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Are the nitpicking fixes compatible with the widescreen Limit Break mod?

The first four options yes, not the others.


EDIT: I have gotten some answers on discord from some very helpful people, including OP, so I'm just going to leave this up and add in the answers in case anyone with similar questions see this

Thank you so much for this! While it's never been easier to play a modded FF7, it can still be confusing because there are so many options now, and the mod scene is moving so fast ever since Remake came out that even looking up mod information from a year ago can be out of date, and so much of it is trapped on discord now anyway.

I've been annoying people on discord with questions, so I thought I'd finally make an account here lol.

One quick question, then a longer one:

First, are you sure that you're supposed to toggle Ninostyle HD animations in the 60fps mod if you're using the chibi mod? The option on the 60fps mod is for the HD version of ninostyle (the one with the battle models not the chibi ones). Wouldn't the chibi version use original animations since the character proportions are the same? I'm not a modder or anything so I could be way off base here.

The answer is: Yes, if you're using ninostylechibi, you need to toggle ninostylehd animations ON in the 60fps mod

Second, are there any field model mods with realistically proportioned characters that are also resized so they don't look so tiny? I saw that the chaos mod had a toggle for this but it (or some combination of echo-s and the 60fps mod) causes crashes at a few points (jail in shinra HQ, Beach at Costa del Sol so far, also sephiroth is bugged in general with the 60fps mod). I tried using the resizer in the chaos mod by keeping it enabled, keeping resize on, and just putting it at the bottom of the load order, and it sort of worked with Moddershaven and NinostyleHD, but had a few animation issues and still had the same crashes as using Chaos alone.

So anyway, am I missing something obvious or are there really no mods with realistic proportioned characters at correct heights? I would like to try playing like a demake/remake style playthrough once but having hobbit sized characters with human proportions walking through doors at half height and having chairs tower over them is totally immersion killing.

This was complicated, but the short answer is no, not really. As I said, the Chaos model overhaul has a resizer toggle, but using it causes crashes at specific points, and on top of that the Sephiroth model is currently bugged at 60fps anyway. I was trying for a remake/demake theme on my current playthrough (so voice acting, remake style interface, realistically proportioned character models), so my current solution is to use the moddershaven model pack on nexusmods since they're realistically proportioned and mostly based off of Remake (though Tifa and Aerith seem to be based on Advent Children), and keep Chaos "on" but low in the mod order so I can use the resizer toggle to size up the moddershaven models. It mostly works, though some models are either too big or small (also some of the models are cameos from other games. Dio is Zangief, occasionally minor NPCs are protags from other Square RPGS lol). Yes, there are crashes, I'm using PHS anywhere and saving as much as I can lol.

I've only seen footage of this so I'm not sure, but it looks like The Reunion mod uses a modified version of the chaos model pack, and it does look like they're resized? I honestly can't tell, but that might be something to check out if you're obsessed with this (though obviously you're not going to be able to use voice acting or most of the other mods on 7h.)

I have been told that it is possible, just tedious to resize models in ff7, as you'd have to manually do it for all field models on all 700 fields. No promises and I have no idea what I'm doing, but I may start looking into making some kind of generic "realistic model resize mod" that could be used with model packs like NinostyleHD or Moddershaven.

Oh sorry, quick third question. I can't find the Project Berzerker model mod on nexus. Is it possible to link it for me? I've found literally everything else listed but that.

I don't know if the name changed at some point, but Gaia-7 on nexusmods IS the "project berzerker model mod". I kept seeing it referred to as "the project berzerker mod" so I was confused.  :oops:

Thanks again to all the people who helped me on discord!


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