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Troubleshooting / Some questions regarding battle-scenes.
« on: 2011-08-31 23:07:25 »
Well, first's first I guess:
Hullo, I'm new here. Cheers :)

Thanks to everybody in this community for being awesome in givng FF7 fans new ways of
re-experiencing one of their fondest memories.

Now, I've just dusted off my old copy of FF7 for the PC, after having lurked on this site for a while trying to figure out how I could make the best possible nostalgia trip out of my FF7 replay.
I've greedily snabbed both the overhauled music, background graphics, FMVs and the menu/interface stuff, and it's working to great effect. Much kudos to everybody who played a part in making that possible.

However, I'm at a standstill when it comes to considering what I'm going to do with the 3d aspects of the game - namely because I'm pretty conservative, and want to stick as closely to the original art as possible, only with a slight facelift if possible.

That being said, I can pretty much live with the blocky characters and the original battle models(they have their charm).
The only thing that really hurt my eyes though, is the battle-scenes.

I know you guys are working on overhauling the battle-scenes, but personally, what I've seen doesn't fall to my taste. The colouring etc, doesn't blend well with the original style IMO(although great texture work in its own right).

Which brings me to my main question:
I have absolutely no experience with texturing, nor FF7 modding(appart from applying your hard work*guuuilty*), but if I could contribute in some way, I'd like to.

What I was wondering, considering the great job that has been done upscaling and reworking the 2d backgrounds - is there a possibility for applying the same technique on the original textures applied in the battle-scenes?
I'm aware that it might look like shit, but honestly, in terms of graphics, I'm simply after the original scenes in a slightly smoother(maybe a cell-shade-ish, or at least just smoother, effect like the one you can achieve through the ePSXe emu), less jarring format.

Considering how facepalmer was used to resize all the original background textures,  could it be used as a quicker way of giving a slight facelift to the textures of the battle-scenes as well?

As it is, I'm trying to read up on how I might do this, using this forum, but still having some trouble with the tutorials(or possibly lack of) - probably due to my lack of experience in these sort of things. In any case, I thought it might be more efficient to ask, and possibly be shot down, before investing more time into a project that isn't doable to begin with.

Again, much thanks for making FF7 an even better experience than it originally was!

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