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7th Heaven Catalog Mod Submission/Update Pushing


7th Heaven Catalog Mod Submission/Update Pushing
If you are a mod developer and have a mod you'd like to put in the catalog or need to update your existing mod, this can now be done entirely by you without the need for a "catalog maintainer" or moderator.

The catalog is stored on our GitHub and anyone with an account can create a pull request. These pull requests will then be reviewed and approved by one of us with a single click. You no longer need to wait for one of us to have free time to communicate back and forth and put together your catalog entry. This should enable mods to be updated with much more frequency.

To do this:
-Create a account if you don't already have one.

-Go to

-Click on the pen button to edit the catalog xml. (Since you've likely made a mod with a mod.xml file, you should be very familiar with how it works.)

-Once finished, click the save changes at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to complete your pull request.

-While your pull request is under review, it will appear here: If there are any questions or issues with your pull request, you will be notified there.

And that's it!


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