v1.0
« on: 2020-07-22 03:17:35 »
If I'm using the DEMASTER and Project AngelWing mod, is zzzDearchiver still the appropriate tool to use to install the SeeDRemastered UI? It seems like these conflict, but maytbe I'm just misunderstanding how they work together.
You simply unpack the zzz file (mod) and then merge the textures/ folder with your DEMASTER_EXP/textures/ folder
I like the original cursor better, the one with the white hand pointing the finger, would it be possible to put it?
One of the versions is normal grey gradient and hand pointer, but I will be making a version with the hi-tech gradient that has the regular cursor.

Added my Hi-Tech font!
Just download it and merge the folder with your DEMASTER_EXP/textures/ folder! (You can also use this with the zzz packer)
Updated OP

Thanks a lot for the amazing work, really looks amazing, although for me it takes a few seconds to load the battle backgrounds and slowsdown grinding a lot, if i wanted to uninstall it safely i'll just have to remove the folder, right?

No, you would need to either restore battle.fs/hd_new from a backup (can rename DEMASTER_EXP and then 'unpack' again and swap folders, rename old backup back to DEMASTER_EXP -- OR -- simply delete all of the files in /hd_new/ that have  'a0stg' in their name.

Next release of the mod will be in DDS format, so this lag will be eliminated.

Troubleshooting / Re: No room for text in FF8.exe
« on: 2020-07-08 21:29:59 »
There are no problems with editing texts in FF8 menus (mngrp.bin, namedic.bin etc, areames.dc1), I simply edit strings and pointers to them, no problems with limited space.
At 874B58 of FF8.exe (2013) there text data for triple triad game, but right after it there is another file, can't overwrite that.
So what I'm supposed to do? How to fit larger data?
Sorry for noobish question, I'm not an expert at this sort of things.  :-(

From what I understand, you can use a pointer to an empty location, fill that with the data you need, then redirect it back to the end of the original function. I have no idea HOW to do this, but this is how it was explained to me by different assembly 'hackers' around the forums. You could do all of these 'hacks' via Hext files run by HextTools or Roses and Wine (W07).

additional one. this occurs in early parts of the game in the english language
Code: [Select]

Added to the master file! Thank you so much!

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