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For some reason I don't know, I'm having issues with the ending of the game when using only the Demaster mod, withou any other mods installed (neither graphical mods nor other kind).

The 3D models for Irvine and Zell in the ending cutscene after the Ultimecia battle are not showing properly, or not showing at all. Irvine's head and hands are missing, while the entire Zell character model does not appear at all.

Demaster's version used is 128a, from the latest build on GitHub, while the settings used are these:

Does anybody have the same issue?

I had the same issue months ago; Panteleimon's method works like a charm for Photoshop.

It will be of help (a lot!), because I plan to redraw all the UI elements from Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Most of them are not faithful to the original style (even if it was mostly pixelated) of some of the menu elements and windows.

This is not the definitive font, either. I'll try to remaster the original one, letter by letter if it is needed.

that message shows how to avoid this with photoshop, then 2 posts down a post by chrysalis tells you how to avoid it in GIMP

the reason is that your image is getting saved with a white background underneath the transparency

Interesting... I didn't knew this about Photoshop. I suppose this also explains why even on my Windows folders, some of the thumbnails from PNG files with alpha channel appears with a black background instead of transparency.

Thank you very much for the help, I'll try that!

I'm trying to work on my own graphical mods for the Remastered version of the game, so I can change some UI elements to resemble the original assets from the original PSX/PC version.

However, I've found that using my custom textures, some of them are showing in game with some kind of white borders or rough borders with the same colors as the texture palette. I found out that it was due to the alpha colors (aka, transparency colors) at the borders of the texts and numbers from the edited textures.

The texture in question is this one of the font of the game I'm doing right now:

So I was in need of support, for those who know more about this game, if it there's a way to avoid this kind of issues, or if it's really needed to have rough pixelated borders like in the default textures so the game won't show that kind of graphical issues anymore.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

yeah, it was it.
thank you.
sould let enable or disable ? any advantage ?

I recommend to have it enabled, but that depends on how do you like to see the game in movement:
- If you enable the Linear Filtering, the textures in HD will look smooth (including main characters, some enemies and NPCs, or objets in the game), except for those that are in the original low resolution from previous ports and versions, that will look ugly (mostly, the worldmap, and some enemies and monsters).
- If you disable the Linear Filter, textures will look rough, for characters, enemies, and menus (including the fonts), but that is not a problem if you played the original PSX version. Low resolution textures on the worldmap and some enemies will take advantage of this, since they will look the same as in the original PSX version, and 2000/Steam ports with that same option disabled.

So... as I said, that depends on you. Do you like to take advantage of the filtering to see smooth textures, or perhaps you are looking for the same appearance from previous versions before the Remastered? Both options are good.

Here work, but the fonts look strange in the menu. Using the SeeDRemastared UI.
I went back to 1.2.4 and now is normal again.

I think it is because you've disabled the Linear Filter of the game, the same happens to me with a custom font, when I put that setting OFF. I think it is because the game doesn't read the transparency, and also, tries to scale the image with the nearest filter.

Updated to 1.2.8a and repacked- there was probably an issue with debug build of the dll. It probably updated to that debug build. It's now compiled properly and packed with all the things needed:

Thanks! Got it working fine this time!

This seems to be an issue with 1.2.8 -- I am currently using 1.2.6 and things are working fine.  Let's hope things get patched up!

Thanks for everything you do, Maki!

Is there a link to the 1.2.6 version? I'd like to test it with the bilinear filter off, if it's possible.

I'm trying to make the Demaster work with the newest update possible, but it won't.

With Beta version 1.2.4, it worked fine with the new BattleField Pack Remastered released by MCindus. But I've updated the Demastered with the new DLL, and the new demaster.conf file, and none of the mods seems to be working now. Neither the Battlefield mod nor the UV fix, the fix to erase the bilinear filter, or other replacements for textures and files.

Tried to reinstall the game and unpack the files again, and as I said, everything works perfectly with the default Beta v1.2.4 (except for the fix for Bilinear Filter, that doesn't exist in this version). Once I update the ff8_demaster.dll and the demaster.conf files, is when everythin stops working.

I'm playing in Spanish. Perhaps the language is the problem?

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