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Graphical / Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-24 17:12:20 »
Hi everyone, lately I have been working on a project involving creating new sprites for Final Fantasy VI's Steam version and I would like to share my progress.

The thought behind these sprites is to make a fusion of the Kazuko Shibuya chibi sprites and Amano's concept art. I believe that creating a different style will only add to the Steam version. Although the Steam version may not be the best form of FFVI to some people, I do think that moving forward with a project like this will allow more people to invest into fixing several of the issues that people have with the game. I would only hope that with this project, that the Steam version may eventually be the definite experience for a more remastered look for FFVI.

After some thought and consideration from fans of the game, some have stated that it would just be better to use the original sprites. Some like the chibi look of the Steam version, some hate it. Some like Amano's concept art, some hate it. With that being said, it is hard to gauge the interest in what direction I should be aiming for. So, I went forward with what I thought would work best or would be easy to animate. Or what I would personally play. I never played the original SNES version (I will) so I do not have much attachment for the old sprites but I DO understand why people like them and what kind of atmosphere they add to the game.

Without further ado, here is a work in progress of the project. Original Steam sprites at the top. The direction I want to go to at the bottom. And in the middle is variations. Characters are basically organized by character height (some exceptions). Concept designs of what I would like to move forward with:

Celes and Gogo will also be going through a visual update soon, they are both still in deep WIP.

PS. Let me know what you all think. Give me some ideas. Things to think about, possibly change, or improve upon. Currently these are standing sprites, my next goal is finalizing their concepts and working on battle sprites. After battle sprites will be back sprites. THEN left and right directions. This decision was based on my preference in what I would actually like to sprite.To be honest, I do see this project being completed, but I do think the final phases toward completion may be in two years or less.

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