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ff7 replacement of lego hands

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Anyone have a working link for that old mod?  Searched forum and found only dead links.  It's been a long time.

Haven't tried it but you can check this page where it says "Handpatch" ("télécharger" button for download).


Thanks!  In the end, Sega Chief found it.

Hi DLPB, hope you are good!

Are there any screenshots to see how it looks in game?

Are you thinking to implement it in Beacause?

It won't be complete, but I am thinking of adding it optionally and to kickstart someone into maybe completing the mod.  It's  a good mod and shouldn't die.


It's much too incomplete to add, but I will re-upload so someone could potentially add to it and fix it up.  Will try to get hold of original author. Main issue is that the anims are the same, so arms need to be adjusted into new places.

With The_Reunion R06 it will be very easy to work on mods too.


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