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Sephiroth main character?


Hello there.

I remember read there is a sephiroth playable mod in 7thheaven. Was it removed or changed?. I saw some video mods about sephiroth they are like 7-8 years old. Anyone has some recent info about this kind of mod?.

Thank you very much!

Hey there! You're right, there used to be a Sephiroth playable mod for 7th Heaven. The thing is, it wasn't quite a full playable character experience.

Here's the deal:

Original Mod: There was a Sephiroth mod for 7th Heaven that let you walk around certain areas as Sephiroth, but it wasn't a complete playable character with full functionality.
Not Currently Available: That specific mod isn't included in the official 7th Heaven package anymore.
However, there might be hope!

Alternative Options: Look into recent modding communities for Final Fantasy 7. There's a chance someone might have created a more complete Sephiroth playable mod. Try searching forums or websites dedicated to FF7 modding.


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