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Project AngelWing v3.0
Field Upscale (Steam Only)

Project AngelWing is a field upscale that uses Waifu2x and now Gigapixel with my own specific settings. It's not perfect and not everything is going to look mind blowing... But I feel it is an improvement compared to what you get out of the box. And I'm sure any errors or whatnot can be improved over time. And, of course, Esthar still isn't great. ...I don't like Esthar. But hey! Enjoy!

Update #1

Not going to lie... This took longer than it should have. But as of 11/27/18 I've updated Project AngelWing to v2.0 with Project Eden's edges. And I've tried to fix any real errors that came with it. Well...outside of some residue that I can't completely get rid of. As of now, only three areas still use v1.0 alpha channel/edges. Along with that, I've also done my best to add all the languages available on Steam with this update. (Japanese might get added in the future.)

I can't guarantee there won't be a few errors or missing hashes in the other languages. If you happen to find any, please let me know in case I might be able to fix it.

Update #2

It's been almost a year since the last update... Better late than never. I've finally added Gigapixel fields for people to try out. Currently in the "testing" phase. Some lighting issues and fields will need to be fixed or improved upon. The "final" version will also have smoother edges, I hope. Time will tell. Japanese is also incomplete because I can't run that version to get the hashcodes. And I also have to thank Mcindus for helping me out with the current problem fields.


v3.0 English:
v3.0 French:
v3.0 Italian:
v3.0 German:
v3.0 Spanish:
v3.0 Japanese:


1.   Download Tonberry v1.61 or later
2.   Extract Tonberry and put all of it's components into your game's directory.
3.   Extract the file provided here.
4.   Drag the texture folder provided into your game's directory.
5.   Everything else (hashmap folder/collisions/hash2map) should be placed inside the Tonberry folder that resides in your game's directory.

If the game happens to crash after installing this mod, then I recommend lowering your texture cache in the preference document that resides in the Tonberry folder. Or you can find and download the 4GB patch and use it on your game's executable. This will allow the game to use more memory than it normally would.


Original/New (Waifu2x and GeDoSaTo)

Gigapixel w/Reshade

Optional: Mcindus was kind enough to completely rework the game's directory sign and I gotta say that I quite like it. And he did it for all languages! But in case you don't want to use it, I've left the original upscales in the textures folder. Just find "bg_hall7" and delete the folder. Then remove the "a" from the alternate one below it and you'll be good to go.

Video Playlist:

Special Thanks:

Omzy (Always)
And everyone who has shown support in this.

Releases / [FF8PC-Steam] Apocalypse v1.2 - Boss Upscale
« on: 2015-12-26 04:43:32 »
Apocalypse v1.2
Boss Upscale (Steam Only)

(Updated: 4/20/17)

Download v1.1:

Download v1.2:

Hello all. Using the Waifux2 program(and some anisotropic filtering) Waifu2x-Caffe and noise filtering, I've decided to upscale the bosses in the game. With this mod, it will help get rid of most of the pixelation and bring out more detail. I believe you'll notice the difference better by turning off the Linear Filtering if you like using that.


1.   Download Tonberry v1.61 or later
2.   Install Tonberry and all of it's components
3.   Extract the file provided and place "bo" into the "textures" folder.
4.   Place "Apocalypse_hm" into the "hashmap" folder.








Some of it is still a little rough around the edges, but nothing that can't be improved upon later down the line.

Note: This also upscales field versions of certain bosses as well.
          Not every field version is upscaled due to glitches.
          Certain animations won't work while using this mod.


Rebirth Flame v1.3
Character Texture Replacement (Steam Only)

(Updated: 5/2/17)





(v1.3) Mago:

This mod was originally on Shunsq's BerryMapper topic and also part of Mortael's Project Lionheart. All credit should really go to those projects since they were the starting points. I've simply helped expand upon them. Now due to the increasing size, the mod has been moved to this thread. This will make it much easier for people to help contribute, point out errors, and just make things simpler overall for everyone. And please remember that this mod is still in beta, so bugs are going to occur.

Now, as stated, the goal of this mod is to replace the main character's textures. And perhaps NPCs and lesser characters if we get that far. :D As it stands, the character's replaced so far are Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Selphie, Quistis, Irvine, and Seifer. Though, some of the uniforms and Rinoa's party dress aren't completed yet. Laguna, Fujin, and Ultimecia are only partially done. All the various character textures you'll see are originally made by Magochocobo. So all credit to him for that!

Ex: Squall's Texture (Old & New)

Original Mago Textures:

Devina Edits:


Video Example:


1.   Download Tonberry v1.61 or later
2.   Install Tonberry and all of it's components
3.   Pick your preferred pack, unzip the folder provided, and place "ch" into the "textures" folder.
4.   Place "RebirthFlame_hm" into the "hashmap" folder.

You should be good to go after this.

Note: There are a few versions of Squall(low poly and high poly) within the texture folder. You can pick and choose which ones you like by renaming them.

Make sure to disable the Steam Overlay to prevent any crashes.

Known Bugs: Possible disappearing NPCs, party members, objects and reverting textures. If any are found, please let me know so I can fix it.

Special thanks:

Omzy - For creating Tonberry.
JeMaCheHi and maverick - For helping/currently improving Tonberry.
Shunsq - For the BerryMapper tool and getting this project going.
Mortael - For Project Lionheart which inspired me to start helping out.
Magochocobo - The awesome character textures, off course.
Devina, Crestian, and Yagami Light - For helping with the textures.
Mcindus - For being a big help to me and improving my sqbandage texture.
Mirrorman95 - For applying Devina's eye textures to Mago's and sending it to me for the pack.
Jacey - Without you, I probably would've never started helping with this. Thank you for everything, buddy.

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