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This is a reorchestration project. It should sound as close as to how you remember it while using modern tools. Enjoy!

Take a listen!

Cosmo Canyon:
Those Who Fight:
Those Who Fight Further:

Progress: 57/91 songs remade
Here are the songs that have been finished:

Spoiler: show
Hurry! [aseri] = Done
Hurry Up! [aseri2]
Lurking in the Darkness [ayasi] = Done
Barrett's Theme [barret] = Done
Those Who Fight [bat] = Done
Honeybee Manor [bee] = Done
Farm Boy [bokujo] = Done
Flow of Life [boo] = Done
The Mako Cannon Fires [cannon]
Canyon of the Falling Stars [canyon] = Done
The Planet's Chosen One - Intro [cephiros] = Done
Crazy Motorcycle [chase] = Done
Those Who Keep Fighting [chu] = Done
J-E-N-O-V-A [chu2] = Done

Cinco de Chocobo [cinco] = Done
The Planet's Chosen One - Loop [cintro] = Done
Fort Condor [condor] = Done
Coal Mining Town [corel] = Done

Don of the Slums [corneo] = Done
Coast of the Sun [costa] = Done
Tango of Tears [crlost]
Jackpot! [crwin]
Words Drowned by Fireworks [date]
Under the Rotten Pizza [dokubo] = Done
Pursue the Man in a Black Cloak! [dun2] = Done
Aerith's Theme [earis] = Done
Flowers Blooming in the Church [earislo] = Done
Electric de Chocobo [elec] = Done
Fanfare [fan2] = Done
Fanfare [fanfare]
Fiddle de Chocobo [fiddle]
Debut [geki]
Gold Saucer [gold1] = Done
Other Side of the Mountain [guitar2]
Shin-Ra's Full-Scale Offensive [gun] = Done
Who... Am I [hen]
Highwind of the Skies [hiku]
Blood Trail [horror] = Done
Hear the Voice of the Planet [iseki] = Done
Temple in the Forest [jukai] = Done
From the Depths of Despair [junon]
Steal the Tiny Bornco! [jyro]
Cait Sith's Theme [ketc] = Done
Great Crater of the North [kita]
Anxious Heart [kurai] = Done
Birth of a God [lb1] = Done
One-Winged Angel [lb2]
Judgement Day [ld]
Mako Reactor [makoro] = Done
While Travelling [mati] = Done
Reunion [mekyu]
Highwind of the Skies [mogu]
Frontier Village [mura1]
The Planet's Chose One [nointro] = Done
Bombing Mission [ob] = Done
The Favourite Chocobo [odds]
Continue [over2] = Done
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony [parade] = Done
Jenova the Perfect [pj]
Prelude (pre) = Done
Red XIII's Theme (red) = Done
Turks' Theme [rhythm] = Done
The Mako Cannon Fires [riku]
The Countdown Begins [ro]
The Oppressed [rocket] = Done
Staff Roll [roll]
Land of Exile in the Sand [rukei] = Done
Mark of a Traitor [sadbar] = Done
A Dream of Space [sadsid]
The Secret Sleeping in the Deep [sea]
The Great Warrior [seto] = Done
Shin-Ra Explodes [si]
Cid's Theme [sid2]
Standing on two feet is hard! [sido] = Done
If You Opened Up Your Heart [siera]
Shin-Ra Company [sinra] = Done
Infiltrating the  Building [sinraslo] = Done
Buried in Snow [snow]
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII [ta] = Done
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII [tb] = Done
Treasured Memories [tender] = Done
Tifa's Theme [tifa] = Done
That Day Five Years Ago [tm] = Done

Wutai [utai]
Beginning of the Nightmare [vincent]
Waltz de Chocobo [walz] = Done
Weapon Raid [weapon]
Good Night, Until Tomorrow [yado] = Done
Descendant of Ninjas [yufi] = Done
Stolen Materia [yufi2]
Who Are You [yume] = Done

The track names come from Luksy's translation in the "Anxious Heart" mod


IRO File:
For use with 7th Heaven. Includes the music files as well as a modified Opening FMV. Thanks to Kaldarasha for providing the packer.

Google Drive Folder:
Download from here if you don't use either mod. The songs are already in looped OGG files, you only need to download them and drop them on the music_ogg or vgmstream folder (wherever the music files are)

      Opening FMV:
      Just download the file, and place it in the movies folder of the game.

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