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7th Heaven subscription problem

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Hi my problem is no matter which version I use of 7th Heaven it always fails to get subscription link work I mean it doesn't update catalogue. I tried cleaning registry keys from both wow6432node and also 'iros' key from H_KEY_CLASSES_ROOT. 1.54 version copies 7th Workshop somewhere else in hard drive I also deleted it too. I used ff7removekeys.exe. I did everything tutorial says but when I open 7thHeaven.exe it gives subscription error message in the window and I can't make it work even if I manually paste it. I also ran program with admin rights but it didn't work either. Error message says xml has an error. I don't know how to fix it. I am using 97 version.

For starters, did you allow the installer to drop the game in \Program Files (x86)\Final Fantasy VII, or did you change it?  If you didn't change, uninstall and reinstall, this time overriding the default directory with something like \Games\Final Fantasy VII.

Next, if you've used the registry cleaning tools or manually mucked with your registry, it's a safe bet the game won't work at all.  Re-run the converter program, and when (if?) it asks, choose "Overwrite."  Make sure you include the quotation marks when prompted for the installation and movie paths.  Once you've done that, nuke everything related to 7H and install clean using the links in the FAQ/Tutorial.

At this point, you should be good to go.  If you get errors, stop (don't fumble around) and describe (or better yet, copy/paste) what you're seeing.

yes I changed it to c:\Games\Final Fantasy VII. I cleaned registry keys after everytime I decided to delete my game and start a fresh install since corrupted keys can cause problems. I only deleted square enix key and a key created by 7th heaven. Both of them reinstalled after you install game and 7th heaven. Error message says:

Failed to load subscription iros://Url/http$pastebin.com/raw.php?i=dDBkYkDu:System.InvalidOperationException: XML document has an error(1, 2)->System.InvalidOperationException: <html xmlns=''>

Ok, but did you re-run the converter after reinstalling the game, and did you nuke the entire 7H folder, or just extract over-top the existing one?

Yes and my 7th Heaven folder is inside of my game directory so when I remove game and then delete directory also manually it goes away too.


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