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I'm testing a new field model for Cait Sith and need a little help. A friend of mine sent me a bunch of mods he's made, but he sent me a full copy of the battle.lgp and char.lgp files. I don't want to just fully replace mine so I've been picking out what goes with what. The problem is I have no idea what files in char.lgp make up Cait Sith, and my friends English is pretty limited and getting into technical computer questions really raises the language barrier. Any one have an idea which are his, or at least what he's labeled as on the FF7-2 spread sheet? https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AniNoDVsrYhVdG0zZERUT0tsOF91eHE2WHo4ZWRseWc&gid=4 My understanding is it's an original model so I could upload it after I pull him out if anyone's interested in checking that and trying the mod. The giant white polygonal blob he rides around on can be pretty distracting, and this new one is rounded off and less of an eyesore.

looks like his field model is aebc.hrc  - aehc.a .

The best thing is to extract the char.lgp and battle.lgp with a lgp-tool. After the extraction you could open
the models with kimera. The good thing is if you open a model with kimera it loads all needed files and then you could safe them in a folder you want without having the problem to find out which part is needed.
For testing I recommend you to use the direct mode off aali's driver. This way you don't need to create a new lgp and overwrite your lgp files.
I'm very interested in the model, if it's good I would like to combine it in my mod Improved and added unshaded characters.
I try to make the models in a uniform looking way, but at the moment I try to make battle models out of the main characters.

I downloaded Kimera 097, seems like a cool program but I'm getting a "Component 'MSCOMCT2.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" error. I'll just pick Cait Siths files out manually for now and see if they work or if I missed anything. Sure go for it, feel free to use it as you'd like. There doesn't seem to be many mods for him so go ahead and spread it around.

Maybe this helps: http://www.chip.de/downloads/c1_downloads_auswahl_37449840.html?t=1367428086&v=3600&s=8f79788851c9fb441398e339ff54e06c
Sorry, it's a german page, but I haven't found in the short time an english one. It is a runtime installer, which should help you with the missing files.


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